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The Feast of Tabernacles Day 2 - Why Christ Cammands us to Follow it

Footage of the Manson Family was unearthed after being 'lost' for 40 years

Former Manson Family member Paul Watkins recalls how Manson told him that 'one day that up in the mountains of Bel Air and in Beverly Hills... there would be atrocious murders, that there would be blood splattered over everything.

'That people would be chopped to pieces and cut up with knives and there would be things written on the walls in blood.' 

Three months later, in August 1969, Manson dispatched a hand-picked group of followers to murder pregnant actress Sharon Tate and four others at her Beverly Hills home, leaving the word 'pig' written in blood. The murders, which would be followed by two more, remain among the most notorious in US history. 

The unseen clips, which were 'lost' for more than 40 years, show followers cavorting naked, women brandishing knives and guns - and features first-hand accounts from those who were willing to kill for Manson without question.