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Christians are facing an alarming rise in persecution

Asif Ashraf Jalali (centre), head of Islamic political party Tehrik Labaik Ya RasoolAllah, condemns the release of Christian mother Asia Bibi after her acquittal on blasphemy charges

Christians are facing an alarming rise in persecution, a church group has warned, as it reveals the most dangerous countries in the world to worship the religion.  

The international Open Doors organisation has updated its World Watch List of the 50 most dangerous countries to be a Christian.

It expressed concern at the increased strength of Islamic militant groups in countries like Somalia, Libya and Yemen and warned that as extremists were driven out of the Middle East almost 30 fundamentalist groups were relocating to sub-Sharan Africa.

The 50 worst places to be Christian.   MORE

Church group Open Doors has updated its World Watch List of countries where Christians suffer persecution.

 1 North Korea

2 Afghanistan

3 Somalia

4 Libya 

5 Pakistan

6 Sudan

7 Eritrea

8 Yemen

9 Iran

10 India

11 Syria

12 Nigeria

13 Iraq

14 Maldives

15 Saudi Arabia

16 Egypt

17 Uzbekistan

18 Myanmar

19 Laos

20 Vietnam

21 Central African Republic

22 Algeria

23 Turkmenistan

24 Mali

25 Mauritania

 26 Turkey

27 China

28 Ethiopia

29 Tajikistan

30 Indonesia

31 Jordan

32 Nepal

33 Bhutan

34 Kazakhstan

35 Morocco

36 Brunei

37 Tunisia

38 Qatar

39 Mexico

40 Kenya

41 Russian Federation

42 Malaysia

43 Kuwait

44 Oman

45 United Arab Emirates

46 Sri Lanka

47 Colombia

48 Bangladesh

49 Palestinian Territories

50 Azerbaijan