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unseen photos from Lockerbie-30 years ago today

The image of a young dark-haired woman, dressed in a blue sweater and lying face down on his garden hedge, is one that for Peter Giesecke not even 30 years can diminish.

Minutes before his torch beam drew his startled gaze to her lifeless figure in the darkness outside, he had been watching Michael Aspel's This is Your Life on television, when a deep rumbling sound had drawn him to the window.  Unaware of the hell about to unleash itself on the town of Lockerbie, Dumfriesshire, on 21 December 1988, he watched perplexed as a bright light - the broken remains of Pan Am Flight 103 - fell from the sky.

Narrow escape: Pter Giesecke's home (left) lost its windows but he says his photo reveals 'how close we had come to being wiped out' on December 21 1988

How December 25 Became Christmas

ChristmasOn December 25, Christians around the world will gather to celebrate Jesus’ birth. Joyful carols, special liturgies, brightly wrapped gifts, festive foods—these all characterize the feast today, at least in the northern hemisphere. But just how did the Christmas festival originate? How did December 25 come to be associated with Jesus’ birthday?

The Bible offers few clues: Celebrations of Jesus’ Nativity are not mentioned in the Gospels or Acts; the date is not given, not even the time of year. The biblical reference to shepherds tending their flocks at night when they hear the news of Jesus’ birth (Luke 2:8) might suggest the spring lambing season; in the cold month of December, on the other hand, sheep might well have been corralled. Yet most scholars would urge caution about extracting such a precise but incidental detail from a narrative whose focus is theological rather than calendrical.

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Obama gave false advice to President-elect Trump to avoid exposure of his administration's rampant abuse of surveillance practices

How 'enemy' Obama secretly feared his surveillance abuse would be exposed by Trump

The list of President Trump's enemies is long and all-encompassing: from Russian dossier author Christopher Steele to FBI cutthroat Peter Strzok to ambitious Senator Cory Booker - and the authors of the latest bombshell book about the president lay bare the lengths those who revile him have gone to undermine and destroy the president. In Trump's Enemies: How the Deep State Is Undermining the Presidency , authors Corey Lewandowski, Trump's campaign manager, and Dave Bossie, deputy campaign manager and part of the transition team, detail the 'profound arrogance of power-hungry reptiles who think that they're more important than the votes of more than 60 million people'. And 'to stop Trump from winning the election over Hillary,' they write, 'Clinton, the FBI and DOJ - which were run by Trump-hating FBI agents - ran an operation from New York City to London to Moscow, hoping to catch members of the Trump campaign in some kind of 'collusion' with the Russians'.

Terrifying 19th Century depictions of Santa Claus

NOTE: It was Coca-Cola that turned Santa into what we see today

Terrifying 19th Century depictions of Santa Claus show how he was not always a jolly man

Historic depictions of Santa show our jolly image of him breaks with tradition. He is portrayed as haggard, thin, hunchbacked and in the company of demons in these unearthed photos from the late 1880s and early 1900s (pictured). The portly, red-faced Santa we are familiar with is largely down to Coca-Cola's advertising campaigns of the 1920s. But historically he was portrayed as a ghostly figure who used demons to deter children from being bad. He can be seen stick-thin, pious and looking terrifying with a walking stick in unusual settings.

Santa Claus and the other Christmas lie

The Real Jesus - The One you have never known!

His true Identity WILL SHOCK YOU!

By Bob Barney

1I am sure you have heard or perhaps watched shows devoted to so-called "Bible codes". This is where mathematical rabbis find hidden messages in the Bible using computer programs and are making some outstanding claims about these messages. The subject of "Bible codes" IS NOT what today's article is about. Instead of Biblical codes that are almost impossible for anyone in the real world to discover, we are going to set forth on a journey together and discover possibly the strangest and most important Biblical code of all time. Is it possible there could be a "hidden message" right before your very eyes?  You may find this to be one of the most eye opening writings you have ever read about God, the Bible, and Jesus.

If I wrote these words: “The lawn, has long since died” in some foreign language and it was translated into English: “The lawn has died long ago” nobody would see that as much of a problem. Even to the most observant student the missing comma would not be important at all. The reason for this is because it simply isn't needed in the english translation. Now let me throw in a variable. Let's pretend in this make believe foreign language that the “comma” was an important symbol to the writer unlike in English where the comma is only used in the formation of sentence structure. Perhaps to the writer it was a symbol for poison! Then the sentence would be translated, “The lawn was poisoned and died long ago.” The message I am trying to convey is that we may have right in front of our eyes, clues (symbols) to hidden messages that God placed in the Bible long ago. Would you be shocked to know there are actual symbols in the original writings of the Bible that have not been translated at all and therefore are not included in the translations of scripture we read every day?   We are talking about symbols that have such significant meaning that they communicate the TRUE identity of God! It is clear to me that to acknowledge these symbols would actually change everyone's perspective not only of God and the Bible, but man's role in understanding His mind and the things He deems are important for us to know about Him. 

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Santa Claus and the other Christmas lie

Global warmers were put on the hot seat when they were caught lying. Leaked e-mails show that to shore up a leaky argument, leftist scientists manipulated, prevaricated and just plain lied with their data. The loose truth did not upset liberals, though. After all, they were nice lies, for a good cause, they believe.

The U.N. climate chief said, "[W]hen they have the feeling … that scientists are manipulating information, it causes concern in a number of people." Indeed, when you have been lied to, it does cause concern. The U.S. climate negotiator in Copenhagen told the press that the controversy surrounding the leaked e-mails came at an "unfortunate time … but has no fundamental bearing on the outcome." Why does it not affect the outcome? Should you act based on a lie?

So the global warmers had their big meeting in cold Copenhagen, all based on a lie.

Just north of Copenhagen is Santa Claus. Well, no – Santa Claus is a lie, too. He does not live at the North Pole, does not fly around the world, does not come down the chimney and does not exist. When parents tell children that Santa will bring them gifts at Christmas, that's a lie. It may be considered a nice lie, but it is a lie. Therefore, some people have chosen to not tell their children about Santa Claus, simply because that's a lie and it's wrong to lie.

But there is another Christmas lie, aside from Santa.

Christmas is said to be the birth of Christ. As is now well known, He was not born then at all. The newborn Messiah was laid in a feed trough in a stable, at night, in the cool air. Can you imagine doing that in December? Bethlehem was full of people at Christ's birth. That only happened at the annual festivals in the spring and autumn, as Bethlehem was only five miles from Jerusalem. The priestly shift of John the Baptist's father shows that John was born in the spring and Christ was born in the fall, not at the winter solstice. Herod was alive when Christ was born and dead when the male child was presented before God at the temple 40 days later. Therefore Christ was born within 40 days before Herod's death, and Herod did not die near the dying of the sun.

It is also well known that the winter solstice holiday was absorbed from the Romans by the Roman church, along with many other customs. The United States was settled in the early 1600s by Christians seeking to worship God freely, yet in the 20th century American judges decided that mothers had a right to kill their unborn babies. That drastic change in thinking took more than 300 years. The Christian absorption of the winter holiday was a similar process and took just as long. The earliest Christians observed the Bible festivals and not Christ's birth, which the Bible does not exactly specify. Only after centuries had passed and the earliest zeal had ebbed did Christians begin to observe the birth of the sun. Why did they do that? Because the pagans didn't want to give it up. So they renamed it the birth of the Son and kept the holiday.

But, like Santa Claus, that's just not true. A lot of Christians think it's a nice fabrication, which converted all those pagans, although some think the pagans converted the church. These Christians then create more fabrications of all different sorts, such as the Christian meaning of the Christmas tree or the star on top of the tree or finding a Christian Santa Claus. But they're still just falsities, made to others and to self, to keep from giving up the cherished holiday, like the obstinate pagans of 1,600 years ago.

No matter how you tinsel it up, Christmas is a lie. Christ was not born then. It's just a sun worship holiday, put in the corporate church to replace the festivals that God gave in the Bible. The Christians took the holiday from the pagans, and today the Christians are fighting to keep the pagans from taking it back. Let them have it. Keep the Bible festivals. The pagans will never take those back.

Here is truth: God did not have His only begotten Son born on the premier pagan holiday of sun worship. God is not real big on sun worship. Here is more truth: God never wants you to lie. And Christmas, like Santa Claus, is just a lie.

Dan L. White is the author of "The Jubilee Principle: God's Plan for Your Economic Freedom." The book is also available in e-book form.

How the Rich and Blue Get Richer and Bluer and What Red States Must Do to Protect Themselves

John Schoettler, Amazon vice president for real estate and facilities, left, joins New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, center, and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio during the news conference announcing Amazon’s second headquarters will be split between New York and northern Virginia. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)

You probably know about the HQ2 operation, launched with great fanfare last year by the tech giant, leading hundreds of localities across the country on a wild goose chase, only to see New York City and a close-in suburb of Washington, D.C., emerge as the victors.

In fact, when it turned out that Amazon had chosen two cities where CEO Jeff Bezos already owned ultra-ritzy homes, it was obvious that the whole “search” was fake news.  

And so the media backlash set in. Wired derided the spectacle as “Amazon’s Hunger Games.”  The New York Post’s headline blared “Amazon’s HQ2 competition was a cruel bait-and-switch.”  And The Wall Street Journal headlined, “How Amazon Picked HQ2 and Jilted 236 Cities.” Or as Politico bannered, “Amazon’s enemies swarm as its D.C. clout swells.” 

To be sure, Amazon’s “search” had its journalistic champions. The Washington Post, to name one, cheerleadingly described Amazon as a “winner.”  Of course, Bezos owns the Post, so it’s no shock that his pet paper was on board with his program.   

More typical was the reaction of Bloomberg’s Shira Ovide: “Amazon may have outsmarted itself.”  She added, “Amazon’s municipal beauty pageant may have been wise a year ago, when there was a bit less skepticism about Amazon and rich tech companies in general.” Yet now that we all realized that we’ve been Facebooked, as well as Googled, good and hard, well, the public mood is less forgiving toward corporate manipulations.   Remarkably, just for this once, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson found himself in the same camp as the larger journo herd when he ripped HQ2 as a showcasing of “merciless corporate power.” 


Indeed, the hits keep coming. Scott Galloway, New York University professor and best-selling tech author, called HQ2 a “CONtest,” adding, “‘HQ2’ was Amazon’s term for ‘bad faith.’” And journalist Michael Tracey tweeted, “Amazon teased their ‘second headquarters’ scheme in such a way as to elicit fealty from desperate localities all over the country and demonstrate corporate dominance, only to choose NYC + Northern Virginia, the centers of political and financial power.  Incredibly sinister.” [emphasis added


diary reveals how polar explorer who found Captain Scott

Haunting polar diary reveals how explorer found Captain Scott dead as journal sells for

Captain Robert Scott (pictured, circled, on the right) was discovered 'yellow and transparent' by Tryggve Gran (inset, left, and circled on the left) in the Antarctic in 1912 and his journal details the grim discovery. Gran, who had been enlisted as the team's ski instructor, documented the 'horrible, ugly fate', after he found the intrepid Scott - nicknamed The Owner - and two fellow explorers dead. 'I will never forget it so long I live – a horrible nightmare could not have shown more horror than this,' he wrote in the diary (inset), which has sold for £150,000.

Search engine accused of hiding negative stories during Hillary's campaign 

This is a story, first published by The Plain Truth August 24, 2016- TWO YEARS AGO, nobody else carried, now after latest hearing MSM is admitting this!Google has been accused of burying internet searches about an infamous list of mysterious deaths and murders of people allegedly connected to the Clintons.

image from i0.wp.comThe search engine altered an algorithm to prevent searches for 'Clinton body count' from auto-completing, InfoWars reports.

Yet when internet users begin to enter the phrase on the likes of Bing or Yahoo search engines, the phrase auto-completes as the top result.

On Google, stories about the Clinton body count are buried under the top results about car repair shops in Clinton.

Scroll down fro video 

Google has been accused of burying internet searches about an infamous list of mysterious deaths and murders of people allegedly connected to the Clintons

Google has been accused of burying internet searches about an infamous list of mysterious deaths and murders of people allegedly connected to the Clintons

The Plain Truth has the count HERE
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Murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich The unsolved case of Democratic National Committee data

Prices for Most Tariff Items Fell After Inflation Adjustment

WILBUR-ROSS Campbell Soup

The tariffs imposed by the Trump administration on steel, aluminum, and imports from China have not taxed American consumers.

The Labor Department said Wednesday that its Consumer Price Index was flat last monthand consumer prices are up just 2.2 percent compared with a year ago. That’s a deceleration of price pressure from October when prices were up 2.5 percent compared with the prior year.

Excluding volatile food and energy doesn’t change the picture very because core inflation was also very low. Core CPI climbed just 0.2 percent for the month and is up 2.2 percent from a year ago. That is in-line with October’s 2.1 percent and September’s 2.2 percent 12-month increases.  MORE

Secret CIA mind control experiments involved surgically implanting electrodes

FORWARD:   Mind Control through implants, drugs and hypnosis explains how DEEP STATE has been able to assassinate politicians, presidents, etc, AND get zombies to shoot up schools and factories!
Researchers implanted a device inside six canines' skulls and guided them through an open field (schematic pictured), making them run, turn and stop. The top secret experiments were part of the infamous mind control project MKUltra
Researchers implanted a device inside six canines' skulls and guided them through an open field (schematic pictured), making them run, turn and stop. The top secret experiments were part of the infamous mind control project MKUltra

The CIA created remote control dogs by surgically implanting electrodes in their brains in 1963, newly released documents reveal. 

US officials have been trying to hide the top secret 'behaviour modification' files for decades, but they have now been released under the country's Freedom of Information laws. 

Experimenters implanted devices inside the skulls of six canines and used electrical stimulation to guide them through an open field, making them run, turn and stop.

The top secret experiments were part of the infamous mind control project MKUltra.  MORE

Do you believe in God?

God creating the Sun, Moon and Earth, Michelan...God creating the Sun, Moon and Earth, Michelangelo, from the Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Bob Barney
One of the aspects of The Plain Truth website is our statement and belief that God, the God of the Bible, is an unseen hand behind many world events.  This doesn’t mean that we believe that everything that happens in the world has God’s fingerprints on it.  We do think, and the Bible tells us, that many things in the news are attributable to God working out His plan on earth for His eventual return, which is promised in the pages of the Bible.  That is why our mission is to bring  world ,local, and national news together and whenever possible show what these stories have to do with God.

Most of the readers of this site, I am sure, believe in God. Yet, due to the skepticism found in modern thought, and the evolution-based contemporary educational system, most of us do not attribute much of what's happening to Him.  This is not the case however, when we are dealing in our own personal matters, when in times of deep trouble, drama, death and despair, most of us go to God in prayer for guidance and salvation.  Almost nobody would fault someone praying to God to save the life of their child, yet if a world leader was to ask for a prayer to solve a war, that person would be ridiculed beyond comprehension.  Therefore, God seems to matter more to us in personal and private matters than in the world and national matters that we read about in newspapers and watch on our TVs every day.

In an earlier article, I mentioned the fact that God does not have that much to do with this modern world.  I know that’s a shocking and almost unbelievable statement to make, but it’s exactly what the Bible says.  According to the bible, the identity of the god of this world is no other than Lucifer, known as Satan the devil. Except for a few extraordinary or lucky people in  the past, God has had little to do with the daily running of man‘s society.  Long before men existed on  Earth, the Bible tells us that there was a world before the world of Adam and Eve.  Whenever I go into these subject most people are totally surprised to hear that I do not believe that the earth is 6000 years old as most fundamentalist Christians teach.


Creation of the World

The Bible is very clear that there was a world before the flood, and that God re-created the world that we now live on today. Some of the misunderstanding comes from the translation of the modern English Bible. In Hebrew Genesis chapter 1 verse 1 reads a little different than is translated, and you can prove it. “in the beginning,” as the Bible begins, “God created the heavens and the earth.”  That event does not imply that the very next paragraph immediately follows the creation of the heavens and the earth.  The reason most misunderstand that timeframe is due to a mistranslation of the next verse, or actually the continuation of the first verse.  “And the world was formless and void.”  That’s how your Bible reads, but as I will show you it is not the right translation. The correct translation is “and the earth became formless and void.”  That is a major difference in the meaning of the first verse of Genesis chapter 1 . Instead of thinking that God created the heavens and the earth and the earth was formless and void, implying this happened all at once, the correct rendering of Genesis shows a time frame of the creation of this modern world.  How we should understand goes something like this.  God thousands, if not millions or billions of years ago created the heavens and the earth, and we know that everything that God creates is created in a perfect state. God is not the author of confusion, God’s creative ability does not create confusion.  God created a world that was ruled by an Angel of light named Lucifer, the most beautiful angelic being in all of God’s creation.  The Bible tells us that Lucifer was created perfectly until lawlessness was founded in him. Read This link for a total explanation.


 Lucifer's Story

God placed Lucifer in command of this world as it’s King before Lucifer fell from glory. We see in some instances elsewhere in the Bible where Lucifer rebelled against God, goes to heaven to God’s own throne, and tries to dispose God and become God himself.  Now there is something else that you have to understand in order to comprehend the word “God” in the Bible.  God is a pagan word for the deity, of Germanic origin.  The original Hebrew word for God was the word Elohim. Elohim is a plural word.  The words church, school, family, group, and congregation are all plural words yet implying a singular form.  There is the Barney family.  The Barney family consists of more than one individual all with the last name “Barney“, just like there is a family called Jehovah or Yahweh, that collectively is known as Elohim or God in English. In the very first chapter of the book of John, we read the actual beginning of time. “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning  with God.  All things were made by Him; Furthermore, without Him was nothing made that was made……. and the Word was made flesh, and dwelt amongst us, ( and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.”

The Plain Truth about God's Creation is simple

It is plain to see that the God that created the heavens and the earth was more than one being comprised of a God the father and a God the Word.  When we read in Genesis “and God said let there be light,” this is what It meant: The WORD who became Jesus Christ said “let there be light” and God the Father made it happen.  The two work in unison as one, together in the creation of everything; One speaking  and the other doing.  It’s like your brain thinks and speaks to itself to go buy some food and your body does the actual work.  It’s that simple.    Click Here for explanation of God's name

Getting back to the point of the creation of the earth, the idea that the earth became formless and void implies that it was at an earlier time in a perfect state.  As I will show you Lucifer was in command of  Earth before the earth we live on today was reformed.  Lucifer then went to war with the God and lost. He  was cast down to earth and was banished from heaven.  Lucifer as we see in the book of Job can go to heaven to ask God’s permission to do certain things, but he cannot appear in heaven without approval.  At the time of this battle, the entire universe which was created in perfection, was destroyed in a Star Wars type heavenly battle between God and His angels and Satan and his demons.  This is why there are craters on the moon. Scientist tries to tell us that these craters form from meteors over billions of years, but it is a falsehood. No scientist has seen one crater occur throughout all histories! The reason is that  the moon and the stars and the heavens were destroyed in a single moment of time long ago when Satan and his demons waged war against God and his angels and lost, cast down to earth until the end of time.

God then destroyed this earlier world with water. After many years, and the Bible does not tell us how long or how many years it was, God re-created both the heavens and the earth, allowing some of the scars to appear in heaven as a sign of this earlier war, and on earth in the form of ancient times before the time of Adam.  God then created mankind in their own image.  Notice the Bible says that God did not create man in his image, God said “let us create man in our image after our likeness after our own kind.” Unlike the animals that were created in their image after their own kind, thus giving a species of animals that can only mate within their own kind, man was not created after “the mankind.” We were created after the God kind.  I understand how impossible those words must seem, but it is what the Bible says.  We are God’s children. We look like God, we think, we feel, we sense, and we comprehend like God.  The Bible says that God has nostrils, the Bible says that God has ears that God has eyes, and that God has a face like ours, arms like ours and even feet!  We are now a little lower than the angels, but we will be greater than angels when we are resurrected from the dead and born again into the Kingdom of God. Born from our mortal bodies into our immortal spiritual bodies into the God family of Yahweh. (1 Cor 15)


Adam sin made a Messiah necessary

Adam, sinned, and the definition of sin is breaking God’s laws. (1John 3:4)   The Devil became the first sinner and Adam and Eve became the first human sinners. If Adam did not sin and disobey God’s laws, Adam would have replaced Satan as the King and the ruler of Earth.  This is why we read in the New Testament that Jesus is called the second Adam (Romans 5:12).  Jesus came the first time as a man and not God in order to prove to the everyone in heaven and on earth that man can follow God’s laws and live a sinless life.  This then qualified Jesus to replace Adam and to replace Satan as king and God of this world upon His return, as King of Kings and Lord of lords. (Romans 5:14 and 1 Cor. 15:45)

When Adam and Eve sinned against God, this first couple decided to hide from God in fear.  God walking through the garden, looked for Adam and called out to Adam, and wondered why Adam was hiding from Him.  Adam said that they were hiding because they knew they were naked, and then God knew that they had sinned. Since that time, except for certain chosen people, God has not been involved in the world as much as he would have been if man had obeyed Him.  Therefore, there were certain people that God called and chose to be his friend, to walk in the presence of the Almighty.  Noah, Abraham, David, and every single Christian that choose Christ over this world, are all God’s friend and are watched over daily by the Host of Heaven.  There are also people, the entire nation of Israel, the descendants of Jacob, that are also chosen by God and watched over by Him and protected throughout history. The Jews, from the tribe of Judah with some of the tribe of Benjamin and Levi included,  know  their identity. Unfortunately, the nations of England, France, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, and the United States of America do not realize that they are also Jacob’s children.  What has become known as the lost 10 tribes of Israel are these western nations with the British and the Americans mainly being from the tribe of Joseph. ( e-mail us for our free article on the identities of all the major nations of the world)  You can not truly understand prophecies of the Bible if you do not know who the nations of the world are identified in your Bible.  To understand world events today, one must know who the players are, and they are all mentioned in the Bible.  Yes, you can be a Christian, and be saved, for the lack of a better word, and become born-again on the resurrection into a immortal life, in the family of God, and never fully understand who anyone is in the world today.  In fact you can live your entire life never understanding world events, the news, and everything going on including maybe your  death, and as long as you have the blood of Jesus Christ forgiving your sins,  you will be a part of God’s kingdom to come--You have made it!  However, when you are being put to death during the tribulation or times leading up to the tribulation, it might be nice to know why and who is responsible for your martyrdom!  The purpose of The Plain Truth is to give you that knowledge.

One really has to be an idiot not to believe in God, and an even bigger idiot to believe in God and not understand that God is in control of his people.  Therefore, any news agency, be it a newspaper, TV, radio or web site that does not include the hand of God, and the possibility of the hand of God in world events, is doing you no service whatsoever.  Fox News, CNN, the New York Times and all other media that do not include God in their news are simply leaving out the most important aspect of the world we live in.  We try, whenever possible, to give you the important news, much of which you will not read on any other website or media source, so you can truly understand why these things are happening and that there is a God involved in our lives.

For example, we know that the Middle East is the spot that Christ will return to and save us from ourselves in an event known as the battle of Armageddon.  So, whenever we see news from  the Middle East, we must keep our eyes on those events in the light and knowledge and understanding of the Bible.  We know that the Bible predicts the revival of the fourth beast of Daniel (Daniel 2:40) and that beast is the Holy Roman Empire (Revelation Chapter 13), most likely under the leadership of Germany (Isaiah chapter 8 and Hosea 9:3). We know this because we know the identity of Germany  is Assyria.


The End Times

The Bible says that in the end time the beast will be from Assyria.  We also know that the end time beast will be a 10 nation revival of the Holy Roman Empire, and since we know that France and the Netherlands are really part of lost Israel, they can never be leaders in this union. Just like in World War II, they will be conquered by the beast, but they will never be the beast.

We also know from the Bible that eventually the entire Arab world will be ruled by an end time beast Antichrist figure called the King of the South in Daniel.  The leader of Europe is also Antichrist figure called the King of the North, and he gets his power from a world religious leader that is based in Rome (Rev. 17:9)  I’m  the sorry, if I offend, but there really isn’t any other way to understand the prophecies of Revelation and the book of Daniel. I am not alone. Martin Luther, and all of the early Protestant leaders believed  that same thing that I do.   Therefore, we can better understand why George Washington, in  his famous farewell speech called for America to stay out of European affairs because he understood fully that Europe was a danger to America. Do yourself a favor, do a Google search and open up the year mind to the truth, the plain truth?

So friends, any news that does not include God in it is really folly.  News that only tells you what happened yesterday, and doesn’t tell you why it happened or what will happen tomorrow, doesn’t do you any good.  It’s a total waste of your time.  It’s much like a farmer that depends on the weather forecasts from the day before and what it is doing in the present, but not understanding what the weather will be like tomorrow!  That kind of weather forecasting does you no good, and neither does news without the knowledge of God in it. 


The power of national prayer

It may not be fashionable to pray to God for miracles like in times past like when King David prayed to God for deliverance from his enemies. I realize that if a president or a serious world leader would proclaim that we need to place our hopes in God and not ourselves that the media and scholars would call for the person to be committed. Could you imagine if after 9-11, President Bush said that the most important thing we could do to stop terrorism  was the nation to come together and pray? The man would have been driven out of office by what has become the godless mainstream media. How we have sunk in the past 70 years from the nation whose leaders were never ashamed to pray to God FIRST over anything else. Please, view and listen to this speech from FDR right after D-Day and ask yourself honestly, could any president make this speech today? The answer is obvious to most, and the reason why God no longer is listening to America and protecting us from our enemies. The second our national leaders return to God in humble prayer, will be the instant that God returns and defends our land. So I ask this: Do you believe in God?  You should know, God does believe in you!


Text of FDR Speech:

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The lazy man's guide to world domination

GOD and MORALITY is a MUST for a free people!

Most people are familiar with Paul Harvey’s classic radio piece, “If I were the devil.” (If not, listen to it here.)Though this piece dates from the mid-1960s, it’s still as fresh and frightening today because, of course, every statement is coming true. In a nutshell, it’s a lazy man’s guide to world domination.

In this column I’d like to discuss, not world domination, but national domination. World domination starts at home.

Domination, as it turns out, isn’t that hard to do. It merely has to be inspired by the world’s enemy, the devil, and voilà.

HERE is the list:

So what is the easiest way to take over the nation? To examine this question, we merely have to look at the tactics of those who were successful in taking over their own nations (Stalin, Hitler, etc.). This is an ambitious subject to tackle in a 1,000-word column, so let’s see how far I can go.

  • Do as you please. 
  • Trash religion. 
  • Popularize violence and immorality.
  • Destroy the family.
  • Abolish self-control. 
  • Cultivate envy. 
  • Encourage hatred. 
  • Encourage a welfare state.
  • Encourage illegal immigration
  • Capture the press and dominate the internet. 
  • Capture the children. 

Read the entire story at

Amelia Earhart 'was executed by the Japanese'

Dec 7th was 2 days ago- was this historical incident related to WW2?

This is the most plausible Plain Truth about Amelia Earhart's fate....

America 'hid Amelia Earhart's execution by the Japanese'

Aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart (pictured right) and her navigator were executed by the Japanese government to avoid an international incident, and the US played along, a shocking theory claims. The theory says Earhart, who was the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean, and navigator Fred Noonan were killed on the island of Saipan, now a US commonwealth, after their disappearance in 1937 has been around for more than 50 years now. But now claims have emerged that Earhart's body was retrieved by the US military - which may have hidden her killing to keep the peace, the Pacific Daily News reported. The theory fits the recollections of William 'Bill' Sablan, a resident of Guam whose uncle, Tun Akin Tuho, worked at the Saipan prison camp (inset). In July, a fuzzy photograph (left) emerged as part of the promotion for the History Channel documentary purporting to show Earhart and Noonan in Saipan, along with her plane, in 1937. A facial recognition expert said that it is likely Earhart and Noonan in the photo. However, investigators said the image could not be that of Earhart because it was found among a batch of pictures taken after 1940 - three years after Earhart vanished.

Scientists think they might be able to fight obesity using a tablet containing human POO

The number one answer for weight loss could be full of number twos.

Revolutionary new research out of New Zealand has seen the trial of a 'magic pill', which is the newest alternative to diet and exercise when it comes to losing weight.

If the trial is successful at the end of 2019, its program director believes the pill could help millions of people.

The only catch is, it contains human faeces.

A New Zealand research company believes the key to solving obesity is a pill (pictured) containing faeces

The New Zealand research facility is trialling the pills on four overweight adolescents.  MORE

The most incredible private island resorts EVER

The most incredible private island resorts revealed

If you're looking for a holiday spot to get escape from it all, then these dreamy private island resorts might tick all the right boxes. Isolated from the mainland and surrounded by sprawling bodies of water, these secluded hotel complexes offer a Robinson Crusoe experience with a luxury twist. Pictured from top left, clockwise to centre: Haggerstone Island in Australia, Ozen by Atmosphere at Maadhoo in the Maldives, Tagomago in Ibiza, Pangulasian Island Resort in the Philippines and San Clemente Palace Kempinski in Venice.

What Does all of this Mean?

By Robert R Barney

Misunderstood: The 4 Horseman of Revelation

4 horsemanFor years many religious experts and ministers have taught that the plagues described in the Bible (Matthew 24 and the Book of Revelation) as already happening. However these experts have made a serious error concerning these prophecies. They are correct to say that we are living in the "end times" but honestly the first century Church and the epistles of the Bible tell us that! We have been living in the "end times" now for about 1900 years! Jesus, in his famous Olivet prophecy (Matthew 24) gave exact clues to help us pinpoint the times right before he returns to earth. Although he goes on to say that no man (including Jesus) would know the exact time, if we look for certain signs, we will have an idea about when these times are very close.

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Patrick K. O’Donnell: Pearl Harbor’s Lesson ‘Is to Be Prepared’

An explosion at the Naval Air Station, Ford Island, Pearl Harbour (Pearl Harbor) during the Japanese attack. Sailors stand amid wrecked watching as the USS Shaw explodes in the center background. The USS Nevada is also visible in the middle background, with her bow headed toward the left. (Photo by …
Fox Photos/Getty\

Military historian Patrick K. O’Donnell — author of “The Unknowns: The Untold Story of America’s Unknown Soldier and WWI’s Most Decorated Heroes Who Brought Him Home” —  described America’s need “to be prepared” as a primary lesson of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

O’Donnell joined Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow on Friday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily on the 77th anniversary of what Franklin Delano Roosevelt described as a “date which will live in infamy.”     MORE

Don't Tell Anyone, But We Just Had Two Years Of Record-Breaking Global Cooling

Inconvenient Science: NASA data show that global temperatures dropped sharply over the past two years. Not that you'd know it, since that wasn't deemed news. Does that make NASA a global warming denier?

Writing in Real Clear Markets, Aaron Brown looked at the official NASA global temperature data and noticed something surprising. From February 2016 to February 2018, "global average temperatures dropped by 0.56 degrees Celsius." That, he notes, is the biggest two-year drop in the past century.

"The 2016-2018 Big Chill," he writes, "was composed of two Little Chills, the biggest five month drop ever (February to June 2016) and the fourth biggest (February to June 2017). A similar event from February to June 2018 would bring global average temperatures below the 1980s average."

Isn't this just the sort of man-bites-dog story that the mainstream media always says is newsworthy? In this case, it didn't warrant any news coverage.   MORE

Monster wave destroys balconies THREE storeys up

Huge waves have destroyed seafront balconies and reached as high as the third floor of holiday apartments on the island of Tenerife, prompting evacuations.  

Footage showed waves lashing an apartment block in the tourist town of Mesa del Mar in the north-west of the Spanish island.

Some 65 apartments in two blocks facing the ocean had been evacuated, according to Alvaro Davila, mayor of the municipality of Tacoronte which Mesa del Mar is part of.

It came after regional government officials decreed a state of alert as a fierce storm battered the north of Tenerife and other parts of the Canary Islands.  

An apartment block in the town of Mesa del Mar, in Tenerife, is struck by huge waves which reached seaside balconies three storeys up during fierce storms
One of the apartment blocks in Tenerife

The mayor said no-one had been injured in the scare, which followed the evacuation of 39 people from two buildings in Garichico on the island’s north east coast. 

Garichico was one of the worst-affected areas, with waves crashing over the sea wall and flooding streets to the astonishments of locals who filmed the water racing towards them as they ran for safety.

Further south, in the holiday hotspot of Adeje there were also reports of waves breaking the windows of a hotel restaurant, although again there were no injuries.

The first evacuations were carried out around 10pm last night, with more following around 2am today.

Many of the homes evacuated in Mesa del Mar are holiday homes.

Michelle Malkin: Bush Legacy ‘Impoverishes the American Worker’ and ‘Grows the Deep State’

Gage Skidmore/Flickr
Michelle Malkin described former President George H. W. Bush’s legacy as an impoverishment of American workers and growing of the “deep state,” offering her remarks in a Monday interview with Breitbart Senior Editors-at-Large Rebecca Mansour and Joel Pollak on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight.

Mansour said, “It seems as if the media is already using [George H.W. Bush’s] passing as a means to bash President Trump, just as they did with the funeral of John McCain. … What lessons do you think Trump could learn from Bush 41?”

Malkin replied, “There are not many I can think of that I might frame in a positive way, and I absolutely agree with you that we’ve seen from the senility mongers of the left the usual vulgar [and] vile behavior. Is there a dead Republican body that the Democrats and the left won’t use to go after Trump? I don’t think so.”


Deadly Insect-Borne Disease Outbreaks Linked to DDT Ban, Not Global Warming

NOTE: DDT was not as effective after a generation as it was initially. This is not mentioned in this report.  As for ticks, we didn't have millions of deer protected by animal rights groups in the 1930-40-50-60's.

FILE - In this Jan. 18, 2016, file photo, a female Aedes aegypti mosquito acquires a blood meal on the arm of a researcher at the Biomedical Sciences Institute in the Sao Paulo's University in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The CDC is working with Florida health officials to investigate what could …
AP Photo/Andre Penner, File

The video, published by nonprofit public policy research institute Just Facts, describes the research the institute did this year on the claim by Politico that the surge in deadly insect-borne diseases is due to “warming global temperatures.”

For a special issue of Politico about “planetary health,” reporter Christina Animashaun created a graphic on “climate change and human disease” that states:

Warming global temperatures are changing the range and behavior of disease-carrying insects like mosquitos and ticks and extending the seasons in which they are active. As a result, incidence of the diseases they carry—including Lyme, spotted fever, West Nile and malaria—are all on the rise, despite yearly fluctuations.

However, as the research institute points out, the “U.S. Global Change Resource Program’s Climate Health Assessment” the Politico author cites does not actually support her claim.

“Though there are links between climate and tick distribution, studies that look for links between weather and geographical differences in human infection rates do not show a clear or consistent link between temperature and Lyme disease incidence,” the assessment states.


Why the world is becoming more allergic to food

Boy eating ice cream coneImage copyrightGETTY IMAGES

Around the world, children are far more likely than ever before to develop food allergies.

Recent inquiries into the deaths of two British teenagers after eating sesame and peanut highlighted the sometimes tragic consequences. In August, a six-year-old girl in Western Australia died as the result of a dairy allergy.

The rise in allergies in recent decades has been particularly noticeable in the West. Food allergy now affects about 7% of children in the UK and 9% of those in Australia, for example. Across Europe, 2% of adults have food allergies.

Life-threatening reactions can be prompted even by traces of the trigger foods, meaning patients and families live with fear and anxiety. The dietary restrictions which follow can become a burden to social and family lives.

While we can't say for sure why allergy rates are increasing, researchers around the world are working hard to find ways to combat this phenomenon.

What causes an allergy?   Read the story here

Going to the sauna four times a week could drastically cut your risk of heart disease

Regular trips to the sauna may reduce the risk of death from heart disease in middle-aged people, a study has found.

Between four and seven sauna sessions a week provide the greatest health benefit, according to researchers.

Sessions in the sweltering heat are thought to mimic the effects of mild physical exercise – boosting the heart. The study in Finland, where going to the sauna is far more common than the UK, investigated links with cardiovascular disease (CVD), which is one of the main causes of death among Britons.

People who attended four to seven sauna sessions a week had around a quarter the chance of heart death compared to those who went to just one
People who attended four to seven sauna sessions a week had around a quarter the chance of heart death compared to those who went to just one

Researchers kept track of the sauna habits of 1,688 men and women over-50 and followed up on their health after 15 years.  MORE