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Was Patton Murdered? Yes the Deep State existed then too!

General Patton MURDERED? Mystery pertaining to the suspicious death of the general 74

George S. Patton (inset), the legendary general from the Second World War died 75 years ago under mysterious circumstances that have fueled conspiracy theories ever since. He was left paralyzed from the neck down in a car accident that took place on a deserted road in Germany (left). Patton suddenly died in the hospital 12 days later after he was showing signs of rapid improvement. In 1979, a former spy and decorated WWII hero claimed that he was ordered by his military superiors to kill Patton and make it look like an accident. Since then, all reports from the scene of the crash and and of Patton's death have mysteriously vanished at the National Archives. It is said that General Eisenhower (pictured laughing with Patton, top right) had come to think of Patton's war-mongering as a liability.