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Where is Ruth Bader Ginsburg? - UPDATED AGAIN Shows up to Work!!!!!


Ginsburg back at Supreme Court

Remember that Monty Python clip from the 70's?   "I'm not dead yet!"   That's the question many are asking all over the internet. Why don't we have any reports on the status of Ruth Ginsburg?   I mean when Melania Trump had an operation and was not seen for two weeks, the media went crazy over her whereabouts!  "Where is She?"  The headlines touted.  CNN speculated that she was divorcing Trump, and MSNBC went even further! 

Now it's been three weeks since Fox News reported Ginsburg's death, then retracted.

The hosts of “Fox & Friends” on Monday apologized for showing a graphic saying Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is dead, blaming a control room error.   The graphic, similar to those marking the deaths of other famous figures, briefly showed a photo of Ginsburg and the dates “1933-2019.”


Yet, still nobody cares to do a followup story. Top figures in the pro-Trump media are claiming Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is hiding a secret illness or is even dead, elevating a bizarre new claim from the fringe QAnon conspiracy theory.

On Thursday, former White House adviser Sebastian Gorka suggested on Twitter that the Ginsburg, 85, who has cancelled public appearances since undergoing surgery to remove cancerous lung growths in late December, might be hiding a medical condition. But, Gorka tweeted, all would have to be revealed if Ginsburg appeared at the State of the Union address on Feb. 5.

“Still no sign,” Gorka wrote. “6 days left until Ruth Bader Ginsberg has to make her official appearance at @realDonaldTrump’s State of the Union.”

Fake News network MSNBC claims Ginsburg is fine, up and working at home.  Yet there are no pictures, no proof offered from a network famous for making things up.  One wonders if the media is going to report that she is going to phone in her “votes” for 2 years then announce she is dead after Trump loses in 2020.  Honestly, can you trust anything the media says.

I want a A writ of habeas corpus, taken out on Ruthie... PRODUCE THE BODY!  Either dead or alive!