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What’s Behind the War on God?

Throughout history many have sought to comprehend the meaning and purpose of their existence. It is each person’s prerogative to pursue this transcendent aspiration so as to learn about, understand and worship one’s Creator.

Importantly, this fundamental right does not emanate from any human government but from God alone. Today there is widespread recognition that religious liberty is a basic human right (via United Nations Human Rights Council international agreements). Even so, many people are unable to fully exercise this vital privilege due to increasing persecution and constraint.

The freedom to worship and obey God is under attack in many nations. This is particularly true for those who profess Christianity. In some countries such attacks take the form of physical violence and even murder. In other nations it arises through censure, restrictions and intimidation by individuals, secular organizations and various government entities.

Indeed, a war on God is taking place in today’s world. You need to understand why this is happening and what Bible prophecy explains is ahead for all humanity. Although this problem affects people in many countries, for illustration purposes we’ll primarily focus on how the influence of God and His way of life is under attack in the United States in a major cultural shift. First, however, let’s examine briefly the legacy of Christianity in America.

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