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Pancreatic Cancer Warning- Incredible Story

How not being able to flush my stools led to a cancer diagnosis

Chris Davey (bottom left and bottom right, while skydiving), 59, of Bristol, thought a change in his stool was strange but hadn't been too concerned. He decided to keep a list of minor changes in his health for his GP, including itchy skin and yellowing eyes, and was shocked when it led to a pancreatic cancer diagnosis in April 2016. The grandfather-of-six was determined to walk his daughter down the aisle a few weeks after his diagnosis even though he was due to undergo major surgery (see main and top left, at the wedding). He did so just four days before an eight-hour operation to 're-plumb' his insides. Mr Davey is lucky to be in the less than 10 per cent who were eligible for life-saving surgery, as the lethal form of the disease is so difficult to spot. Mr Davey refers to himself as a 'lucky man', having met a 'surprise' grandchild two years after his life-saving surgery (pictured top right, with Regan, five months, Riley, eight, and Freddie,10).


D-Day hour-by-hour: Fascinating colour photographs show how Normandy landings unfolded 75

Using pictures and testimony from the Imperial War Museum archives, D-Day and Normandy: A Visual History shows how Operation Overlord unfolded on June 6, 1944. The shots, published chronologically for the first time ever, have brought to life one of the key turning points of the Second World War. Fascinating snaps show Winston Churchill visiting the battlefield in Normandy (top left), troops pouring on to the beaches after landing during the biggest military operation in history (right), and members of the Women's Auxiliary Air Force (WAAF) packing parachutes for airborne troops (bottom left). Details about the day were cobbled together using official war photographers' notes, often hastily scribbled in the midst of battle.

Tucker Carlson on Mueller Probe Conclusion: ‘The People on TV Have Been Lying to You’


Friday on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” host Tucker Carlson reacted to reports that Department of Justice special counsel Robert Mueller was submitting his the probe’s report to Attorney General William Barr, which signified the conclusion of the probe’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

Given there were no indictments tied to alleged collusion between 2016 Trump campaign officials and the Russian government, Carlson concluded the many had been misled by some who have taken to television to make claims of Trump-Russia collusion.

“The people on TV have been lying to you,” Carlson said. “They will deny it now. They will tell you it was always about Trump’s taxes or some foreign real estate deal or hush money he paid to a girlfriend. That’s a crock. This investigation was always from day one about collusion with Russia. About betraying this country. They told us that for years.”

Dirty Cop Robert Mueller Selectively Edited Trump Lawyer Voice Mail

image from media.breitbart.comThe Mueller Report (which debunked the media’s Russia Collusion Hoax and cleared Trump of obstruction) contains a transcript of a voicemail left by an attorney for Donald Trump to an attorney for former national security adviser Michael Flynn, that is selectively edited to look incriminating.

The transcript is in the second part of the report, the part where Dirty Cop Mueller attempts to pretend President Trump is guilty of obstruction of justice (Spoiler alert: he’s not — not even close).

If you look at the text of the voice mail that the Mueller Report (which debunked the media’s Russia Collusion Hoax and cleared Trump of obstruction) chose to publish, it gives an entirely different impression from the full transcript, which was just released last week.   Read More

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The Plain Truth About UFO's-Updated

IN TODAY'S NEWS------Do you believe in UFOs? Hints at new missile test...

For an explanation of UFO's...... A Former Post, but still worth the re-post!  UFO's are Real- Just not what you think!

By Bob Barney:

image from www.ufobc.caUFO's are real, but they are not little green men from Mars or other planets in some solar systems.  Most UFO's (an the term means UNIDENTIFIED flying objects) have been and still are of this world. Weather phenomena, secret military aircraft and even hoaxes make up the first type of UFO sightings.  There is a second type of UFO that we will IDENTIFY!  If you believe in God, and the God who inspired the Bible, then in the pages of that Bible is the plain explanation of what these types of UFO's are... They are ANGELS!  Don't believe me, read the Bible:

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Va Beach Shooting

Virginia Beach shooting survivor who crossed paths with gunman THREE TIMES thought it was

Ned Carlstrom (left and right) locked eyes with gunman DeWayne Craddock (inset) two times as the disgruntled city employee carried out his shooting rampage in Virginia Beach, Virginia, on Friday. Carlstrom says he has no idea why Craddock decided to spare him, never even pointing his firearm in Carlstrom's direction, as he gunned down 12 others. 'I guess it's a feeling of being fortunate,' Carlstrom told The Associated Press on Sunday during an interview at his home in Chesapeake.

Congressman: Jail the leaders of the COUP!

Brooks: Federal Employees Engaging in ‘Coup D’etat’ Against Trump Should Be Caught, Jailed ‘to the Maximum Term Allowed’

(Jeff Poor/Breitbart News)

During an appearance on Huntsville, AL radio’s “The Dale Jackson Show” on WVNN, Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) called for the aggressive pursuit of those that made “false statement” that led to the Department of Justice special counsel probe led by former FBI Director Robert Mueller.

Virginia Beach Mass Shooting.. names released

PICTURED: Virginia Beach gunman, 40, who 'indiscriminately' shot dead 12 colleagues

Virginia Beach police say the shooter, a 'long-time, current' city of Virginia Beach public utilities employee, gunned down twelve employees of the city in cold blood before police killed him following a 'long gun battle'. DeWayne Craddock (left), 40, was wielding a legally purchased .45 caliber pistol when he gunned down his victims. Mayor Bobby Dyer called the massacre: 'The most devastating day in the history of Virginia Beach'. President Trump sent his condolences to the families of the victims, via twitter, this morning. He wrote: 'The Federal Government is there, and will be, for whatever they may need. God bless the families and all'

Yet More Gut Bacteria News---Autism 'could one day be treated with a probiotic pill

Mice fed the faeces of autistic children developed symptoms of the brain disorder as scientists say gut bacteria could be to blame

Mice fed faeces from human children with autism developed signs of having the disorder, scientists claim. 

Rodents given the faecal transplants were less likely to socialise and more likely to develop repetitive behaviour.

Researchers were adamant their research didn't prove bacteria in the gut caused autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

A team of researchers at the California Institute of Technology said their research adds weight to the growing idea that gut bacteria may have a bearing on autism (stock image of bacteria)

However, they believe the findings could lead to new treatments for the disorder, such as probiotic drugs. 


Could your gut bacteria predict your future health?

3 major studies say we could spot bowel disease, premature birth and diabetes by tracking people's microbes

  • On Wednesday, the National Institutes of Health published 3 major studies on gut bacteria
  • They found repeat testing spotted the microbial zoo changing in ways that may help doctors determine risks
  • We share our bodies with trillions of mostly friendly microbes that are important for things like good digestion. Now scientists are learning how that microbial zoo can change in ways that one day might let them predict who's at risk for brewing health problems

Archaeology Verifies the Reign of Judah’s Youngest King

The Nathan-Melech bulla adds evidence to the authority of the Bible.

(Watch Jerusalem) He was king when the kingdom of Judah experienced its last gasp of freedom. His demise was the death knell of the kingdom. Now, archaeological discoveries in and around Jerusalem are breathing life into the epic reign of King Josiah. The most recent evidence proving Josiah’s reign and the biblical record is a seal impression bearing the name of Nathan-Melech.

Dr. Yiftah Shalev, codirector of the Jerusalem excavation that uncovered the artifact, told Watch Jerusalem in early April, “It’s a relatively rare name. It’s the first time that it was found on any document outside the Bible. … In the Bible itself, it’s mentioned only once.”

That record is found in 2 Kings 23:11: “Then he removed the horses that the kings of Judah had dedicated to the sun, at the entrance to the house of the Lord, by the chamber of Nathan-Melech, the officer who was in the court; and he burned the chariots of the sun with fire” (New King James Version).

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