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What If Christine Blasey Ford Is Lying?

Christine Blasey Ford is not the victim here -- Brett Kavanaugh is

Sitting silent for decades, and then, penning a quiet letter of unfounded accusations to a key member of the Senate, who held it for months and only let it reach the light at the most politically fiery of moments, on the eve of a Supreme Court nomination, with absolutely no evidence of what supposedly transpired at a high school party at an undisclosed location and date — now that’s not victimhood. At best, it’s questionable behavior; at worst, it’s purposeful character assassination for the lowest of cause, leftist politics.

Kavanaugh’s supporters are quite right to express skepticism with Ford’s accusations and yes, now, even with her character. It’s not politically correct to say that a woman could lie about a sexual assault simply to cause a man harm.

But the lack of evidence, the lateness of the political hour, the leftist fingers in this highly charged Supreme Court fight, the reluctance of Ford to speak before Congress, the letters and statements of support for Kavanaugh and public vouchings for his character — not to mention Kavanaugh’s own unchanging “not guilty” response to these lone-voice charges — what’s emerging is not sympathetic to Ford, but rather an eye-opening awareness of just how deep the Democrats will go to keep another conservative off the High Court.  MORE