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ObamacarejokeDuring the recent “government shutdown,” the most widely expressed opinion here in the heartland was, “I don’t miss D.C., do you?” For most of us who are self-employed, or privately employed, the government represents a big negative on the balance sheet. Not only does the bloated bureaucracy require constant infusions of our hard-earned cash, but the feds write laws and regulations that impede our ability to earn that cash. We’d be better off paying all of D.C. to stay home, in a permanent shutdown, to keep them out of our businesses and homes.

The detrimental federal interference is nowhere more obvious than in health care. The question has always been: Are those architects of Obamacare really just stupid about the financial disaster they wrought on the American people, or was it purposeful? Martin Armstrong wrote, “Those in government never look at what they are doing to society. They believe they possess the Divine Right of Kings to do whatever they please without regard for the people.” But there is more to it than just hubris. Bureaucrats possess power, and power is often sought and bought by those with means. So when looking to motive, “follow the money.”

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