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Who's to blame for California's out of control deadly infernos?

Arsonist may be behind many more than reported, BUT THE REASON WHY these fires are so deadly is for another reason!

The Carr Fire and the Ferguson Fire at Yosemite to the north are both far enough away in miles, but the horror of it all is as close as my breath. Consider that the Mendocino Complex Fire has devastated nearly 280,000 acres and is only 58 percent controlled. 

Who or what is to blame for all this destruction?  If you listen to California Governor Jerry Brown, an avowed environmentalist, this is the “new normal” – a situation caused by man- made climate change. We should get used to it.

But there is another consideration, and that relates to the political decisions made by the Clinton and the Obama administrations dealing with how our forests are managed.

Prior to that, forests, private and government owned, were cared for by the U.S. Forest Service as well as private logging companies. Their goal was to preserve the forests so they would survive for the future. Trees would be thinned when they became overgrown, dead and diseased trees were removed, underbrush cleared out and controlled burns conducted as needed.

It worked perfectly, and the concept maintained the forests and allowed logging to provide lumber for that industry and all of us who need wood for houses and furniture and other consumer products.