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Why I support Trump but not the GOP

Exclusive: Mychal Massie rips party leaders for fundraising on the wall they opposed


I do not support the Republican Party – I support President Trump. I am neither an ideologue nor am I a sycophant who is willing to sell my soul for a pat on the head or an invitation to some event.

I supported Donald Trump because I knew he was exactly what America needed. He’s a blue-collar billionaire and bare-knuckle brawler from Queens, who knew how to get projects done ahead of time and under budget. He has an economics degree from the Wharton School, which means he actually understands economics.

I knew that Donald Trump would make a great president because he wasn’t just a competent businessman, but he embodied the essentials that are requisite for success – and he was honest.

Had there been anything remotely damaging in his career as the man who built a global hotel, real estate, golfing and casino empire, those trying to prevent him from winning the Republican nomination would have found it. The amount of opposition research done against him has been unprecedented.

The Republican Party leadership and the vaporous wraiths that operate from the shadowy sidelines did everything in their power to derail Donald Trump. They were not concerned about you and me, the voters. They weren’t and still aren’t concerned about the security of America.

The Republican leadership tried to force Donald Trump into making promises such as not running on a third-party ticket if they were successful in their efforts to steal the nomination from him. No Republican presidential nominee in history was forced to make the assurances party leadership tried to force Donald Trump to make.

Even more egregious, the Erebusic marplots have done their best to obstruct President Trump’s agenda. And they think I am stupid enough to give them my money.

Which brings me to my point. I’m receiving dozens of emails and text messages weekly from PACs, Karl Rove, congressional-critters and the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), which boasts itself as being: “The only committee exclusively devoted to increasing the number of Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives.”

They are hounding me, just as they are others, for money to build President Trump’s wall. That’s freaking rich, isn’t it? The Republicans had the majority in the House for President Trump’s first two years. The Republicans fought and opposed President Trump on building the wall, on stopping illegals and on ending Obamcare in every way imaginable.

A fundraising email from NRCC reads in part: “As you know, the wall is in danger. Nancy Pelosi and the socialist Democrats just filed a federal lawsuit claiming President Trump is stealing funds to build the wall. We need your help to fight back against this assault on the President and resolve the crisis our country is facing on our southern border. President Trump needs allies in the House to fight back against vicious socialist Democrat tactics and build the wall. … As patriots and strong supporters of President Trump, please don’t let this special extension of 500 percent matching go to waste.” One plea for my money was titled: “Don’t Let House Democrats Stop The Wall.”

Apparently, these people think we’re stupid. Do they believe we forgot they’re the reason President Trump’s wall, which is in fact our wall, hasn’t been funded? Our wall would have been funded and much of it built if House Republicans hadn’t fought against him.

Are we supposed to forget that Karl Rove hates President Trump and will stop at nothing to see him out of office?

The truth is that Republicans, the NRCC, Republican PACs and their varying fundraisers are not interested in helping President Trump succeed; they are interested in raising money to use against him. They are using his popularity to raise money for candidates we’re opposed to.

You may not remember Karl Rove’s dirty tricks in Delaware when liberal Republican Mike Castle lost to tea party candidate Christine O’Donnell in 2010. Castle was the quintessential liberal Republican, and yet Rove, on Fox News, swore to withhold campaign money from O’Donnell because she had defeated Castle. Rove was forced to walk back the threats of not financially supporting O’Donnell’s campaign.

In New Jersey, Republican leadership supported the Democratic candidate rather than see the tea party candidate win. Now these people have the nerve to think I would give them money? I donate directly to the candidates of my choice.

Giving my money to leadership groups guarantees candidates I oppose will be funded. President Trump won because We the People supported him. President Trump won because you and I voted for him and funded his campaign.

This isn’t my first rodeo, as the saying goes. I know how the game works. I’ve been on the inside of the system for a long time. I’ve watched up close and personal as Karl Rove and George Bush misled us and betrayed Christian conservatives, many of whom still do not realize they were duped. I’ve watched from the inside as Rove and Reince Priebus sabotaged Michael Steele.

These fundraising emails and text messages succeed only in offending me. It’s an insult to my intelligence that they think I’ll blindly believe their bogus promises to support President Trump’s border initiative when they’ve opposed it every step of the way.

Republicans are notorious for making promises when they’re not in the majority. Then as soon as they secure the majority again, they wave hello to us with their thumb to their noses.

It is a simple formula. We support President Trump, we win. We listen to the lies of those referenced here, and we lose. President Trump stands in support of America and us. Republican leadership et al. stand in support of themselves, lobbyists and the applause of those who undermine Making America Great Again.