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Botched Cosmetic Surgery

Mother is left with a gaping gangrenous hole in her leg after 'botched' liposuction

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. Marie Allen (pictured left and right), 42, from North Carolina, underwent Vaser liposuction, a non-invasive form that sees fat cells blasted away using ultrasound saves. She had originally sought treatment for lipoedema, a condition that causes deposits of fat to form beneath the skin in her legs. But she claims she suffered third degree burns on her left leg that became infected (top), turned gangrenous (bottom) and caused her skin to 'peel off like an onion'. It left her with a gaping hole.

Vacation in Switzerland?

The REAL-LIFE fairy-tale landscape: Images capture Switzerland's beautiful Lauterbrunnen

The images capture Switzerland's impossibly picturesque Lauterbrunnen Valley, a 'trough valley' that contains no less than 72 waterfalls. Plus alpine meadows and lonely mountain inns. The most photographed of the waterfalls is undoubtedly the free-falling Staubbach Falls. Here water cascades dramatically almost 1,000ft from an overhanging rock face. Behold the Alps at its most breathtaking.

WATCH: North Carolina sheriff refuses to enforce 'unconstitutional' gun laws

A sheriff in North Carolina vowed not to enforce any "unconstitutional" gun laws if passed by the state's legislature.

Davidson County Sheriff's Deputy Tripp Kester told the Davidson Board of Commissioners this week that he supported a Second Amendment resolution to protect gun rights and that he "swore an oath" to protect the United States Constitution. He added that as a law enforcement officer, he would not enforce any law infringing upon the right to bear arms.

"The Constitution needs no explanation. It's been enforced for several hundred years now," said Kester. "It says what it means, it means what it says. And the last time I read the Deceleration of Independence, it specifically reminds all of us that we're endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights, which means God-given, among these life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness and that government's were instituted among men specifically to secure our God-given rights.


The World needs to know the truth about God's Holy Sabbath Day

Note: The Sabbath Day actually starts at dawn on what we call Saturday, and goes until dawn Sunday. (John 20 King James Version- notice the word "cometh- meaning not yet here, and especially proven in Matthew 28:1)


Today is the Sabbath Day!

New Sabbath Website: This ministry has recently launched a new,The Bible Sabbathupdated Sabbath website, with lots of information and Bible truths concerning the seventh day Sabbath.

This world is nearing the final events before Jesus Christ returns, and the Sabbath issue will be one of the main focal points in last day events. So if you are a Sunday keeper, then I urge you to see our website and seek the truth concerning God's 4th commandment. And if you are a Sabbath keeper, then I urge you to share these truths with others.

Either click on the picture or CLICK HERE to see our new Sabbath website.

Stunning find from time of Jesus

by Joe Kovacs Email | Archive

image from www.wnd.comWhen many people hear the name of Mary Magdalene, they automatically think of a prostitute.

But the Bible never indicates the female follower of Jesus was involved in any sexual sin.

What it does say is that she was the first person to see the risen Christ, and that she had previously been possessed by seven demons.

Now, excitement has been growing in recent years in the woman’s ancient hometown of Magdala, Israel, where archaeologists believe they’ve found a first century synagogue, prompting some to wonder whether Jesus Himself visited the building.

“It is likely that people who used this synagogue were witnesses to the multiplication of the loaves and other miracles depicted in the four Gospels,” says a promotional video at, a project looking to construct a hotel and worship complex in the area.

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Archaeologists find 3,000 year old fabrics from reign of Kings David and Solomon

An excavation team has uncovered 3000-year-old textiles in Israel's Arava Valley, dating back to the era of Kings David and Solomon.The archaeologists from Tel Aviv University found the ancient organic materials preserved within the Timna copper mines, a site which some believe was once linked to King Solomon. These fabrics are the first textiles discovered from the era, and provide new insight on the fashions of the Holy Land. Along with fabric, the team found seeds, leather, and other rare artefacts.

An excavation team has uncovered 3000-year-old textiles in Israel's Arava Valley, dating back to the era of Kings David and Solomon. The researchers from Tel Aviv University found the ancient organic materials preserved within the Timna copper mines, a site believed by some to that of King Solomon


For the first time, archaeologists have uncovered textiles dating back to the reign of Kings David and Solomon.The findings also offer clues about the semi-nomadic Edomites, who were thought to operate the copper mines.Copper was the most valuable resource of the time, according to the research, and required many levels of expertise to produce.It was used to make tools and weapons, and though miners may have been slaves or prisoners, copper smelters would have had a high degree of skill.Such an operation required the transport of goods – including food, water, and textiles – across the desert to operate.Many of the fabrics found at the site were made in specialized workshops far from Timna, the researchers say.Along with the fabrics, the team also recently found thousands of seeds of the Biblical 'Seven Species.'These seeds, from two grains and five fruits, were used to confirm the age of the findings through radiocarbon dating.

The artefacts discovered at the Timna copper mines also offer clues about the early Edomites, a semi-nomadic people who are thought to have operated the mines.This is the first time researchers have had the opportunity to observe textiles from this period, and the fabrics are physical evidence of a complex society.The pieces are tiny, some just 5 x 5 centimetres, but show differences in colour, weaving, and ornamentation techniques.Elaborate fabrics may have been worn by copper craftsmen, who held a highly respected position in society.

'No textiles have ever been found at excavation sites like Jerusalem, Megiddo and Hazor, so this provides a unique window into an entire aspect of life from which we've never had physical evidence before,' said Dr. Erez Ben-Yosef, who led the study. 'We found fragments of textiles that originated from bags, clothing, tents, ropes and cords. The wide variety of fabrics also provides new and important information about the Edomites, who, according to the Bible, warred with the Kingdom of Israel. We found simply woven, elaborately decorated fabrics worn by the upper echelon of their stratified society.  Luxury grade fabric adorned the highly skilled, highly respected craftsmen managing the copper furnaces. They were responsible for smelting the copper, which was a very complicated process.'

The research explains that copper was the most valuable resource of the time, and required many levels of expertise to produce.     Read more:


English: Logo of the Centers for Disease Contr...Logo of the Centers for Disease Control (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A new CDC study contradicts the Obama administration’s insistence that firearm homicides represent a growing threat, with Americans more likely to die from accidental poisoning or the flu than being shot with a gun.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released the report last week but it has received very little press attention. The figures show that there were 33,636 firearms related deaths in 2013, with 21,175 being suicides, 505 “accidental discharges,” and 11,208 being assault related (homicide).

To put this into context, 31,240 people died in accidental falls, meaning that Americans face a bigger threat from tripping in the shower or slipping on ice than they do being shot dead. 

Being poisoned (48,545 deaths), alcohol abuse (29,001 deaths), and motor vehicle accidents (33,804 deaths) all pose a greater danger than homicides, many of which are gang related anyway.

As Michael Strickland points out, gun deaths are so comparatively unremarkable that the CDC doesn’t even put them in their own category. MORE



By Mike Exton


Beast2In the next few years the curtain will be drawn and four men will suddenly appear on the world stage. Two of these men will be good while the other two men will be evil.

In the book of Revelation these two wicked men are called “beasts” (though the 2nd “beast” is often referred to as “the false prophet”). The two upright men are referred to as “the two witnesses” or “the two prophets.” Astonishingly, ALL four of these men will be able to do incredible, mind-blowing miracles! Two of these men (reminiscent of the ancient prophet Elijah) will even be able to call down fire from heaven, while the other two will strike the earth with terrible droughts and plagues.

While two of these men will be led by God’s Holy Spirit and will be servants of God, the other two men will be led by Satan and possessed by demons (and perhaps even possessed by the Devil himself!).

Two of these men will be respected, loved, and honored by earth’s inhabitants, while the other two men will be hated, despised, and cursed. Eventually two of these men will be killed and the world will rejoice and celebrate their demise.

When these Bible prophecies COME ALIVE in the years just ahead, whose side will you be on? Will you be able to discern the two good guys from the two evil ones? Will you know which two are inspired by God and which two are inspired by Satan? Will you be on the right side of history? Hopefully you will, because those who choose wrongly will eventually be thrown into the lake of fire, while those who choose wisely will be granted eternal life in God’s soon-coming glorious kingdom!


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The Second Amendment- how our forefathers thought-and how racism is the cause to abolish it!

English: The Bill of Rights, the first ten ame...English: The Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, relating to the right of people to bear arms, was enacted as part of the Bill of Rights, its ratification occurring on 15 December 1791 with the support of the Virginia Legislature.


Text of the Second Amendment

The Second Amendment, as passed by the House and Senate and later ratified by the States, reads:

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

The hand-written copy of the Bill of Rights which hangs in the National Archives had slightly different capitalization and punctuation inserted by William Lambert, the scribe who prepared it. This copy reads:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Both versions are commonly used by "official" U.S. government publications.

Earlier proposals and drafts of the Amendment

And that the said Constitution be never construed to authorize Congress to infringe the just liberty of the press, or the rights of conscience; or to prevent the people of the United States, who are peaceable citizens, from keeping their own arms.
Samuel Adams, (6 February 1788), reported in Charles Hale, Debates and Proceedings in the Convention of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (1856), p. 86. This language was proposed in the Massachusetts convention for ratification of the U.S. Constitution to be added to Article I of that document.
The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed; a well armed and well regulated militia being the best security of a free country; but no person religiously scrupulous of bearing arms shall be compelled to render military service in person.
Original text of what was to become the Second Amendment, as brought to the floor to the first session of the first congress of the U.S. House of Representatives. original text
A well regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, being the best security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed, but no person religiously scrupulous shall be compelled to bear arms.
Reworded version of the Second Amendment by the select committee on the Bill of Rights, July 28th 1789. AoC pp. 669).
A well regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, being the best security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed; but no one religiously scrupulous of bearing arms shall be compelled to render military service in person.
Draft version of the Second Amendment sent by the House of Representatives to the United States Senate, on August 24th, 1789. (Note: When the Amendment was transcribed, the semicolon in the religious exemption portion was changed to a comma by the Senate scribe).
A well regulated militia, being the best security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed
Revision voted on in the U.S. Senate, September 4th, 1789.
A well regulated militia being the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.
Final version passed by the U.S. Senate; the phrase "necessary to" was added when the proposed Amendment was entered into the U.S. House journal.

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Ancient DNA sheds light on Irish origins

Forward: Most of our readers already know that The United States, England, Ireland and much of Western Europe are the lost tribes of Israel, and once again here is some more proof:

Uragh stone circle, County KerryImage copyrightThinkstock

Scientists have sequenced the first ancient human genomes from Ireland, shedding light on the genesis of Celtic populations.

The genome is the instruction booklet for building a human, comprising three billion paired DNA "letters".

The work shows that early Irish farmers were similar to southern Europeans.

Genetic patterns then changed dramatically in the Bronze Age - as newcomers from the eastern periphery of Europe settled in the Atlantic region.

Details of the work, by geneticists from Trinity College Dublin and archaeologists from Queen's University Belfast are published in the journal PNAS.

Team members sequenced the genomes of a 5,200-year-old female farmer from the Neolithic period and three 4,000-year-old males from the Bronze Age.

Opinion has been divided on whether the great transitions in the British Isles, from a hunting lifestyle to one based on agriculture and later from stone to metal use, were due to local adoption of new ways by indigenous people or attributable to large-scale population movements.

The ancient Irish genomes show unequivocal evidence for mass migration in both cases. 

Wave of change  Continue reading

The 'Israelite republic' as a model to our founders

NOTE:  It's really MONARCHY, not Republic.  God government is NOT a democracy. It is a monarchy based on Law and LOVE!  Jesus won't be running for your vote!  All Democracies (man's best form of government devised to date) always fail and become brutal dictatorships!

By Scott Lively

TheThroneThe curse of humanity from the time of Adam and Eve has been thinking ourselves smarter than God. That idea originated with the false promise of Satan: that we could become like gods by thinking for ourselves instead of just trusting what God said.

Humanism (the religion of Marxism) is the ultimate form of satanic delusion, in which we believe so completely in human self-perfectibility that we imagine ourselves as truly gods, justified in and capable of "creating" a new superior form of humanity through transhumanism: the blending of humans with animals and machines through the technological integration of genetics, robotics and artificial intelligence. That's no longer science fiction, but emerging scientific reality, theologically representing the unraveling of the created order of "kinds" God formed and separated on the sixth day of creation – prophetically signaling the soon return of Christ.

It's easy to see that curse in atheists, but it has always been at work among God's people as well. God's plan for man was what America's founders would later describe as "ordered liberty," a representative form of government resting on the rule of God's law. That was what God designed for the 12 Hebrew tribes – the first true republic in history – and it lasted 400 years from their entrance into the Holy Land until, corrupted by the idolatrous beliefs of the Canaanites (whom they failed to purge from the land as God instructed), they sold their birthright of liberty for a monarchy like those of the surrounding nations.

Now, some would say the Mosaic law wasn't "the perfect law" described in Psalm 19, but was a form of His law suitable to the state of the Hebrews' moral development at that time, containing in its statutes and rituals the spiritual principles of the perfect law. As the Apostle Paul stated in Hebrews 8:7 "For if that first covenant had been without fault, no place would have been sought for a second."

I raise this point to illustrate a great unacknowledged truth: that – to a point – God has always accommodated human choices differing from His own regarding human affairs. This is perhaps best proved by Jesus in his explanation, in Matthew 19:8-9, of why divorce was allowed in the Mosaic code in contradiction to the perfect principle of the law of marriage embodied in Genesis 2:24. Concubinage, slavery and polygamy are other examples of God's accommodation of institutionalized human sins in the Mosaic law, which Jesus disallowed in calling His followers to aspire to the higher spiritual principles of the perfect law: "You have heard it said you must not commit adultery, but I tell you ..." and "Love your neighbor as yourself."

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Today marks the 11th Month of God's Year!

By Bob Barney

New month

 I often mention that God's calendar is NOT like any other calendar on earth today.  It is not the Roman calendar that we follow, or the equally pagan Jewish calendar that many churches believe is the calendar of God.  To read more about God's Calendar click here .  There is a mistake that those who follow a Jewish calendar has made, and that refers to the word for new moon.  That is a mistranslation, as the proper rendering should be NEW MONTH, as I did in The Plain Truth's Red Letter Bible.

The Hebrew word 'chodesh', which is Strong's Exhaustive Concordance simply means "new" or to "rebuild." Chodesh does not mean "new moon". It means 'new' with an implication that a month is about to begin again.

Originally, when the earth had a perfect 360 day rotation around the sun, and the moon's journey around the earth was exactly 30 days (today it is 29.5 days), new moons where on the new months. The calendar was in balance. However, probably after the flood, the weight of water slowed the earth rotational spin (this is NOT mentioned in the Bible) to 365.25 days a year and the moon's rotation to the present one of 29.5 days.





The ancients noticed that the months were no longer 30 days and the years were not 360 days, but now over 365. A calendar needed to be made to reflect this. Egypt made the first perfect calendar, one Moses was very familiar with, which had 12 - 30 day months and then 5 days at the end of the year that did not count. This is also seen in Enoch's calendar (see illustration on left).God's calendar was like the Egyptian one except that year no longer started on the first day of summer, but on the first day of spring. Springtime is the birth of the new year in nature, as morning is the start of the day as well. The term for new moon became "new month" as the new moons and new months no longer matched up. This is not hard to conceive as the English word for month comes from moon! Yet our months have nothing to do with new moons! The same applies to God's calendar.




And the Next question- WHAT WILL REPLACE IT? King of the SOUTH dictator or Democracy?  That's the question.

image from

All the unrest...What does it mean. The upper and middle classes have joined the revolt.

Anti-government protests in Iran have entered a third day today after Tehran finally abandoned its pretence and admitted shooting down a passenger jet. 

Dozens of protesters gathered and chanted slogans at a Tehran university today amid a wave of public anger after the plane was shot down with dozens of Iranians on board.  

A string of celebrities have also turned on the regime and two state TV hosts have quit over Tehran's three days of false reporting on the crash.  

Leading Iranian film director Masoud Kimiai has pulled out of Tehran's annual Fajr Film Festival in protest, saying he was 'on the side of the public'.

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Rabbi interrupts Netanyahu's speech to remind him to build 3rd Temple

Another Temple is going to be build. the Bible says so.....

3rd templeDuring a speech at the Kohelet Policy Forum on Wednesday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, among other things, discussed the importance of Israel’s presence in Judea and Samaria.

Warning about the dangers of Israel’s withdrawal from the region it liberated in the Six-Day-War, Netanyahu stated: “If Israel is not present on the hills of Judea and Samaria, Islamists will take over instead.”

Without skipping a beat, Rabbi Yehuda Glick interrupted him yelling: “same with the Temple Mount!”

At that point, the Prime Minister gave Glick an uncomfortable glare and continued with his speech.

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The medications that change who we are

“Patient Five” was in his late 50s when a trip to the doctors changed his life.

He had diabetes, and he had signed up for a study to see if taking a “statin” – a kind of cholesterol-lowering drug – might help. So far, so normal.

But soon after he began the treatment, his wife began to notice a sinister transformation. A previously reasonable man, he became explosively angry and – out of nowhere – developed a tendency for road rage. During one memorable episode, he warned his family to keep away, lest he put them in hospital. 

Out of fear of what might happen, Patient Five stopped driving. Even as a passenger, his outbursts often forced his wife to abandon their journeys and turn back. Afterwards, she’d leave him alone to watch TV and calm down. She became increasingly fearful for her own safety.

Then one day, Patient Five had an epiphany. “He was like, ‘Wow, it really seems that these problems started when I enrolled in this study’,” says Beatrice Golomb, who leads a research group at the University of California, San Diego.


UFO's and the Bible

Bob Barney

image from image.slidesharecdn.comAdm. Gary Roughead, a retired chief of naval operations, says the country needs to know where Tic Tac came from.  I think I know and the answer may surprise many.... Tic Tac is the name given to an unidentified flying object spotted in various military videos that is shaped like the popular breath mints.

"Without knowing what they may be – are they phenomena or are they vehicles that someone was able to get into place? – I think one of the great challenges that more people looked at is, where would these have come from? And quite frankly, I haven't spent a lot of time on that issue," Roughead said.

His comments came in a report by Sarasota Herald-Tribune reporter Billy Cox on his blog page.

Are you aware that UFO encounters with men can be found in the Bible? In the book called Ezekiel, the prophet experiences interacting with what can only be explained today as a UFO.  It was the throne of GOD!  Read it here:


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Arab prince's secret proposal to sell Western Wall to Jews

image from static.timesofisrael.comOn August 29, 1929, Prince Mohamed Ali Pasha, the uncle and future regent to King Farouk of Egypt, walked into the British Embassy in Istanbul and hand-delivered a letter to British Ambassador Sir George Clerk. The letter was addressed to the British High Commissioner for Palestine, Sir John Chancellor. The prince asked Ambassador Clerk to forward the letter to Chancellor in Jerusalem.

The prince had written and signed the letter less than one week after the shocking August 24, 1929, massacres in Hebron, following months of rising tensions at the Western (Wailing) Wall. The letter began by deploring the violence, with the prince expressing hope the Arabs and Jews could settle their differences peacefully. The prince then offered a stunning suggestion:

My proposal for a solution is that, instead of fighting or dealing unjustly by one party or the other, it would be infinitely better to come to an understanding. The Mohametans may be willing to accept a sum of money which would help them to do good for the community and as the Jews are rich, if this thing [the Wailing Wall] is so much desired by them, there seems no reason why they should not pay for it. If this could be done, it would avoid coercion and possibly injustice to one or other of the parties. Certainly I am sure the Mohametans and Arabs will not accept a small sum such as £10,000 or even £20,000 for a matter in which their honour is so far involved… Let them give £100,000 and I feel sure this would settle the difference.

This is the story of Prince Mohamed Ali Pasha’s surprise proposal to sell the Western Wall to the Jews, revealed here for the first time.

Read the incredible story here

Iran ADMITS shooting down Ukrainian jetliner

Iran ADMITS shooting down Ukrainian jetliner, saying gunner 'mistook plane for a CRUISE MISSILE and had ten seconds to make a decision when his radio failed'

  • Iran on Saturday admitted that it shot down Ukrainian passenger jet killing 176, thinking it was a cruise missile 
  • Revolutionary Guard Aerospace Force commander says 'I wish I had died' instead of witnessing such incident
  • Iranian officials said it 'took the flying posture and altitude of an enemy target' as it neared IRG Corps base 
  • Air defense operator had communications outage and believed he had just 10 seconds to take action
  • Civilian flights from Tehran were supposed to be grounded following Iran's ballistic missile strike 
  • But Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said 'US adventurism' was to blame for Iran shooting the plane down
  • Iranian President Hassan Rouhani offered condolences to victims and vowed to prosecute those responsible 
  • Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei orders probe into 'possible faults and flaws in this painful accident' 
  • The FAA revealed US lives may have been saved after notice barred civilian planes flying over Iran and Iraq
  • Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called it a 'national tragedy' and said the Iranians should cooperate
Hajizadeh displays a diagram showing how the air defense operator believed the civilian flight was a cruise missile inbound for a key Revolutionary Guards base, and fired on it when he was unable to reach headquarters after comms jammed

History of the Feast of Tabernacles in the Radio/Worldwide Church of God

Assembled by CM White

Version 2.0

Introductory Comments

In the article Passover and Holy Day Observances since the First Century, I point out that the observance of the Holy Days among Christian Sabbatarians can be tracked each century, for the most part, since the birth of the New Testament Church.

Having virtually died out by the nineteenth century, the interest in all of God’s Law and the Holy Days among various Sabbatarians began to stir sometime around the middle of that century. These seeds were sown and later watered by authors such as Greenberry G Rupert who began to promote them as applicable to Christians. As a result, interest in them began to grow.

Meanwhile, many Protestant scholars wrote about their meaning and typology and continue to do so to this day (they often don’t fully understand their meaning, but at least make a good attempt at this). One of many such authors was the famous Louis Talbot who wrote about The Feasts of the Lord (1943) and there were a number of such authors preceding him and thereafter. I mention him as Dr Herman L Hoeh listened to his radio programmes and was following him about the time of his coming across The World Tomorrow broadcast.

Holy Day Observance Prior to Herbert W Armstrong

In the article Holy Day Observance since the First Century, there are a number of references to various Sabbatarian groups which observed these days, or at least some of them.

In the USA an unattached group in Philadelphia observed Passover including footwashing in 1845

(History of the Church of God (7th Day), p. 661). One early Sabbatarian Adventist was David Arnold who 2

believed in an annual Lord’s Supper/Passover . James and Ellen G White were aware of this practice but evidently did not agree with such a practice.


1 According to John Kiesz’s article “The Continuity of the Gospel,” Bible Advocate, 12 August 1963:
“Most of the brethren observed the Lord’s Supper or Communion and feet-washing at various times, although a group in Philadelphia began practicing the keeping of the Christian Passover in abut 1845, and a brother in Illinois advocated the commemoration of the Lord’s death at the beginning of the 14th of Abib in about 1867. Before the turn of the century, all of our assemblies had come to the conclusion that Communion of the Lord’s Supper should be observed annually on the 14th day of the first month of the Hebrew year.” (p. 25)
2 According to Captains of the Host by W Spalding (an SDA), Sabbath conferences were held 1847/48:
“So the Whites went to New York. It was their first meeting with Hiram Edson. Bates, Gurney, and Chamberlain also attended from New England. The meeting was held in David Arnold's barn, at Volney. About thirty-five were present, all who could be collected from that part of the State. But there were nearly thirty-five different creeds; "there were hardly two agreed." David Arnold evidently had imbibed some of the heterodox views of George Storrs' party ... objecting to the celebration of the Lord's supper except at the time of the Passover, of which he said it was the continuation. Many other errors were brought forward by different ones, and the conference was in discord.” (p. 176)

Read the entire paper here

Der Spiegel 1974 – New Ice Age Approaching. Odds Of A Warm Future “At Best 1 in 10,000″

By P Gosselin 

Der Spiegel warned of a coming ice age in 1974. 10,000 to 1 odds against warming. (Photo source: Wikipedia)

An increased frequency in extreme weather events, a cooling North Atlantic, and growing Arctic sea ice were viewed as signs of climate change. The odds of a warmer climate in the future, according to one scientist, were “at best 1 in 10,000″ (see below). That’s what Der Spiegel wrote about in a 3700-word article back in 1974, warning the world of a coming ice age.

Hat tip:

In that issue Der Spiegel described a series of ”weather extremes” occurring all over the world, claiming they were unmistakable signs of a climate change to cooling: deluges of rain in West Germany, severe thunderstorms that uprooted trees and blew off roofs in Berlin, the worst storm in 100 years devastating much of Lower Saxony, hurricane Agnes inflicting 3 billion dollars in damage, floods in Japan and Peru, temperatures in Argentina, India and South Africa dropping to their lowest levels in 300 years.

Back in 1974, in its introduction, Der Spiegel wrote:

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The Resurrection of the Dead: What Does the Bible Really Teach?

Many people have at least a vague notion that the Bible teaches about a resurrection. But what is the resurrection all about? And how does it fit into God's overall plan for salvation?

The Resurrection of the Dead: What Does the Bible Really Teach?

While defending his teaching as a prisoner bound for Rome, the apostle Paul asked King Herod Agrippa II, "Why should it be thought incredible by you that God raises the dead?" (Acts 26:8).

We could well ask the same question of the intelligentsia in our modern, secular age. Disbelief in the Bible is rife among our intellectual and media establishment. Few either know or understand what God's plan is for humanity and how the resurrection fits into His overall purpose.

When talking to Agrippa, it's clear from the context that Paul had the resurrection of Jesus Christ foremost in mind. Especially during the Church's early period, preaching Christ's resurrection was a crucial part of the apostles' message. One of the reasons another apostle had to be chosen to replace Judas Iscariot was that "one of these must become a witness with us of His resurrection" (Acts 1:22, emphasis added throughout). Notice that "with great power the apostles gave witness to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus" (Acts 4:33).

Having personally seen and talked with the resurrected Christ (1 Corinthians 9:1; 15:8; Acts 22:6-10 ), Paul carried on, enthusiastically confirming the fact of Jesus' resurrection. He further told Agrippa, "To this day I stand, witnessing both to small and great . . . that the Christ [the Messiah] would suffer, that He would be the first to rise from the dead" (Acts 26:22-23 ).

Note that the unmistakable implication from this passage is that others would follow.

The resurrection of God's firstfruits  MORE>>>>>>>>

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