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Will the Fed Set Off a Recession Alarm?

By Bob Barney

  image from   The Federal Reserve is an enemy of the people of the United States.  It is a corrupt, globalist organization that has stolen more wealth from the American middle-class than any other single entity.  The Fed, not George Bush, caused the single most worst economic collapse in history in the early 2000's when they raised interest rates some 40 times in a few short years, while oil and gasoline prices were skyrocketing.  They did to to elect a democrat.   When Obama was elected president, they lowered interest rates to ZERO and never once raise them in an unprecedented eight year span!  Now that the enemy of globalist is in the White House, the Fed is back raising interest rates again, hoping for a certain collapse, which again will elect democrats.  Ron Paul was right, the FED needs to be abolished!   

The economic recovery is chugging along almost as fast as ever, but, beneath the surface, the best recession predictor we have is starting to flash yellow.

That indicator is the difference between interest rates on 10-year Treasury bonds and two-year ones. Now, the reason it tells us so much is that long-term rates show us what markets think short-term ones will average over that time, plus a little extra to make up for the risk that inflation ends up being higher than expected. So when long-term rates are lower than short-term ones — what's known as an inverted yield curve — it means that investors think short-term rates will be lower in the future than they are today. And why would that be? The only reason is if the Federal Reserve is going to have to cut them to fight a recession.

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