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A long history of violence among U.S. liberals

A long history of violence among U.S. liberals

Recently on HBO's Real Time, Bill Maher had this to say about the attack on Republican legislators: "We would never really think this would happen on the left. We think of the right as the people who pick up guns and do crazy things like this."

And that's just what they think. Liberals are peaceful and conservatives are violent. Even those who take pride in their political incorrectness repeat it. But you don't have to be an American historian to know how little it holds up to the facts.

Every year on the anniversary of JFK's assassination, media people talk about right-wingers in Dallas. But the real shooter, Lee Harvey Oswald, was a Soviet sympathizer. And Robert Kennedy's killer was a Palestinian radical.

Last year at the Super Bowl, America watched Beyonce's half-time tribute to the Black Panthers, who loved their guns as much as any NRA fanatic, and used them enthusiastically.