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Pakistan Military Accuses India of Airstrikes Across Kashmir Border -UPDATED

This is serious business as both nations have Nukes and could create World War Three

ISLAMABAD (AP) — Pakistan’s military spokesman tweeted that Indian aircraft crossed into Pakistan on Tuesday and carried out an airstrike but said there were no casualties from the attack.

image from media.breitbart.comMaj. Gen Asif Ghafoor said the Indian “aircrafts” crossed into the Pakistan-controlled Muzafarabad sector of Kashmir. He added that Pakistan scrambled fighter jets and before turning back, the Indian jets they “released payload in haste,” near Balakot, on the edge of Pakistani-ruled Kashmir.

There has been no comment from India.

The incursion could have been in retaliation for a deadly Feb. 14 suicide bombing in India’s half of Kashmir that killed at least 40 troops. The Pakistan-based militant group Jaish-e-Mohammad claimed responsibility. The bomber who made a video before the attack was a resident of Indian Kashmir.


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