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Santa Claus and the other Christmas lie

Global warmers were put on the hot seat when they were caught lying. Leaked e-mails show that to shore up a leaky argument, leftist scientists manipulated, prevaricated and just plain lied with their data. The loose truth did not upset liberals, though. After all, they were nice lies, for a good cause, they believe.

The U.N. climate chief said, "[W]hen they have the feeling … that scientists are manipulating information, it causes concern in a number of people." Indeed, when you have been lied to, it does cause concern. The U.S. climate negotiator in Copenhagen told the press that the controversy surrounding the leaked e-mails came at an "unfortunate time … but has no fundamental bearing on the outcome." Why does it not affect the outcome? Should you act based on a lie?

So the global warmers had their big meeting in cold Copenhagen, all based on a lie.

Just north of Copenhagen is Santa Claus. Well, no – Santa Claus is a lie, too. He does not live at the North Pole, does not fly around the world, does not come down the chimney and does not exist. When parents tell children that Santa will bring them gifts at Christmas, that's a lie. It may be considered a nice lie, but it is a lie. Therefore, some people have chosen to not tell their children about Santa Claus, simply because that's a lie and it's wrong to lie.

But there is another Christmas lie, aside from Santa.

Christmas is said to be the birth of Christ. As is now well known, He was not born then at all. The newborn Messiah was laid in a feed trough in a stable, at night, in the cool air. Can you imagine doing that in December? Bethlehem was full of people at Christ's birth. That only happened at the annual festivals in the spring and autumn, as Bethlehem was only five miles from Jerusalem. The priestly shift of John the Baptist's father shows that John was born in the spring and Christ was born in the fall, not at the winter solstice. Herod was alive when Christ was born and dead when the male child was presented before God at the temple 40 days later. Therefore Christ was born within 40 days before Herod's death, and Herod did not die near the dying of the sun.

It is also well known that the winter solstice holiday was absorbed from the Romans by the Roman church, along with many other customs. The United States was settled in the early 1600s by Christians seeking to worship God freely, yet in the 20th century American judges decided that mothers had a right to kill their unborn babies. That drastic change in thinking took more than 300 years. The Christian absorption of the winter holiday was a similar process and took just as long. The earliest Christians observed the Bible festivals and not Christ's birth, which the Bible does not exactly specify. Only after centuries had passed and the earliest zeal had ebbed did Christians begin to observe the birth of the sun. Why did they do that? Because the pagans didn't want to give it up. So they renamed it the birth of the Son and kept the holiday.

But, like Santa Claus, that's just not true. A lot of Christians think it's a nice fabrication, which converted all those pagans, although some think the pagans converted the church. These Christians then create more fabrications of all different sorts, such as the Christian meaning of the Christmas tree or the star on top of the tree or finding a Christian Santa Claus. But they're still just falsities, made to others and to self, to keep from giving up the cherished holiday, like the obstinate pagans of 1,600 years ago.

No matter how you tinsel it up, Christmas is a lie. Christ was not born then. It's just a sun worship holiday, put in the corporate church to replace the festivals that God gave in the Bible. The Christians took the holiday from the pagans, and today the Christians are fighting to keep the pagans from taking it back. Let them have it. Keep the Bible festivals. The pagans will never take those back.

Here is truth: God did not have His only begotten Son born on the premier pagan holiday of sun worship. God is not real big on sun worship. Here is more truth: God never wants you to lie. And Christmas, like Santa Claus, is just a lie.

Dan L. White is the author of "The Jubilee Principle: God's Plan for Your Economic Freedom." The book is also available in e-book form.