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What would the world be like if all the Muslim states banded together into a "Muslim United States ?"

And we know this is going to happen! Read Daniel 11, and see about the rise of a United States of Muslim Nations that will for and become know as the biblical "King of the South." Muslim King of the South

The United States of Islam- AKA The Kingdom of the South Daniel 11

Let us just consider that all the Muslim countries somehow come together to form the ephemeral caliphate.


  1. Democracy - what's that? The states of the Arab peninsula would be the elite class of any caliphate like this and these guys know no A, B or C of democracy.
  2. Lack of democracy might not go well with all the Muslim countries. Mind you, countries like Turkey, Malaysia, Indonesia and if you consider the recent past, even Bangladesh and Pakistan  are flawed but fledgling democracies.
  3. Muslims of the subcontinent, Malaysia, Indonesia and other states in the APAC region would be second class citizens in a caliphate dominated by the oil rich OPEC countries - now that's a bulk of the citizenry.
  4. Large scale exodus of smart, freedom loving, liberal Muslims to US, EU and owing to the geographic proximity, even to India.
  5. Laws are formulated by people who wield the power and by that virtue, Shariah will the defacto constitution of the caliphate. Just look at the "overwhelming" support Sharia has in all the countries and thik about the plight of population that might want to have a more liberal law structure. Blood bath!

  6. Genocidal elimination of minorities - Shias, Christians, Hindus silently put to sword.
  7. Language will be a huge issue. Not all Muslims speak Arabic. Arabic, Turkish, Urdu, Hindi, Malay, Indonesian and a plethora of other languages and dialects. Will the caliphate impose Arabic on its citizenry? We all know the consequences of that.


  1. Sure, the oil money can take you places. But does the state control the revenues? No, it will controlled by the Arab elites leaving the common man at lurch.   Read the Rest here