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Judge Nearly Throws Out Case Against Former Michael Flynn Associate On Trial For Alleged Turkish Lobbying

A federal judge Thursday came close to throwing out charges against a former Michael Flynn business partner on trial in Virginia, saying the government had presented “very circumstantial” and “very speculative” evidence during its presentation of the case.

Speaking after prosecutors wrapped up their case against former Flynn associate Bijan Rafiekian, Judge Anthony Trenga said there were “substantial issues” with the government’s evidence, The Washington Post reported.

On Reparations, Will Beto O’Rourke Start With Himself?

Note: Notice that only Democrat candidate owned slaves, yet they want northern states to pay reparations when it was these same peoples ancestors that fought and died to end slavery!  I say TAX only Democrats!

image from

It remains unclear whether Beto O’Rourke will personally redistribute some of his wealth to descendants of slaves after the Democratic presidential candidate revealed both he and his wife descended from slave owners.

O’Rourke — who supports reparations on a systemic level — revealed in a blog post Sunday evening that his paternal great-great-great grandfather owned two slaves, Rose and Eliza.     MORE

House Orders Pentagon to Say If It Weaponized Ticks Decades Ago

a tick crawls through a patch of hairy skin before biting
(Patrick Pleul/AP)

By Cathy Burke    |   

House lawmakers are pressing the Pentagon on whether it experimented with weaponizing disease-carrying insects decades ago — and whether they were let loose, Roll Call reported.

The pressure came in an unusual amendment to the 2020 defense authorization bill, which was passed last week, the news outlet reported. 

Read Newsmax: House Orders Pentagon to Say If It Weaponized Ticks Decades Ago |
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What's in a name? To God many things.....

Why We Do What We Do...

By Bob Barney

JacobgodDo you think names mean anything? Does your name represent anything?

It is probably difficult for most of us to understand today, but God says that names denote things.

In the Bible, names given to people usually signify something about them, their character or their importance. Adam, for example, means red dirt or clay. You see the LORD GOD made Adam out of red clay and wanted him to understand just where he came from every day of his life.  God wanted to make sure that Adam understood that although he was made in the image of God, he was still just dirt, and would be until the resurrection. 

ABRAHAM   means "father of many," which ended up being the case, while David means beloved. The name Jacob stood for "deceiver" and deceiver, he was!    He stole by deception his brother's birthright. Later God renamed him ISRAEL.  Many are surprised at the meaning of this name. It means that he struggled with God and won!   God (who became Jesus) actually wrestled physically with Jacob all night long, and allowed Jacob to win the fight!  Jacob literally fought God, and WON!  You can read it here:

Yes, God says names have a meaning, and now the point of this essay.

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image from hdi1-wpengine.netdna-ssl.comNotwithstanding my long association and friendship with publisher Joseph Farah – who we all pray will have a full recovery from his recent serious stroke – I have written about 700 columns for this great publication over the years since I founded Judicial Watch, ran for the U.S. Senate in my home state of Florida and then founded Freedom Watch, which I run today. Indeed, I have compiled all of them in a four-volume work titled “Essays of a Mad Man,” which is available by going to Freedom Watch’s website at

One of the many reasons I love and respect Joseph and his fine staff is that WND allows me to express my unvarnished views and legal exploits without censorship. The publication is also the most pure of all conservative websites as it does not give quarter to political correctness to churn advertising dollars and to jingle the change for its top brass.

However, despite WND’s principled leadership in the conservative movement and unafraid reporting based on ethics, morality and the Judeo-Christian heritage and way of life, there are other so-called conservative news sources that play both sides of the proverbial street.

Perhaps the biggest and most powerful offender has become Fox News. Once conceived of and run by a conservative ideologue, Roger Ailes – who had serious problems with the vile way he treated women, such as my client Laura Luhn, who was sexually abused and harassed by Ailes – the network, upon Ailes’ forced resignation, was effectively taken over by Lachlan Murdoch, a closet liberal. And his father, Rupert, who turned over this network control to his heir, is no real conservative either, but simply a businessman who understood that Ailes could exploit conservative viewership for cold cash.


Netanyahu's fate may be determined by Sabbath issue

RAMAT GAN, Israel—Mayor Carmel Shama-Hacohen’s desk is strewn with evidence of the threats against his life over his campaign to introduce public bus service on the Sabbath—an effort that put him on one side of a broader dispute that some call a battle for the soul of Israel.

Service begins next weekend between this leafy suburban city of 156,000 and the beach in Tel Aviv, after the Ramat Gan city council approved the plan on Tuesday, despite opposition from Israelis who say service on Friday evening and Saturday flouts the Bible-ordained day of rest.


Thousands rally in Hong Kong

Journalists in Hong Kong have marched through the city today, as thousands of others rallied in an area popular with shoppers from mainland China following heavy clashes on the streets yesterday.

Hundreds of reporters marched from the Admiralty district near government offices through to the police headquarters, while many more descended on the Sha Tin shopping district. 

Sha Tin, a town between Hong Kong island and the Chinese border, has previously been a battleground by those angered by the flood of Chinese day-trippers.

Yesterday there were violent scenes in another border town - Sheung Shui - as demonstrators fought police wielding riot shields, batons and pepper spray.

image from
Anti-extradition bill protesters march during a rally in Sha Tin border town in Hong Kong, an area popular with Chinese day-trippers

Rick Perry: Now that Ross Perot is gone, I can tell this story

This week, the nation remembers Ross Perot for his success in business, his two independent White House bids and his no-nonsense, straight Texas talk. His love of country, larger-than-life personality and generosity are all part of his legacy that will live on. But there is another little-known part of the life of Ross Perot that should be told now that he is gone. He was a tireless, but private, supporter of our wounded veterans.

During my time as governor of this great state, I had the honor and privilege of knowing countless warriors who stepped forward to serve in Iraq and Afghanistan and returned home with horrific wounds of war. U.S. Army Cpl. Alan Babin Jr. is one such hero.

While serving in Iraq in 2003 as a medic in the 82nd Airborne, Alan was shot in the abdomen while tending to a fallen comrade. While Alan survived his injury, he faced a long and difficult road to recovery, complicated by the onset of meningitis and a stroke-induced coma that left him confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

On the one-year anniversary of his wounding, I joined Alan and his family for a small gathering. He was still in very bad shape, neurologically and physically incapacitated. When I asked his mother, Rosie,  what I could do to help, she said she was eager to get him out of the hospital and back home, but struggling with the prospect of transporting Alan to his many medical visits.

I knew there was one person to call: Ross Perot. What happened next still amazes me to this day. The next morning, Ross personally called Rosie and made arrangements for his plane to pick up the Babins in Austin and fly them to Dallas where Alan could be seen by leading neurologists at Zale Lipshy University Hospital.

When the hospital elevators opened, Ross was standing there to meet Alan personally and ensure that he got the best of care. Later that day, Rosie was handed a key to a hotel room across the street so she could be close to Alan throughout his extended stay.

It didn't stop there.

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The Founders on Homosexuality

image from creationrevolution.comOf those living today in America who were alive 50 years ago, few could have imagined, let alone predicted, that homosexuality would encroach on our culture as it has. In fact, it would have been unthinkable. The rapidity with which homosexual activists continue successfully to bully the nation to normalize what once was universally considered abnormal is astonishing. And toleration has not satisfied them. Allowing their views to be taught in public schools has not appeased them. No, they insist that societal endorsement extend to redefining marriage to include same-sex couples.

A pernicious plague of sexual insanity is creeping insidiously through American civilization. Far more deadly than the external threat of terrorism, or even the inevitable dilution of traditional American values caused by the infiltration of illegal immigrants and the influx of those who do not share the Christian worldview, this domino effect will ultimately end in the moral implosion of America. Indeed, America is being held captive by moral terrorists. The social engineers of “political correctness” have been working overtime for decades to restructure public morality.

The Founding Fathers of these United States would be incredulous, incensed, and outraged. They understood that acceptance of homosexuality would undermine and erode the moral foundations of civilization. Sodomy, the longtime historical term for same-sex relations, was a capital crime under British common law. Sir William Blackstone, British attorney, jurist, law professor, and political philosopher, authored his monumental Commentaries on the Laws of England from 1765-1769. These commentaries became the premiere legal source admired and used by America’s Founding Fathers. In Book the Fourth, Chapter the Fifteenth, “Of Offences Against the Persons of Individuals,” Blackstone stated:

IV. WHAT has been here observed…, which ought to be the more clear in proportion as the crime is the more detestable, may be applied to another offence, of a still deeper malignity; the infamous crime against nature, committed either with man or beast…. But it is an offence of so dark a nature…that the accusation should be clearly made out….


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Why Go To St. Lucia

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Lush, unspoiled St. Lucia has a growing fan base. Some of its vacationers are music lovers, letting loose at the springtime St. Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival, or adrenaline junkies, testing their limits climbing The Pitons or zip lining through the Chassin region's rain forest. Others are honeymooners, unwinding on one of the island's chalky beaches or holing up in one of its isolated resorts.

But what if you don't fall into any of these categories? Don't worry: St. Lucia refuses to be pigeonholed as any "type" of Caribbean vacation. Plus, you also don't have to spend a lot of money (its reputation as a luxurious hideout is only somewhat warranted). To discover some of the island's indescribable charms, you'll have to visit for yourself. Start your mornings basking in an orange-tinted Soufrière sunrise then round out your evenings at an evening "jump-up" (or dance party) along Gros Islet.


Ancient Texts Part of Earliest Known Documents

A team of scholars has discovered what might be the oldest representation of the Tower of Babel.

Ancient Texts Part of Earliest Known Documents (Image: Detail of the Tower of Babel stele, with the engraving of King Nebuchadnezzar II. (Copyright The Schøyen Collection, MS 2063).

Statement from porn star Stormy Daniels says affair with Trump ‘never happened’

How many people saw this on Fox (Faux) News?  Or on CNN, or on NBC,CBS or PBS?  Yet the Washington Post, you know that liberal "rag" (NOT!). Has this story!

Stormy Daniels arrives for the 49th Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles on Feb. 11, 2007. Daniels who had previously alleged an extramarital affair with Donald Trump now says in a statement the affair never happened. (Matt Sayles/AP)
January 31, 2018

Hours before a scheduled appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" to follow President Trump's nationally televised State of the Union address on Tuesday night, porn star Stormy Daniels issued a signed statement addressed "To Whom It May Concern" that denied an alleged affair with Donald Trump.

"The fact of the matter is that each party to this alleged affair denied its existence in 2006, 2011, 2016, 2017 and now again in 2018," the signed statement reads. "I am not denying this affair because I was paid 'hush money' as has been reported in overseas owned tabloids. I am denying it because it never happened."

OOPS!!!!!   The Plain Truth comes out--- Read More

DNA-Solid Evidence? You might be surprised!

Micah's DNAMicah's DNA (Photo credit: micahb37)

By Bob Barney-The Plain Truth

The Plain Truth has uncovered shocking evidence that DNA convictions and acquittals just may be largely based on junk science and downright fraud. In case after case, we have documented hundreds of cases of unreliable DNA findings, which for the most part, most Americans have been led to believe that DNA evidence was rock solid. Shockingly it isn't!


According to this report by New Scientist DNA is largely considered to be the gold standard in forensics.  If a suspect's DNA is found at the crime scene, it is compelling evidence for a conviction.  But how is a DNA match determined?  There are many places in our genetic code where there are short sequences that are repeated over and over.  These repeated regions are called short tandem repeats or STRs.  The places where these STRs occur are called loci.  There are many variations in the lengths of STRs (I may have 5 repeats at a particular loci and you may have 8 ) and by looking at many different loci scientists create a kind of profile or human bar code that is unique to each individual.  This technique is also used to determine parentage because you inherit half of your unique barcode from your mother and half from your father.


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Shocking report reveals that 95% of plastic polluting the world's oceans comes from just TEN rivers


Yangtze East China Sea Asia

Indus Arabian Sea Asia

Yellow River Yellow Sea Asia

Hai He Yellow Sea Asia

Nile Mediterranean Africa

Ganges Bay of Bengal Asia

Pearl River South China Sea Asia

Amur Sea of Okhotsk Asia

Niger Gulf of Guinea Africa

Mekong South China Sea Asia 

Up to 95 per cent of plastic polluting the world's oceans pours in from just ten rivers, according to new research.

The top 10 rivers - eight of which are in Asia - accounted for so much plastic because of the mismanagement of waste.

About five trillion pounds is floating in the sea, and targeting the major sources - such as the Yangtze and the Ganges - could almost halve it, scientists claim.

Scroll down for video 

Up to 95 per cent of plastic polluting the world's oceans pours in from just ten rivers, according to new research. The top 10 rivers, including the River Niger (pictured) accounted for so much plastic because of the mismanagement of waste

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By Bob Barney

First published in 2007

image from www.committeeforfirstprinciples.orgThis is a commentary on our recent Healthy Sex story. Many, including some in my family thought the story was too salacious for our news site.  That’s exactly the response I wanted. Why? Well, the plain truth is that most of us do not understand the truth behind sex. It is very unfortunate that so many people have had their minds obfuscated with false religious dogma concerning sex and what God really wants us to know about the subject. You will see that God is no prude when it comes to sex and actually has given us a guideline on how to enjoy it without any guilt!
 In Genesis, God creates man and woman after the GOD kind. Notice that all other created beings are created after their own kind, but man was created after God’s own kind. Note also that God says “Let US make man in OUR image”. At least two beings are talking together, and they claim to be God  (see the meaning of the word God here ). What is the very first thing that God realized about man? “It is not good for the man to be alone.”  God does not want us to be alone. He wants us in a union with another human, just as God is one, he wants us to be one, with the helpmate that God gives us. Next notice the first command God gave to Adam and Eve. Gen 1:28   God blessed them and told them, "Multiply and fill the earth and subdue it. Be masters over the fish and birds and all the animals."  Then we read a little later this: Gen. 4:1   “Now Adam slept with his wife, Eve, and she became pregnant.” (NLT translation).
 So sex was made for us to enjoy and to recreate after our own kind! We are meant to become part of the God Family. However, this command to have sex does not give us the license to have it with just anyone. Here are just SOME of the Biblical restrictions:


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Court Documents: Trump Banned Epstein From Mar-A-Lago For Alleged Assault On Underage Girl

Bradley Edwards, a lawyer who represented Jefferey Epstein’s victims, stated in court documents that Trump had barred Epstein from his Mar-A-Lago estate “because Epstein sexually assaulted an underage girl at the club.”

Neither Trump nor Mar-A-Lago have confirmed that Epstein had been banned from the club. (RELATED: Child Sex-Trafficking Charges Against Jeffrey Epstein Unsealed Ahead Of Court Appearance)

During the 2016 election, Trump alleged Bill Clinton might have a strong connection to Epstein, Clinton is reported to have traveled on Epstein’s plane dozens of times. Referring to Clinton, Trump stated, “Nice guy — uh, got a lot of problems coming up, in my opinion, with the famous island, with Jeffrey Epstein. A lot of problems.”   MORE

Biblical city of Ziklag which gave refuge to King David after he fled Israel is 'discovered'

the Bible As History

The biblical city of Ziklag in which David resided after fleeing the rage of King Saul has reportedly been unearthed in the Judaean foothills.

The dig, led by the Israeli Antiquities Authority, found the remains of buildings and Philistine-era artefacts beneath a burnt rural settlement from King David's time.

In the ancient narrative, the city was gifted to David by the ruling Philistine King Achish of Gath, with the former shepherd and future king serving as Achsish's vassal.

The Philistines — a feared enemy of the Israelites — are believed to have arrived in the region from the Mediterranean in the 12th century BC.    MORE>>>>>

‘Land of Hope’: An American History Textbook That Offers a true Our Country’s Story

Postcard shows the iconic image of American soldier and politician (and the country's first President) George Washington as he crosses the Delaware River in a boat with his troops, McKonkey's Ferry, Pennsylvania, December 26, 1776. The headline reads "Who helped make us free? Washington.' The card's illustration is based on …
Kean Collection/Getty

Amidst the bleak news from a poll that found only 24 percent of 18 to 29-year olds are “extremely proud to be an American” comes a literary ray of hope from the heartland.

The good news appears in the form of a new textbook, Land of Hope: An Invitation to the Great American Story, written by University of Oklahoma professor Wilfred McClay.    MORE>>>>

How The War Industry Corrupts The U.S. Congress

U.S. weapons makers spend far more money on lobbying and campaign contributions than the domestic gun lobby: $162 million on lobbying and tens of millions in direct funding for members of Congress so far in the 2017-18 election cycle

 "Hawkish Senate Democrats play a critical role as swing votes to keep the country at war and to ensure that the lion’s share of tax revenues keep flowing to the military-industrial complex." (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

"Hawkish Senate Democrats play a critical role as swing votes to keep the country at war and to ensure that the lion’s share of tax revenues keep flowing to the military-industrial complex." (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Former President Jimmy Carter has called U.S. politics a system of “legalized bribery”in which powerful interests spend billions of dollars on lobbying and campaign funding to ensure that members of Congress pay more attention to them than to the general public. With the upcoming midterm elections, we will see the full force of this tsunami of cash washing over our electoral system.

The human cost of this corrupt system has been searingly rammed home since the Parkland school shooting, as grieving high school students determined to curb America’s gun violence have found themselves in a pitched battle with the “gun lobby,” led by the National Rifle Association (NRA), one of the most entrenched and powerful interest groups in the country.

The gun lobby has already spent over $12 million on lobbying and given at least $1.1 million to members of Congress in this election cycle, 98% of it to Republicans.  The gun lobby also wields power over Democrats through lobbying and public relations, and the threat of targeting individual Democrats who take a public stand for gun control. 

But what about the even greater violence of America’s wars and the record military budget that makes them possible?  U.S. weapons makers spend far more money on lobbying and campaign contributions than the domestic gun lobby: $162 million on lobbying and tens of millions in direct funding for members of Congress so far in the 2017-18 election cycle. 

There is a strong correlation between campaign contributions from the companies that build America’s warships, tanks and warplanes, and critical votes in Congress to keep the guns firing, the missiles flying, the bombs falling and the cash flowing to the military-industrial complex.

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Scientists discover a new Achilles' Heel of tumors that causes them to self-destruct

Scientists have identified the Achilles' Heel of cancerous tumors, forcing the disease-spreading cells to over-stress and self-destruct.

Experiments showed blocking a specific protein that fuels tumors kills them off.

The technique worked on a range of human forms of the disease and mice with bowel and blood cancer.

What's more there are already drugs that block the chemical called ATF4 - offering hope of the fast-tracking of a revolutionary therapy.

For years scientists have been trying in vain to target a gene called MYC. It's known to drive cell growth and allow cancer to take over if it's mutated or over-expressed. Now Dr Koumenis, an oncologist at Pennsylvania University, and colleagues have found ATF4 controls a chemical pathway that works in tandem with the gene

Co-senior author Professor Constantinos Koumenis said: 'What we've learned is we need to go further downstream to block tumor growth in a way that cancer cells can't easily escape, and our study identifies the target to do just that.'   MORE

Jonestown 40 years later and My journey to God

 Dead bodies litter the ground after a mass suicide at the People's Temple in Guyana 

On November 18, 1978, at the direction of charismatic cult leader Jim Jones, 909 members of the People’s Temple died, all but two from apparent cyanide poisoning, in a “revolutionary suicide.”

That single event holds a great deal of memories for me.  In 1978, after studying the Bible for 4 years, and trying with all my heart to prove that the Bible was not the word of God, events in my life, and reading the words on the pages of the Bible, I came to the conclusion that I could not prove the Bible wrong.  I could prove most of Christianity wrong easily, but after years of study, I came to the realization that Christianity, for the most part, simply does not follow the teachings of God, found in His Holy Book!  I did not come to the belief structure that I follow to this day easily. I did not want to accept everything the Bible made clear, and worse yet, history, science, archeology and common sense all proved the Bible as an accurate source of knowledge that came from the mind of God.

In October of 1978, I finally knew that the God of the Bible was real. I could deny that fact no longer.  I am a graduate of the University of Connecticut, so on November 17, 1978 I decided to drive back there, rent a hotel room, and read the Bible from cover to cover over the next few days.  On November 18th, the news broke on the hotel room's TV that Jim Jones shot and killed a Congressman, and had some 900 murdered drinking cyanid-laced kool aide.  I was shocked to see first hand how misusing the word of God leads to death, especially at this time in my life.

The sad thing that I came away with was that most Americans falser believe that what Jim Jones did had nothing to do with mainstream religion.  They are partly right, but also historically wrong.  Research the Spanish inquisition, or the murders by BURNING those Godly men who decided to print the Bible in English.  Yes, main stream Christianity has it's own Jonestown's, and the reason is so clear. When we allow men to tell us what is in the Bible, and don't read the Bible for ourselves, we open our minds to Satan and false Christianity.

After many years, I published a Bible and Commentary (5 Volumes), now available on Amazon.  It is expensive, I admit, but that is Amazon's pricing for the work. I make very little, and then donate back any profits by giving away free volumes for people in need.

You don't have to buy the Bible I am offering, but you do need to read the Bible!  You will be shocked to see that what you thought was in those pages are not there, and things you are positive that is not in the pages, actually are!

Back on this story of Jonestown, most probably don't know that some survived!    A number of Jonestown survivors have spoken out about the mass suicides and murders that killed the only life they ever knew and how they have managed to build new ones in the four decades since the tragedy.   More than 900 members of the Peoples Temple had lived in the agricultural mission in the distant jungle of Guyana, South America, led by the cult leader Rev. Jim Jones.

It was he who dreamed up Jonestown, he who willed it into being, and he who brought it down: First, with the assassination of U.S. Rep. Leo Ryan and four others by temple members on a nearby airstrip on November 18, 1978, then with the mass murders and suicides of hundreds, a horror that remains nearly unimaginable 40 years later.  

But some lived. Dozens of members in Guyana slipped out of Jonestown or happened to be away that day. Plunged into a new world, those raised in the temple or who joined as teens lost the only life they knew: church, jobs, housing - and most of all, family and friends.

Read More about JONESTOWN HERE