The Beast of the Apocalypse: What Is It?
Muslims Terrorize Churches in France

aerial image shows scale of destruction to Notre Dame

Bloodied but unbowed, Our Lady of Paris saved by divine intervention writes ROBERT HARDMAN

Notre Dame has, without doubt, been horribly damaged. France, along with much of the world, has been deeply shocked at the near-demise of 'Our Lady of Paris'. Yesterday evening, fresh images of the wreckage were released showing the aisle piled high with charred and twisted timbers. Yet it could have been so very much worse. The 850-year-old towers which stand guard over the entrance and the immortal bells hanging within are in one piece. So, too, is some of the stained glass. 'Our Lady' lives on, bloodied but unbowed. At the same time, the fire had produced another miracle of sorts. This avowedly secular country suddenly seemed to have rediscovered its sense of the spiritual yesterday, if only for a few hours.'I have never known so many people talking openly about God, about religion and saying prayers in public,' said caterer Marie-Astrid d'Arras. 'So many people have become Catholic once again.'  MORE