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Court opens door for anti-Semitism being taught in public school

A teacher in Texas has been given permission by a judge to, if she chooses, "fill her students' head[s] with hate against Jews," according to a scathing new report from the Clarion Project.

The organization is a nonprofit that educates people about radical Islam and its dangers, as well as other ideologies that are extremist.

Its films, seen by some 125 million, expose how Islamists use terror, murder, subjugation, indoctrination, persecution and genocide.

The report documents how there was a fight in Texas over a teacher's refusal to sign a statement that she opposed the BDS movement against Israel. That's an effort to demand everyone boycott, divest from and sanction against Israel in order to drive it from the face of the earth.

A federal judge ultimately ruled in favor of the teacher, Bahia Amawi, a speech pathologist who had lost her job because she refused to follow state requirements to not support BDS actions.

The judge, Robert Pitman of Austin, had ordered the law blocked because the boycotts are protected speech under the First Amendment.   MORE