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Concorde at 50

The supersonic airliner that changed the game of long distance travel by reaching extreme speeds and using a drooping nose for takeoff will be celebrated today on the 50th anniversary of its maiden flight.   

Thousands of aviation enthusiasts will flock to museums and airfields where Concorde is on display, including UK Runway Visitor Park, Manchester, the Museum of Flight near Edinburgh and Aerospace Bristol, where they will have the opportunity to meet Concorde pilots, step on board the aircraft and view footage of the first flight.

On March 2 1969 Concorde made its maiden flight from Toulouse Airport where it was flown for 27 minutes by test pilot Andre Turcat.  

A graphic made to celebrate the anniversary of the flight shows how the plane stretched between six and 10 inches due to heat during supersonic flight.   MORE

Today marks 50 years since Concorde took its maiden flight from Toulouse Airport where it was flown for 27 minutes