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The 'Israelite republic' as a model to our founders

NOTE:  It's really MONARCHY, not Republic.  God government is NOT a democracy. It is a monarchy based on Law and LOVE!  Jesus won't be running for your vote!  All Democracies (man's best form of government devised to date) always fail and become brutal dictatorships!

By Scott Lively

TheThroneThe curse of humanity from the time of Adam and Eve has been thinking ourselves smarter than God. That idea originated with the false promise of Satan: that we could become like gods by thinking for ourselves instead of just trusting what God said.

Humanism (the religion of Marxism) is the ultimate form of satanic delusion, in which we believe so completely in human self-perfectibility that we imagine ourselves as truly gods, justified in and capable of "creating" a new superior form of humanity through transhumanism: the blending of humans with animals and machines through the technological integration of genetics, robotics and artificial intelligence. That's no longer science fiction, but emerging scientific reality, theologically representing the unraveling of the created order of "kinds" God formed and separated on the sixth day of creation – prophetically signaling the soon return of Christ.

It's easy to see that curse in atheists, but it has always been at work among God's people as well. God's plan for man was what America's founders would later describe as "ordered liberty," a representative form of government resting on the rule of God's law. That was what God designed for the 12 Hebrew tribes – the first true republic in history – and it lasted 400 years from their entrance into the Holy Land until, corrupted by the idolatrous beliefs of the Canaanites (whom they failed to purge from the land as God instructed), they sold their birthright of liberty for a monarchy like those of the surrounding nations.

Now, some would say the Mosaic law wasn't "the perfect law" described in Psalm 19, but was a form of His law suitable to the state of the Hebrews' moral development at that time, containing in its statutes and rituals the spiritual principles of the perfect law. As the Apostle Paul stated in Hebrews 8:7 "For if that first covenant had been without fault, no place would have been sought for a second."

I raise this point to illustrate a great unacknowledged truth: that – to a point – God has always accommodated human choices differing from His own regarding human affairs. This is perhaps best proved by Jesus in his explanation, in Matthew 19:8-9, of why divorce was allowed in the Mosaic code in contradiction to the perfect principle of the law of marriage embodied in Genesis 2:24. Concubinage, slavery and polygamy are other examples of God's accommodation of institutionalized human sins in the Mosaic law, which Jesus disallowed in calling His followers to aspire to the higher spiritual principles of the perfect law: "You have heard it said you must not commit adultery, but I tell you ..." and "Love your neighbor as yourself."

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