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WATCH: Snake-Handling Preacher Bitten by Deadly Serpent

By Bob Barney: The Following video is real. It was taken at a church that legally drinks poison, and handles venomous snakes.  Many are bitten, many die, including the father of this so-called "preacher."  The Plain Truth is what you watch when you see this film is SATANISM!  Don't be fooled about Satan.  The story reported earlier today concerns Satanist protesting the 10 Commandments.  That is the Satanist that do not cause as much harm as Satan's greatest deception: Devils masquarding as Christians, who manipulate the Bible to lead people astray, and in many cases, to death!  Don't be fooled, Satan is real, and Christ's warnings are also real concerning the Devil.  Many rituals modern Christianity are rituals of Satan, to fool and deceive. READ YOUR BIBLE and learn The Plain Truth concerning just what Christianity is really about. Flee the Devil and the Devil will leave you alone! (Note that this "believer went to the hospital!= a total fraud)

A snake-handling pastor of a Pentecostal church in Kentucky was attacked by a deadly rattlesnake four years after his preacher father was killed by one, according to a documentary released Friday.

A video clip of the documentary shows Pastor Cody Coots, who preaches at the Full Gospel Tabernacle in Jesus’ Name church in Middlesboro, Kentucky, handling a deadly rattlesnake while he preaches to his congregation.

But while Pastor Coots holds the creature with one hand, it takes a bite out of his ear and causes a stream of blood to splatter on his light blue shirt.

Pastor Coots tried to reassure church members that he is “not worried” and that God will heal him, but the blood continued to pour down his face even after he wiped it away multiple times.  MORE