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One in four teenage suicides involves the internet, official inquiry finds

TELEMMGLPICT000186776398.jpegMolly Russell who took her life after viewing self-harm images CREDIT: PA

The internet played a role in a quarter of teenage suicides, an official inquiry has revealed - as its author accused social media firms of having shown “little concern” to stop self-harm online.

Professor Louis Appleby, who heads the government’s advisory group on suicide, said the research into 595 suicides by young people aged under 20 showed 128 had used the internet in a way that was suicide-related.

This included searching for suicide methods, suffering online bullying or putting suicidal posts on social media, according to the inquiry which used clinical information to investigate reasons for the suicides between 2014 and 1016.

Professor Appleby, who will shortly publish a major paper...   MORE