End Times......
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WATCH World Events!

By Bob Barney

Lev26I hope America will yet wake up and see what is happening; and what we must do to really fix it. First off, if your congressperson voted for the bailout of the rich and famous back in 2009, throw them out of their office! If your guy (or gal) voted to keep the Patriot Act, or worse yet another Free Trade Bill with Asia, then throw them out. NAFTA is the reason why the middle class is in trouble, and the manufacturing base of this nation has been destroyed.   I don't care what party they belong to. A yes vote simply meant that they are probably on the payroll of big business and big banks. Frequent readers already know that I have been on a rampage against big government AND big business for years. Today, we almost had the end of the American way of life. 6 years of Obama, and Democrat rule, coupled with Republican spinelessness has taken its toll on the nation. We have a president who hates American, and what we stand for, almost as much as he hates whites and supports only black causes. He is a racist, who is worse than Richard Nixon could have ever imagined, when it comes to an imperial presidency. He has broken more laws than the average mobster.

It is important to grasp that we must watch world events very carefully because God prophesies that there will be a worldwide set of plagues that will eventually bring us a global, Hitler type dictator that will lead the entire world to Armageddon and the return of Christ. I do not think that this is that time, but do not be fooled! It very well could be that time, and we must stay prepared for the signs that God will send us when that day draws near. A global depression, resulting in famines in the USA, Europe and most of the modern world is a pivotal event to look out for. This will, like 1930's Germany, give rise to a beast of a ruler that much like Obama will promise to fix the entire world's pandemics. I do not think Mr. Obama is that leader. I think the leader will come out of Germany. A second Hitler type. Obama, if elected (and I strongly doubt it) the only role in world events would be to totally destroy America, which the Bible clearly depicts will happen! You are not told this by our leaders, or in our schools but the United States of America is the lost tribe of Israel called Joseph! (plaintruthtoday@aol.com  e-mail  for a free article showing exactly that this can be proven!)

God says that in the end days, America will go into a captivity and the aliens in our own land will RULE OVER US! Check Leviticus 26! It's right there! If we wake up and stop our leaders from selling this country to our enemies and committing treason against us, we can delay this from happening. AMERICA, wake up! Read the stories every day in The Plain Truth. In tomorrows The Plain Truth, I will have a story from Germany, and what they are saying about the future of America and you will be amazed to see that they agree with what I am saying!