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USS Hornet wreck located on the sea floor

Historic Find of an Historic Carrier!   SOURCE

The vessel played an important role during World War II. Image Credit: US Navy
The final resting place of the World War II-era aircraft carrier has been discovered off the Solomon Islands.
Commissioned in 1941, the USS Hornet of the United States Navy was involved in the Doolittle Raid on Tokyo as well as the Battle of Midway before being irreparably damaged by Japanese torpedoes and dive-bombers during the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands in 1943.

She was ultimately abandoned by US forces and later sunk by Japanese destroyers.

Now, 76 years after she disappeared beneath the waves, the research vessel Petrel - which famously located the USS Indianapolis back in 2017 - has reported that it has discovered the wreck of the USS Hornet on the sea floor off the Solomon Islands.

"We had the Hornet on our list of WWII warships that we wanted to locate because of its place in history," said Robert Kraft of Vulcan - the firm responsible for locating the vessels.

Some footage from the expedition, as well as images of the wreck, can be viewed in the video below.

USDA rules that 'pink slime' can officially be called ground beef

Lean Finely Textured Beef, dubbed 'pink slime', has been officially classified as 'ground beef' by the USDA. 

On December 21, 2018, the US Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service reclassified the the controversial pink slime as simply ground beef. 

Pink slime is a food additive made from beef trimmings exposed to ammonia gas that in 2012 was reported to be found in 70 per cent of American burgers. 

When the news of the additive first broke in 2012, McDonald's pledged to stop using it and many campaigned against the substance, which led to a $1.9billion lawsuit against ABC News for reporting about South Dakota-based Beef Products Inc's beef.  

The beef product known as pink slime or lean finely textured beef has been classified as simply ground beef by the USDA 

'After reviewing the Beef Product Inc.'s (BPI) submission of a new product and new production process, FSIS determined that the product meets the regulatory definition of ground beef under the law in 9 CFR 319.15(a) and may be labeled accordingly,' a USDA spokesperson said in a statement to The Takeout.  


Your "Anonymous" Web Browsing History Totally Isn’t

image from encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.comYou might think you’re pretty good at making sure you don’t share your internet life with the entire world. You use Facebook’s strictest privacy settings, don’t share anything sensitive on Twitter, and you regularly trash your laptop’s browsing history. All good, right? Nope. All that “anonymized” data you leave behind out in the ether is still totally you, and it’s far easier than you think to make it paint your picture and yours alone.Journalist Svea Eckert and data scientist Andreas Dewes, both from Germany, wanted to find out just how easy it was to acquire and identify your web browsing history. And so, as The Guardian reports, they did just that.The pair presented their findings recently at the annual Def Con hacker conference in Las Vegas.

Acquiring the data

The two were easily able to acquire a database holding more than 3 billion visited web addresses. That data, in turn, comprised about 9 million unique sites visited by roughly 3 million users, all in Germany.
The data clearly showed the light users — those who visited only a few dozen sites over a 30-day span — from the heavy users, those who had tens of thousands of data points sitting there to be examined.

Eckert and Dewes didn’t even have to pay for the data access, they said. What they did do was create a fake marketing company: They launched a website for the company and a LinkedIn page for its fake CEO.

RELATED: Study: “Anonymous” Credit Card Data Is Actually Completely Identifiable

That fake marketing company claimed to have developed a machine learning algorithm that could improve marketers’ tactics… but only if it was trained with a large amount of data. (This is common: machine learning depends on finding and exploiting patterns, and you need a whole crapton of data points in order to identify those patterns in a meaningful way.).  In short, they used the fake company to go begging. “We wrote and called nearly a hundred companies, and asked if we could have the raw data, the clickstream from people’s lives,” Eckert said.   It took longer than they expected — but only because they were specifically targeting Germany. “We often heard: ‘Browsing data? That’s no problem. But we don’t have it for Germany, we only have it for the US and UK,’” she said.

Eventually, one data broker was willing to help them “test” their “data platform,” and parted with the data trove for free.


Americans Continue to Flee to Low-Tax States

By Ryan McMaken

According to the most recent Census Bureau data on state-to-state migration flows, 523,000 people moved to California from other states. But at the same time, more than 661,000 Californians moved to other states.

That is, on net, nearly 138,000 more people left California than moved into it from elsewhere in the US.

Yet, California isn’t the worst in this regard. Both Illinois and New York lost even more residents to other states with net losses to other states totaling 144,000 and 167,000, respectively.

These numbers reinforce what has become a well-entrenched trend of US residents moving from high-tax states to low tax states.   MORE

Where is Ruth Bader Ginsburg? - UPDATED AGAIN Shows up to Work!!!!!


Ginsburg back at Supreme Court

Remember that Monty Python clip from the 70's?   "I'm not dead yet!"   That's the question many are asking all over the internet. Why don't we have any reports on the status of Ruth Ginsburg?   I mean when Melania Trump had an operation and was not seen for two weeks, the media went crazy over her whereabouts!  "Where is She?"  The headlines touted.  CNN speculated that she was divorcing Trump, and MSNBC went even further! 

Now it's been three weeks since Fox News reported Ginsburg's death, then retracted.

The hosts of “Fox & Friends” on Monday apologized for showing a graphic saying Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is dead, blaming a control room error.   The graphic, similar to those marking the deaths of other famous figures, briefly showed a photo of Ginsburg and the dates “1933-2019.”


Yet, still nobody cares to do a followup story. Top figures in the pro-Trump media are claiming Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is hiding a secret illness or is even dead, elevating a bizarre new claim from the fringe QAnon conspiracy theory.

On Thursday, former White House adviser Sebastian Gorka suggested on Twitter that the Ginsburg, 85, who has cancelled public appearances since undergoing surgery to remove cancerous lung growths in late December, might be hiding a medical condition. But, Gorka tweeted, all would have to be revealed if Ginsburg appeared at the State of the Union address on Feb. 5.

“Still no sign,” Gorka wrote. “6 days left until Ruth Bader Ginsberg has to make her official appearance at @realDonaldTrump’s State of the Union.”

Fake News network MSNBC claims Ginsburg is fine, up and working at home.  Yet there are no pictures, no proof offered from a network famous for making things up.  One wonders if the media is going to report that she is going to phone in her “votes” for 2 years then announce she is dead after Trump loses in 2020.  Honestly, can you trust anything the media says.

I want a A writ of habeas corpus, taken out on Ruthie... PRODUCE THE BODY!  Either dead or alive!

Trump will announce a national emergency to spend $8BILLION building his border wall

Trump to announce a national emergency to spend $8bn building his wall

President Donald Trump will today announce a national emergency to allow him to spend $8 billion building his wall after signing a bill to avoid a government shutdown after bitter standoff with Congress. The White House confirmed Thursday that the president will sign a bipartisan spending deal to avoid another government shutdown but will declare the national emergency in an effort to procure funds to build a border wall. Trump is set to hold an event in the Rose Garden about the border at 10 a.m. Friday. The move drew both statements of relief from lawmakers and a threat from Speaker Nancy Pelosi over the emergency declaration.

What is the TRUE Origin of Valentine's Day?

The Silence of Educators

Val1 Teachers are all too often silent about the origin of the customs they are forced to teach in today's schools! If they were to speak out, many would lose their jobs!

Isn't it time we examined why we encourage our children to celebrate St. Valentine's Day - when it is never mentioned in the Bible as a practice of the New Testament Church?

Today, candymakers unload tons of heart-shaped red boxes for February 14, while millions of the younger set are annually exchanging valentines. Florists consider February 14 - St. Valentine's Day - as one of their best business days. And young lovers pair off - at least for a dance or two - at St. Valentine's balls. Why? Where did these customs originate? Where do we find any such practices in the Bible? How did we come to inherit these customs?

A Christian Custom?

Did you know that centuries before Christ, the pagan Romans celebrated February 15 and the evening of February 14 as an idolatrous and sensuous festival in honor of Lupercus, the "hunter of wolves"?


Continue reading "What is the TRUE Origin of Valentine's Day? " »

St. Valentine, Cupid and Jesus Christ

article by Gary Petty 

On February 14 millions of people exchange tokens and messages of love and affection. Where and how did the curious customs of Valentine's Day begin? Does God have anything to say about such practices? 

St. Valentine, Cupid and Jesus Christ
Many Valentine’s Day customs can be traced back to pagan practices associated wth the Roman and Greek deities Cupid and Eros.

Every year in mid-February millions of people express romantic desire for each other by exchanging heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, flowers and "valentines." Children reveal hidden infatuations by sending a card as a "secret admirer." Retailers stock their shelves with merchandise covered in stylized hearts and Cupids now common on Valentine's Day.

Of course, this is nothing new. The custom of sending valentine cards actually became popular in the 1700s. Then in the early 1800s commercial valentines appeared, and soon there was no end to how entrepreneurs could make money from the holiday. Valentine's Day became so popular in the United States that one 1863 periodical claimed that was second in celebration only to Christmas.

Today, Valentine's Day is as popular as ever with children and couples. It's definitely one of the biggest moneymaking days for florists, candy makers and gift shops.

But just where did the curious customs of this day come from? What is the origin of the holiday itself? And what should the Christian perspective of this holiday be, according to the Bible?

A martyred saint?>>>>>>>>>>>

The Truth Behind St. Valentine’s Day

image from s15-us2.ixquick.comSt. Valentine’s Day is the world’s “holiday of love.” Since the Bible states that God is love (I John 4:8, 16), does He approve of the celebration of this day? Does He want His people—true Christians—partaking of the candy and cards, or any customs associated with this day?

When God says He wants you to live life abundantly (John 10:10), does that include celebrating a festive, seemingly harmless holiday like Valentine’s Day? The God who gives us everything—life, food, drink, the ability to think for ourselves, etc.—surely approves of St. Valentine’s Day, the holiday for lovers to exchange gifts—right?

Do not be so certain. Do not assume anything. Do not even take this article’s word for it. Go to history books and encyclopedias. Go to the Bible. Then you will know the real truth behind St. Valentine’s Day. And you will know what God expects you to do about it!

Valentine’s Past

Like Christmas, Easter, Halloween, New Year’s and other holidays of this world, St. Valentine’s Day is another attempt to “whitewash” perverted customs and observances of pagan gods and idols by “Christianizing” them.

As innocent and harmless as St. Valentine’s Day may appear, its traditions and customs originate from two of the most sexually perverted pagan festivals of ancient history: Lupercalia and the feast day of Juno Februata.

Celebrated on February 15, Lupercalia (known as the “festival of sexual license”) was held by the ancient Romans in honor of Lupercus, god of fertility and husbandry, protector of herds and crops, and a mighty hunter—especially of wolves. The Romans believed that Lupercus would protect Rome from roving bands of wolves, which devoured livestock and people

90 Years agin Today St Valentine's Masscare

Al Capone Bugs Moran Valentine's Day Massacre, 90 years later rival gang executed by

February 14, 2019 marks the 90 year anniversary of the bloody Valentine's Day Massacre at a warehouse on the North Side of Chicago, widely accepted to have been orchestrated by Al 'Scarface' Capone (top, right) although no one was ever convicted. By 1929, disputes over territory and the bootlegging industry had reached fever pitch and Capone wanted to strike a decisive blow against his arch-rival Bugs Moran (bottom, right) and the North Side Gang. At 10.30am, four of Capone's men from the Chicago Outfit, two disguised as uniformed policemen, headed into a North Side warehouse where they ordered seven of Moran's associates to line up against the wall. Thinking they were being arrested, the gangsters complied. Capone's gang sprayed them with 100 bullets from their Thompson machine guns. The crime went unsolved because authorities weren't able to officially connect Capone with any substantial evidence; the case remains unsolved to this day - but he is widely accepted to have been responsible.


1.jpgA popular theme in the Twitterverse this week is “Journalism is dead.” Two events apparently driving the disgust du jour with media incompetence and dishonesty are BuzzFeed’s story about President Trump allegedly asking Michael Cohen to commit perjury, and the group of boys from Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky accused of racist behavior in an incident following the March for Life in Washington, D.C.

The BuzzFeed “bombshell” was defused when Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office issued a statement flatly contradicting the story. Authors Anthony Cormier and Jason Leopold admitted that they had not personally seen the documents they referenced. Additional doubt has been cast on the story’s credibility by Leopold’s record of inaccuracies and outright falsehoods.

But the BuzzFeed bust is nothing compared with the Covington Catholic conflagration. A group of boys from the high school were caught on video smiling and chanting as Native American Nathan Phillips – initially reported to be a Vietnam veteran – drummed in front of them. A since-changed New York Times headline read, “Boys in ‘Make America Great Again’ Hats Mob Native Elder at March for Life.” Predictably, the social media mobs piled on, accusing the boys of Trump-inspired racism and white supremacy, calling for them to be doxxed, punched in the face, fed into a woodchipper and burned alive in their school. Covington Catholic High School was forced to close in the face of threats. In a particularly absurd twist, the family of a young man who resembles Covington student Nick Sandmann (front and center in the video) was targeted and threatened with violence.

Not long after the initial video went viral, however, additional information emerged, and the popular narrative began to unravel: A longer video showed the Covington students being verbally assaulted by a group of Black Hebrew Israelites who called them “crackers,” “dogs” and “a bunch of faggots made out of incest.” The Covington students did not “mob” anyone; Phillips and his group approached them. It was Phillips who drummed only inches from Sandmann’s face. And, as it turns out, Phillips did not serve in Vietnam.

Sandmann released a statement and appeared on the “Today” show to defend himself, saying that he stood quietly and smiled to keep a frightening situation from escalating. He denied reports that his classmates were chanting, “Build the wall,” saying that they were loudly chanting school spirit chants only to drown out the insults.

People are justifiably outraged. Yes, it has been a bad week for the media, which is already suffering from record-low credibility. But the notion that media bias or deceit is a recent phenomenon is a sad delusion.



Uri Bakeman, professional dog trainer and owner of the laboratory, told Army Radio that "the most important issue is that this test detects the disease at its earliest stage, since the dogs can identify the characteristic signs of the smell of the disease. If the dog sits down after sniffing the sample, it means it is suspicious."

In a recent study conducted by Prof. Pesach Schwartzman of Ben-Gurion University, it was determined that various types of cancer share an odor that dogs are capable of identifying.

A famous case involved Daisy, a dog who managed to correctly identify 500 cases of cancer, and smell a total of 6,500 samples. Daisy, who worked for "Medical Detection Dogs"- a foundation in the UK - passed away last year.

Peace in Korea? Doubtful

First published in Feb 2018 - repeating after today's news:

North Korea has produced enough bomb fuel for up to seven new nuclear weapons during denuclearization talks, study reveals ahead of second summit between Trump and Kim

Updated: Since writing this article in February of this year, Trump has met with Kim Jung Un.  The photo ops looked great, and hopefully Trump has made a deal of the century.  I for one am routing on that scenario and hope to be wrong, but the following was my concern, and still maybe the end result still... But recent events in the past week is proving my belief. THERE IS NO DEAL

 By Bob Barney-ThePlainTruth.Com

If the Korean Nations unite, it will be under North Korean rulership!  Donald Trump was right in bullying Korea into talking, but I am afraid the Deep Staters surrounding him have led him astray in believing that a unification of Korea can happen.    Will we learn from history? Will we listen to the warnings from our God?

Will you and every other American decide whether to listen to our God and obey, or continue down the road to globalization, world government  and total destruction of our way of life. The problem is not new. This has all happened before--over and over again, but we are a stubborn people who refuse to learn from our past. In the Bible, God warns us against false peace promises that weak leaders promise, but we are warned not to heed. In Jeremiah 6:9-14, God says this:
    "This is what the Lord GOD (Jesus) Almighty has said: Everything will be taken from the rest of Israel as the last grapes are taken from the vine; let your hand be turned to the small branches, like one pulling off grapes. To whom am I to give word, witnessing so that they may take note? see, their ears are stopped, and they are not able to give attention: see, the word of the Lord has been a cause of shame to them, they have no delight in it.  For this reason I am full of the wrath of the Lord, I am tired of keeping it in: may it be let loose on the children in the street, and on the band of the young men together: for even the husband with his wife will be taken, the old man with him who is full of days.  And their houses will be handed over to others, their fields and their wives together: for my hand will be stretched out against the people of the land, says the Lord.   For from the least of them even to the greatest, everyone is given up to getting money; from the prophet even to the priest, everyone is working deceit. And they have made little of the wounds of my people, saying, Peace, peace; when there is no peace."

     Another translation says: "'Everything is all right! Everything is all right!' But it's not all right. And everything is NOT all right indeed! If we don't change things soon, we will end up as slaves to an end time beast called the King of the North, in the bible, and a false prophet, who I believe will be a Pope. The Bible is quite clear that the Holy Roman Empire is the 4th and last beast-type regime that will rule the earth. In Revelation, there are seven resurrections of that empire, and the 7th may be soon upon us. God help us if it is. There is no rapture, we all go into the tribulation and we all must endure to the end, or be martyred for Christ. This is The Plain Truth--as sobering as it is. PRAY we are not living in these times.

Other Bible Quotes: 

Jer 11:  They offer superficial treatments for my people's mortal wound. They give assurances of peace when there is no peace.

Ezekiel 13:10:  This will happen because these evil prophets deceive my people by saying, 'All is peaceful' when there is no peace at all! It's as if the people have built a flimsy wall, and these prophets are trying to reinforce it by covering it with whitewash!

We need to be aware of God's word, and the awful predictions that will be coming true, including the end of The USA, United Kingdom and other Western Nations.   We need to heed the warning from God, and STOP OUR GLOBALISM, or we will end up fulfilling prophecy in OUR lifetime...   We can delay it, if we as a nation heed God's words.....

The rush to peace at any price is pushing the world closer to that great middle eastern war which Revelation 9 tells us will kill up to a BILLION people.   I can't even fathom killing on such a degree.  It's seems impossible, but God's word says it is coming to past, and the clowns in this White House are making this disaster more real every day!  If you don't read the Bible, you can not understand what is happening today!  Get prepared, WAR is COMING- NOT PEACE!

image from

Today's Story (June 12) :  'I DO TRUST HIM'

Democrats Will Let Ilhan Omar Keep Committee Seats Despite Antisemitism

The Double Standard and Hypocrisy is outstanding!

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Democratic Party leaders in the U.S. House of Representatives will allow Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) to retain her committee seats, including her seat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, despite her antisemitic comments Sunday alleging that Jews had bought Congress’s support for Israel.

Roll Call reported Monday evening (original links):

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said he takes Omar at her word that she didn’t intend to be anti-Semitic when she said lawmakers took pro-Israel stances because of political contributions from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee [sic].

Omar has “unequivocally” apologized for the comments — after Democratic leaders called on her to do so — saying she did not mean offense or to invoke an anti-Semitic trope about Jewish money. At the same time, the Minnesota Democrat affirmed her opposition to lobbyists like AIPAC being involved in politics.

AIPAC does not contribute to candidates. Moreover, Omar’s opposition to “lobbyists” is highly selective: earlier Sunday, prior to the controversy, she retweeted a statement of support from the Muslim Public Affairs Council, a lobbyist group.   MORE

Taking a Vitamin C tablet twice a day could help lower blood sugar levels

for those suffering from type two diabetes, experts reveal

Popping a vitamin C tablet twice a day could help more than one million Aussies with type two diabetes lower blood sugar levels, according to a new study.    Researchers at Melbourne's Deakin University found taking two 500mg doses after meals can lower blood sugar levels and reduce blood sugar spikes for those with the disease.    The findings published in the Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism journal found participants had a 36 per cent drop in their blood sugar spike after meals.

Popping a vitamin C tablet twice a day could help more than one million Aussies with type two diabetes lower blood sugar levels, according to a new study (stock image)

'We found participants had a significant 36 per cent drop in the blood sugar spike after meals,' lead researcher and Associate Professor Glenn Wadley said on Monday..   

This also meant they spent almost three hours less per day living in a state of hyperglycaemia. 

'Vitamin C's antioxidant properties can help counteract the high levels of free radicals found in people with diabetes.'


Netflix paid NOTHING in federal or state taxes in 2018

Big Business is as evil as Big Government - BOTH along with Big Media, and Globalist are the Deep State!

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings. The company didn't pay a dime in state or federal income taxes last year despite posting its largest-ever U.S. profit in 2018 of $845 million, a new report says

Netflix didn't pay a cent in state or federal income taxes last year, despite posting its largest-ever U.S. profit in 2018 of $845million, according to a new report.

In addition, the streaming giant reported a $22 million federal tax rebate, according to the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP). 

Senior fellow at ITEP Matthew Gardner said corporations like Netflix, which has its headquarters in Los Gatos, California, are still 'exploiting loopholes' and called the figures 'troubling'.

Netflix says they paid $131 million in taxes in 2018 and this is declared in financial documents. But Gardner says this figure relates to taxes paid abroad, according to a separate part of their statements.   

Gardner added: 'Fortunately, however, there is another, more complete geographic disclosure of income tax payments. 

'The notes to the financial statements have a detailed section on income taxes. And what this tells us is that all of the income taxes Netflix paid in 2018 were foreign taxes. Zero federal income taxes, zero state income taxes in the US.' 

Gardner said the public is now 'getting its first hard look at how corporate tax law changes under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act affected the tax-paying habits of corporations'.

He said: 'With a record number of subscribers, the company's profit last year equaled its haul in the previous four years put together. When hugely profitable corporations avoid tax, that means smaller businesses and working families must make up the difference.' 

Netflix, which has just announced a price hike, now has 139 million subscribers

President Donald Trump promised 'the biggest tax cut, the biggest reform of all time' and said 'the numbers will speak' for themselves when he signed the bill in December 2017.

The GOP argued their tax overhaul plan would mean middle class Americans will get a big tax cut and see their wages go up because of a slash on the rate paid by corporations.

But Gardner argued 'many corporations are still able to exploit loopholes and avoid paying the statutory tax rate—only now, that rate is substantially lower'.

He added: 'Netflix appears to be every bit as unaffected by corporate tax laws now as it was before President Trump's 'reform'. 

'This is especially troubling because Netflix is precisely the sort of company that should be paying its fair share of income taxes.'

Doomsday prediction for surging tides was WRONG

Study claims ice-cliffs of Antarctica will be responsible for just a 6-inch boost in sea levels - SEVEN times less than previously thought (but it will still cause 'climate chaos')

Scroll down for video   

Predictions of an imminent and catastrophic surge in sea levels were incorrect and overestimated, a new study has found. The difference between the two predictions stems from disagreement as to how significant the melting of the Antarctic ice-cliffs (pictured) will be to global levels

Predictions of an imminent and catastrophic surge in sea levels were incorrect and overestimated, a new study has found. 

The difference between the two predictions stems from disagreement as to how significant the melting of the Antarctic ice-cliffs will be to global levels.

New research says there is only a five per cent chance that the Antarctic ice-cliff melting will contribute more than 15 inches (39 cm) to global sea levels by 2100.

Previous estimates stated it could contribute a huge 44 inches (1.14 metres) alone - more than seven times the revised value of between 5.5 - 6 inches (14 – 15 centimetres). 

The latest study found that, by the end of this century, global sea levels will rise by a grand total of less than four feet (120 cm), noticeably less dramatic than the doomsday predictions of a 2016 paper from US-based scientists that estimated it would exceed 6.5 feet (two metres).   

But, a separate study published by the same scientists found future generations still face a significant fallout from global warming and wilder weather due to 'climate chaos' - even if the previous doomsday prediction was inaccurate. 

Dr Tamsin Edwards, lecturer in physical geography at King's and lead author of the study published in Nature, said: 'Unstable ice cliffs in Antarctica were proposed as a cause of unstoppable collapse of large parts of the ice sheet in the past. 

'They were, therefore, also predicted to cause rapidly rising seas with global warming in our near future. But we've re-analysed the data and found this isn't the case.'  

This would take the combined total for sea level rise to a grand total of 47 inches (120 cm), far less than the previous estimate of more than two metres. 


31 Last Minute Weekend Getaways & Cheap Vacations

image from vacationidea.comMany vacationers decide to plan their trip last minute and there is a great selection of destinations and cheap weekend getaways and vacation ideas to choose from. Look for getaway deals nearby to save time and money - last minute travel is one of the best ways to get a great deal. Although last minute booking can mean less choice in the type of accommodations and activities, it can be a great way to book cheap vacations. Find more affordable ideas and last minute vacation deals from New York CitySan FranciscoSeattleAtlantaSan DiegoLos AngelesChicago and other cities

Check some great places to go on the East, West, South and central areas of the United States.....   


The EU’s chief Brexit negotiator has found himself in hot water after suggesting that The Devil himself wouldn’t allow supporters of the UK’s departure from the EU to reside in Hell.

EU parliamentarian Guy Verhofstadt, who is a key figure in negotiating the Brexit deal with Prime Minister Theresa May’s government claimed that Brexiteers would “even manage to divide hell.”

Yes, these are the people representing the EU, saying that those who disagree with them are not even good enough for hell.

European Commission head Jean-Claude Juncker, who has previously slammed Brexit, also said yesterday that his job is now “hell” because of the UK vote to leave.

“I’m less Catholic than my good friend Donald. He strongly believes in heaven and by opposite in hell. I believe in heaven and I have never seen hell, apart [from] during the time I was doing my job here. It’s a hell.” Juncker said, responding to Tusk’s comments.


American women are 50 percent more likely to die from pregnancy than their mothers were


Photo (c) O_Lypa - Getty Images
The medical community may like to say that today’s patients have it easier than older generations, but for American women giving birth, that's simply not true.  

A new analysis by Harvard Medical School professor Neel Shah indicates that American women today are 50 percent more likely to die in childbirth than their mothers were.

Shah came to that conclusion after analyzing Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data. According to the federal data, the United States in 1990 recorded 17 maternal deaths for every 100,000 pregnant women in the United States. In 2015, that number jumped to 26 in 100,000.

Over the same time period, the rest of the developed world saw their maternal mortality rates drop -- making the United States the most dangerous country to give birth in in the developed world.

The United States is also the most expensive country in the world in which to give birth because of the rising cost of hospital care and private insurance.

Maternal mortality and black women

Black women bear a disproportionate burden of the maternal mortality risk. “The risk is consistently three to four times higher for black women than white women, irrespective of income or education,” Shah writes.

In Texas, the maternal mortality rate recorded for black women in 2015 was 95 in 100,000, worse than the maternal mortality rate for women in Palestine.

Last year, the site WebMD investigated the death of one black woman in Texas to show how racial bias can influence medical care. The patient, Calista Johnson, had been diagnosed with diabetes, but doctors failed to routinely monitor her blood pressure. Instead, they tested her for STDs, despite her having told them that she had been in a monogamous relationship with her husband for ten years.

Johnson was sent home shortly after giving birth and died five days later from a torn aorta.

In Johnson’s medical files, WebMD also found that a doctor incorrectly said she was “late to prenatal care,” a statement that was untrue and a known dog-whistle in the medical community.

Lack of scrutiny.   Read the Rest

Biblical Misconceptions----Born Again - Immortal Soul

Forward- personal note from Bob Barney-  This is one of the first TV shows from Garner Ted Armstrong that I remember watching (the byline shows 1977, but it should be originally around 1975, probably updated.) His style and basic facts amazed me. I started listening to Ted in 1975 on the radio. For several days I did not realize he was a minister. I was an atheist and ministers turned me off, and when Ted said that "once in a while I admit to being an evangelist," I turned off the radio and would not listen to him for days... However the message was just too hard to ignore. I started listening again..... Here is one of these episodes, and I think his style and message was unique.....

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What is Jesus' original Hebrew name?

The name of Jesus in both the Latin alphabet, ...The name of Jesus in both the Latin alphabet, and also in its original form in approximately 1st century A.D. Aramaic script in the Hebrew and/or Aramaic languages (i.e. ישוע). This is an svg version of Image:JesusYeshua.gif, with Greek script replaced by Aramaic. Created by using inkscape. source: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


What is the original Hebrew name for Jesus?  And is it true that the name Jesus is really a pagan corruption of the name Zeus?


I am continually amazed by how many people write to our ministry and ask us questions like this one, which came in last week:  


“Some Christians say we have to use the Hebrew name, Yashua. 


They say calling on the name of Jesus is calling on Zeus.  


That Jesus is a disguise name for Satan.  


What answers do you have for this?  


Where can we prove the name of Jesus is correct to use in its English translation and pronunciation?”


As bizarre as these questions are, the fact that they keep coming up means that they need to be addressed, so here are some simple responses (for more details, see What Do Jewish People Think About Jesus, question #38).


The original Hebrew-Aramaic name of Jesus is yeshu‘a, which is short for yehōshu‘a (Joshua), just as Mike is short for Michael.  


The name yeshu‘a occurs 27 times in the Hebrew Scriptures, primarily referring to the high priest after the Babylonian exile, called both yehōshu‘a (see, e.g., Zechariah 3:3) and, more frequently, yeshu‘a (see, e.g., Ezra 3:2).  So, Yeshua’s name was not unusual; in fact, as many as five different men had that name in the Old Testament.  


And this is how that name came to be “Jesus” in English:  Simply stated, this is the etymological history of the name Jesus: Hebrew/Aramaic yeshu‘a became Greek Iēsous, then Latin Iesus, passing into German and then, ultimately, into English, as Jesus.


Why then do some people refer to Jesus as Yahshua?  There is absolutely no support for this pronunciation — none at all — and I say this as someone holding a Ph.D. in Semitic languages.  My educated guess is that some zealous but linguistically ignorant people thought that Yahweh’s name must have been a more overt part of our Savior’s name, hence YAHshua rather than Yeshua — but again, there is no support of any kind for this theory.


The Hebrew Bible has yeshu‘a; when the Septuagint authors rendered this name in Greek, they rendered it as Іησους (I­­ēsous, with no hint of yah at the beginning of the name); and the same can be said of the Peshitta translators when they rendered Yeshua’s name into Syriac (part of the Aramaic language family).  All this is consistent and clear:  The original form of the name Jesus is yeshu‘a, and there is no such name as yahshu‘a (or, yahushua or the like).


What about the alleged connection between the name Jesus (Greek I­­ēsous) and Zeus?  This is one of the most ridiculous claims that has ever been made, but it has received more circulation in recent years (the Internet is an amazing tool of misinformation), and there are some believers who feel that it is not only preferable to use the original Hebrew/Aramaic name, Yeshua, but that it is wrong to use the name Jesus.  Because of this, we will briefly examine this claim and expose the fallacies that underlie it.


According to the late A. B. Traina in his Holy Name Bible, “The name of the Son, Yahshua, has been substituted by Jesus, Iesus, and Ea-Zeus (Healing Zeus).”

In this one short sentence, two complete myths are stated as fact: First, there is no such name as Yahshua (as we have just explained), and second, there is no connection of any kind between the Greek name I­­ēsous (or the English name Jesus) and the name Zeus.  Absolutely none!  You might as well argue that Tiger Woods is the name of a tiger-infested jungle in India as try to connect the name Jesus to the pagan god Zeus.  It is that absurd, and it is based on serious linguistic ignorance.


Here is another, equally absurd statement:


Basically, to keep it simple, “Jesus” is a very poor Roman translation from Latin, that was also poorly translated from the Greek, which IN NO WAY resembles His Hebrew name, “Yahushua.”  Whew!  Get all that?  Moreover, according to the ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANNICA, the name Ieusus (Jesus) is a combination of 2 mythical deities, IEU and SUS (ZEUS, a Greek god).  In Gnostic and Greek mythologies they are actually one and the same pagan deity.  So, it appears the name “Jesus” has some documented pagan origins.  That's not good!  In fairness, some Messianic believers disagree and state that there is no definitive evidence to connect “Jesus” to “Zeus.”  However, I disagree with them. ( )


The response to this statement (which has as much support as the latest Elvis sightings) is quite simple:  We know where the name I­­ēsous came from: the Jewish Septuagint!  In other words, this was not some later, pagan corruption of the Savior’s name; rather, it was the natural Greek way of rendering the Hebrew/Aramaic name Yeshua at least two centuries before His birth, and it is the form of the name found in more than 5,000 Greek manuscripts of the New Testament.  This is saying something!  The name I­­ēsous is also found in Greek writings outside the New Testament and dating to that same general time frame.


Although it is claimed that the Encyclopedia Britannica says that

“the name Ieusus (Jesus) is a combination of 2 mythical deities, IEU and SUS (ZEUS, a Greek god)” it actually says no such thing.  This is a complete fabrication, intentional or not.  In short, as one Jewish believer once stated, “Jesus is as much related to Zeus as Moses is to mice.”


Unfortunately, some popular teachers continue to espouse the Jesus-Zeus connection, and many believers follow the pseudo-scholarship in these fringe, “new revelation” teachings.  Not only are these teachings and practices filled with error, but they do not profit in the least.  So, to every English-speaking believer I say: Do not be ashamed to use the name JESUS!  That is the proper way to say his name in English — just as Michael is the correct English way to say the Hebrew name mi-kha-el and Moses is the correct English way to say the Hebrew name mo-sheh.  


Pray in Jesus’ name, worship in Jesus’ name, and witness in Jesus’ name.


And for those who want to relate to our Messiah’s Jewishness,

then refer to him by His original name Yeshua

    not Yahshua and not Yahushua

remembering that the power of the name is not in its pronunciation but in the person to whom it refers,

our Lord and Redeemer and King

Dr Michael Brown

Supreme Court Blocks Abortion Restrictions in Louisiana

But the real story is that no news service has reported if Ruth Ginsburg showed up.  They don't even mention her name!  This is FAKE NEWS.  Did a DEAD JUDGE just vote?  Show me the BODY!

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

WASHINGTON, DC – The Supreme Court issued a temporary stay on Thursday night of a lower court order blocking a Louisiana law that would have required abortion doctors to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital.

This stay lasts only until the Court votes on whether to take this case and does not necessarily signal which way the Court will vote on what could be an early abortion case of the new Supreme Court.

Louisiana adopted Act 620 in 2014, requiring doctors performing abortions to have privileges to treat patients within a 30-mile radius. That way, if an abortion is botched, the physician can stay with the woman to provide continuity of care at a hospital.

The statute has been tied up in litigation since that time.

A federal district judge in Louisiana held that the Supreme Court’s 2016 decision Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt (WWH) meant that Act 620 violated a woman’s right to abortion, which the Supreme Court declared for the first time in Roe v. Wade (1973) was a right implicit in the U.S. Constitution.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit reversed it, holding in a 2-1 decision that this Louisiana law was different than the Texas law invalidated in WWH and that this law does not run afoul of Supreme Court precedent.

The full Fifth Circuit then denied abortion providers’ petition to rehear the case en banc with all of the court’s current judges involved.   MORE