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Jonestown 40 years later and My journey to God

 Dead bodies litter the ground after a mass suicide at the People's Temple in Guyana 

On November 18, 1978, at the direction of charismatic cult leader Jim Jones, 909 members of the People’s Temple died, all but two from apparent cyanide poisoning, in a “revolutionary suicide.”

That single event holds a great deal of memories for me.  In 1978, after studying the Bible for 4 years, and trying with all my heart to prove that the Bible was not the word of God, events in my life, and reading the words on the pages of the Bible, I came to the conclusion that I could not prove the Bible wrong.  I could prove most of Christianity wrong easily, but after years of study, I came to the realization that Christianity, for the most part, simply does not follow the teachings of God, found in His Holy Book!  I did not come to the belief structure that I follow to this day easily. I did not want to accept everything the Bible made clear, and worse yet, history, science, archeology and common sense all proved the Bible as an accurate source of knowledge that came from the mind of God.

In October of 1978, I finally knew that the God of the Bible was real. I could deny that fact no longer.  I am a graduate of the University of Connecticut, so on November 17, 1978 I decided to drive back there, rent a hotel room, and read the Bible from cover to cover over the next few days.  On November 18th, the news broke on the hotel room's TV that Jim Jones shot and killed a Congressman, and had some 900 murdered drinking cyanid-laced kool aide.  I was shocked to see first hand how misusing the word of God leads to death, especially at this time in my life.

The sad thing that I came away with was that most Americans falser believe that what Jim Jones did had nothing to do with mainstream religion.  They are partly right, but also historically wrong.  Research the Spanish inquisition, or the murders by BURNING those Godly men who decided to print the Bible in English.  Yes, main stream Christianity has it's own Jonestown's, and the reason is so clear. When we allow men to tell us what is in the Bible, and don't read the Bible for ourselves, we open our minds to Satan and false Christianity.

After many years, I published a Bible and Commentary (5 Volumes), now available on Amazon.  It is expensive, I admit, but that is Amazon's pricing for the work. I make very little, and then donate back any profits by giving away free volumes for people in need.

You don't have to buy the Bible I am offering, but you do need to read the Bible!  You will be shocked to see that what you thought was in those pages are not there, and things you are positive that is not in the pages, actually are!

Back on this story of Jonestown, most probably don't know that some survived!    A number of Jonestown survivors have spoken out about the mass suicides and murders that killed the only life they ever knew and how they have managed to build new ones in the four decades since the tragedy.   More than 900 members of the Peoples Temple had lived in the agricultural mission in the distant jungle of Guyana, South America, led by the cult leader Rev. Jim Jones.

It was he who dreamed up Jonestown, he who willed it into being, and he who brought it down: First, with the assassination of U.S. Rep. Leo Ryan and four others by temple members on a nearby airstrip on November 18, 1978, then with the mass murders and suicides of hundreds, a horror that remains nearly unimaginable 40 years later.  

But some lived. Dozens of members in Guyana slipped out of Jonestown or happened to be away that day. Plunged into a new world, those raised in the temple or who joined as teens lost the only life they knew: church, jobs, housing - and most of all, family and friends.

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