China to rewrite Bible and Quran to fit 'socialist values'
How the Israel Identity Truth entered the Church of God

Is it the Democrats' policies, or Satan's?

1You do understand – do you not – that the Democrats' war against America and Satan's war against God are one and the same conflict?

Modern people in a modern world – isn't that always the case, though? – long ago convinced themselves that an all-powerful creator God was a fantasy disposed of long ago by earlier generations, a convenient myth concocted by primitive peoples to help them explain the world around them.

Today, however, we are so much more sophisticated than the "modern" generations that came before us! Rather than believing in a pre-existent creator God who made everything out of nothing (creation ex nihilo), our modern world believes that everything created itself out of nothing. My, what intellectual progress! What academic brilliance!


The Democratic Party seems to be the standard bearer for this kind of isolationist thinking. Their high priests live within the ivory towers of academia, poshly supported atop a growing mountain of student loans. This debt will be owed forever by graduates of gender weaving studies and other indispensable fields of theoretical alien knowledge that has yet to produce a single new product the rest of us would like to buy. The only hope for those faced with paying off these "educational" loans is to foist the payment onto someone else's back.

Lies, murder and tyranny are the common denominator between today's Democrats and Satan. His lies successfully corrupted the human race in the Garden of Eden. His taste for child blood sacrifice (Molech) has only intensified in concert with Democrats' demands for unrestricted abortion to the point of birth and beyond. Democrats seem to have no understanding of what a human being is: body, soul, spirit; designed for constant communion with the God who created it. Why else do you think Satan seeks to destroy that being? Humanity has been Satan's enemy from the very beginning. No one who understands this conflict would ever allow Satan a foothold anywhere in our culture.    Read the rest