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Don't be Fooled! Populism in France will lead to Communism and Fascism!

Foreword to today's story on France:    What's going on in France is not the nationalist movement many Trump supporters are claiming. In fact, as time goes by, we will see that Russia, communist like George Soros' groups, and anarchist behind these riots.  Good will not result from these so-called "nationalistic" movements.  A Nazi-like Germany will spread all over Europe.  It is coming, and maybe sooner, rather than later!

Paris goes up in flames as the Eiffel Tower is shrouded by a pall of black smoke

The streets of Paris have been set ablaze during 'yellow vests' protests in Paris this evening leaving the Eiffel Tower shrouded in thick black smoke, after riot police fired tear gas at crowds earlier today. Protesters have set cars alight and left them to burn in the streets of the capital city, as protests against the French government's tax policies resumed for the seventh consecutive week.  Shocking images show the iconic tower masked by a covering of smoke and cars engulfed by burning flames sit abandoned on the roadside as demonstrators continued their stand off with authorities.