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Avoiding the highest infidelity

By Joe Kovacs
Copyright 2018. All rights reserved.

image from Kovacs is the author of the new book Shocked by the Bible 2, as well as his previous books Shocked by the Bible and The Divine Secret, all on sale in bookstores and Learn more at

While scouring the news for interesting stories this week, one item jumped off the pages as especially ironic.

And while it may seem a bit dark and twisted at first, it gets better and brighter by the end of this article, so please hang in there.

It has to do with an adult performer who goes by the name of Stormy Daniels.

By now, millions of Americans are familiar with that name, as she's the adult-film star who accuses President Donald Trump of having an affair with her, and then being paid for her silence by Trump's attorney Michael Cohen shortly before Trump was elected in 2016. The president has denied the affair.

But there's another part of this saga that seems stranger than fiction.

Stormy's husband in real life is now filing for divorce from his wife, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford. The grounds for the split, according to the legal filing, are that Stormy has "committed adultery."

Yes, the husband of a woman who gets paid to have sex on camera is claiming infidelity, though his legal petition does not offer any details of Daniels' alleged infidelity.

What's even more bizarre is that Stormy's husband, Glendon Crain, is himself an adult-film star who performs under the name Brendan Miller.

So here we have a man who gets paid to have sex on camera, married to a woman who gets paid to have sex on camera, and he's alleging infidelity on his wife's part. And the woman in the case also claims to have had an adulterous affair with President Trump. I guess it could be called "a perfect Stormy of irony."

Now, my purpose in mentioning this is not to uncover the personal lives of this couple or even the president.

But I do think the whole situation is representative of how far we, as a people, have fallen from what God has intended for us.

Millions of people get married, but don't always realize what marriage actually is and how it relates to their relationship with their own Creator and their divine destiny. Thus, I wish to provide some quick reminders from the Bible about the amazing purpose of matrimony.

From the very first book of the Bible, we're told that men and women were created for each other, to help one another: Then the LORD God said, "It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper who is just right for him." (Genesis 2:18 NLT)

And what was the woman made from? The very same substance as the man, as God took one of the man's ribs and fashioned it into a female counterpart.

"And Adam said, This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man. Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh." (Genesis 2:23-24 KJV)

This part of the Old Testament is actually quite well-known, but what countless Bible readers may not realize is that there is a continuous theme throughout the entirety of Scripture involving a man being married to a woman, and it leads to the end of the story for what human beings are meant to become.

An important concept to keep in mind when reading the Bible is that God actually tells us the end of the matter from the beginning. He says so in Isaiah 46:10, "Declaring the end from the beginning." In other words, right from the start, God tells us how things are going to end up. It reveals how the Creator, as the Author of our salvation, has events turn out the way He has stated because He designed and wrote it that way.

Hence, what we see in the original paradise of the garden of Eden with Adam and Eve is a preview of what will come in the future paradise of the kingdom of God. The theme of the man uniting with the bride is ultimately fulfilled at the end.

The simple fact of the matter is that marriage itself is a metaphor for our relationship to our Maker. It's a covenant, agreement or contract, and just as the first woman was joined to the first man for a temporary, mortal life, we as human beings are being joined to God for an eternal, immortal life. Many people don't realize that God is actually our spouse. He says this on more than one occasion:

"I am married unto you" (Jeremiah 3:14 KJV).

"For thy Maker is thine husband; the LORD of hosts is his name; and thy Redeemer the Holy One of Israel" (Isaiah 54:5 KJV).

When we fast-forward to the end of the story, the final book of the Bible confirms that true believers are "the wife" in the spiritual story, preparing ourselves in this life to be joined to our Maker for eternity.

"Let us be glad and rejoice and give Him glory, for the marriage of the Lamb has come, and His wife has made herself ready." (Revelation 19:7 NKJV)

As a side note, at the end of the story in the future, we (as the bride of Christ) will no longer be made of flesh, but will consist of the same substance as the Divine Man in the story, which, of course, is spirit. Jesus Himself noted the difference, saying, "That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit." (John 3:6 KJV)

While the Bible does talk about that glorious future of eternal life married to our Maker, it also discusses problems that can be encountered along the way there, one of which is adultery. And while folks in this physical world are well aware of what constitutes extra-marital relations, many don't realize we can actually commit adultery against God, and it has nothing to do with having physical sex.

For instance, God explains that whenever we get involved in pagan practices, following customs not commanded by Him, we are, in fact, committing adultery against Him:

"Then you will accept their daughters, who sacrifice to other gods, as wives for your sons. And they will seduce your sons to commit adultery against me by worshiping other gods." (Exodus 34:16 NLT)

"You took the very jewels and gold and silver ornaments I had given you and made statues of men and worshiped them. This is adultery against me!" (Ezekiel 16:17 NLT)

And, just like people can be jealous of a loved one going astray with someone else here on Earth, God says He, too, is jealous for us: "You must worship no other gods, for the LORD, whose very name is Jealous, is a God who is jealous about his relationship with you." (Exodus 34:14 NLT)

I write none of this to condemn anyone, because human beings are all guilty of having broken at least some of God's instructions. I am writing to get people thinking about why they do what they do in every aspect of life, in hopes that we all take steps to improve our character. Because our thoughts and actions here in this physical world will make a difference concerning our ultimate destiny once Jesus returns. We have to remember we are here to make ourselves ready to be united to our Creator, in a very similar way that a man is united with a woman in marriage, becoming one.

We should all take to heart how the apostle Paul sums up this profound analogy of the marriage between God and His loved ones: "This is a great mystery, but it is an illustration of the way Christ and the church are one. So again I say, each man must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband." (Ephesians 5:32-33 NLT)


1An American couple decided to bicycle around the world in an attempt to prove evil does not exist. They chose to bicycle through ISIS territory and ISIS killed them.

The news of their deaths broke Aug. 8, but their story lives on in a tragic social media history.

Jay Austin and Lauren Geoghegan left their D.C. government jobs nearly two years ago to embark on a worldwide bike tour. The wide-eyed, optimistic couple kept track of their trips on a website where they posted stunning photos of their travels and whimsical musings on evil, the media and the goodness of people.

In one post, Austin — who is a vegan — said he worked for the Department of Housing and Urban Development during Obama’s presidency explained how he and his girlfriend were planning to bike around the world with hopes to meet “generous” and approachable people.   MORE

Trump Tariffs Created More than 11K American Jobs in Six Months

Solar Jobs
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

President Trump’s protective tariffs on imported steel, aluminum, solar panels, and washing machines have created more than 11,000 American jobs over the course of six months, a new study reveals.

Analysis conducted by a Coalition for a Prosperous America (CPA) finds that Trump’s tariffs, thus far, have created about 11,100 American jobs throughout the country, a far cry from the job losses that were predicted by free trade economists and pundits.

“The national media is generally ignoring the job creation arising from the country’s new strategic trade posture. This information is important. These jobs will have substantial positive effects on local economies and the national US economy,” economist Jeff Ferry said in a statement. “They are in general well-paid manufacturing jobs in high-productivity businesses. Those new jobs will contribute to the creation of thousands of service sector jobs and they will stimulate local economies.”

The CPA study found “notable increases” in domestic steel and aluminum jobs. In the steel industry, alone, nearly 5,000 manufacturing jobs have been created. In the aluminum industry, a little less than 3,000 manufacturing jobs have been created thanks to Trump’s tariffs.   READ MORE

Trump is Right, ‘Our Country Was Built on Tariffs’

NEW YORK- SEPTEMBER 5: Pedestrians walk around the George Washington statue in front of Federal Hall September 5, 2002 in New York City. Congress will return to its 18th century home at Federal Hall September 6, 2002 to commemorate the September 11 attacks. It will mark only the second time …
Spencer Platt/Getty Images
President Donald Trump declared Wednesday that the United States “was built on Tariffs.” The president’s claim, issued via Twitter, prompted a number of challenges from critics. But Trump has history on his side.

One of the very first acts of Congress was the passage of the Tariff Act of 1789. President George Washington signed it into law on July 4, 1789, commemortating the young nation’s Declaration of Independence.

“A free people ought not only to be armed, but disciplined; to which end a uniform and well-digested plan is requisite; and their safety and interest require that they should promote such manufactories as tend to render them independent of others for essential, particularly military, supplies,” Washington said in his first address to Congress six months later.

The United States could not depend on merely importing inventions from other nations, Washington said, but must take measures to produce goods at home.

“But I cannot forbear intimating to you the expediency of giving effectual encouragement, as well to the introduction of new and useful inventions from abroad, as to the exertion of skill and genius in producing them at home,” he told Congress.



 The news that the FBI fired Peter Strzok broke yesterday, and with that we can begin to see big-picture truth take shape about the bureau’s role in the Hillary Clinton investigation as well as the Russia investigation.

It does not look good for the leadership at the FBI. 2016 did not bring out the best in them.

Director James Comey was fired, as was Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, and now Strzok, an FBI senior counterintelligence agent, has been terminated after being demoted earlier. He was a lead investigator on the probe into Clinton’s email server in 2016 before moving on to Mueller’s team.

Read more



This key report, prepared for lawmakers and for President Trump, serves as a roadmap on how tech giants covertly silence online speech – and how America can fight back against these monopolists working in sync with corporate media and left-leaning “fact checking” sites.

To date, no one has assembled a comprehensive compendium of the aggressive censorship strategies and mechanisms now being deployed against users being targeted by the tech giants. This document aims to serve as a primer “blueprint” to explain both the motivations behind the extreme censorship as well as the technical/mechanical means through which such censorship is carried out.

This document should be required reading for any lawmaker or government official interested in protecting the freedom of speech that has served as a critical pillar in our society for over two centuries.

Click here for a fullscreen, printable version.

The weedkiller ingredient that left an American man with terminal cancer is in in BREAD and CEREAL

This is because farmer's spray the deadly chemical on their crops, so they will die quick-in order to harvest faster! This is why we are so sick today. Poisonous chemicals in our food! If you buy anything made from a grain (wheat, soy, corn, peanuts, etc) that is not organic, you are eating roundup!

A key ingredient in a weedkiller linked to cancer has also been found in loaves of bread and cereal.  An American man who blames his terminal cancer on Roundup weedkiller was last week awarded £226million in damages. Traces of glyphosate were found in nearly two in three loaves of wholemeal bread in the UK, according to official research. 

A key ingredient in weedkiller linked to cancer has been found in loaves of bread and cereal (file photo)

Glyphosate has also been found in Cheerios and Kellogg's Corn Flakes in the US, as well as Doritos crisps and Ritz crackers. The chemical is the world's most widely used weedkiller, and use by British farmers has increased by a shocking 400 per cent in the last 20 years, according to the Soil Association, which campaigns for organic farming.  But despite a World Health Organisation agency judging it a 'probable human carcinogen', the EU relicensed its use for another five years last November.   It was even found at low levels in Ben & Jerry's ice creams by a study last year.

Official research suggests a third of UK cereal crops, such as wheat and barley, are sprayed with glyphosate. It is used  as a drying agent on the plants, which makes them easier to harvest.  The American jury found that glyphosate causes cancer. It's the most used agricultural chemical ever. This finding has huge implications for the food chain.   Read More

Trump Threatens to ‘Get Involved’ to Force FBI Release of Andrew McCabe’s Text Messages

This needs to happen NOW!

President Donald Trump called for the FBI to release the text messages of Deputy Director Andrew McCabe on Saturday.

“Why isn’t the FBI giving Andrew McCabe text massages [sic] to Judicial Watch or appropriate governmental authorities[?]” he asked.

Trump criticized the FBI for its lack of transparency and threatened to get involved. He also suggested that the FBI might destroy the text messages.

“FBI said they won’t give up even one,” he wrote. “(I may have to get involved, DO NOT DESTROY). What are they hiding?”

Trump commented on the ongoing FBI investigation after Judicial Watch founder Tom Fitton said his organization was preparing to file a lawsuit over the text messages.

“The FBI doesn’t want to turn over one text message to us. They don’t want to even look at them,” Fitton said during an appearance on Fox News with Jeanine Pirro, who was guest hosting the Hannity show on Friday night.

Trump signaled disappointment that the reputation of the agency was suffering.

“Will the FBI ever recover it’s [sic] once stellar reputation, so badly damaged by Comey, McCabe, Peter S and his lover, the lovely Lisa Page, and other top officials now dismissed or fired?” Trump asked. “So many of the great men and women of the FBI have been hurt by these clowns and losers!”:


Far-Left March in Charlottesville Turns Anti-Police: ‘Cops and Klan Go Hand in Hand!’

You won't see this on TV!  It doesn't fit the anti-Trump agenda

A march attended by Antifa to commemorate the anniversary of last summer’s Charlottesville rally devolved into an anti-police protest on Saturday night.

image from media.breitbart.comShortly before a pre-planned evening rally to mark the anniversary of a campus confrontation between torch-carrying white nationalists and counterprotesters, activists unfurled a banner that read, “Last year they came w/ torches. This year they come w/ badges.”

“Why are you in riot gear? We don’t see no riot here,” Antifa members chanted Saturday evening.

Footage of the march is circulating on social media.  MORE

Viagra could be a new miracle cure for BLINDNESS, scientists claim

Tests show the anti-impotence drug may stop age-related macular degeneration.  This follows a two-year trial led by scientists at Columbia University in New York. (Stock photo)

It sounds difficult to believe, but Viagra could restore sight to the blind.   Tests show the anti-impotence drug may stop further loss of vision for patients being robbed of their sight – and could even repair damage that’s already been done.   A two-year trial led by scientists at Columbia University in New York suggests the little blue pills could stop age-related macular degeneration, or AMD, in its tracks.

These blood vessels leak fluid, causing scar tissue to form and destroying vision in the centre of the eye – making it difficult to recognise faces, read or watch television.

Recent research has found the condition is partly caused by reduced blood flow to the choroid, a vital layer of tissue that sits in front of the retina – and some small earlier studies had suggested Viagra can improve blood flow to this tissue.    MORE



The code breakers who 'exposed DB Cooper'

Thomas J and Dawna Colbert believe their team of sleuths have deciphered six letters written by notorious hijacker DB Cooper (seen in a police mock-up) to reveal his true identity as ex-military pilot Robert Rackstraw

A team of cold case sleuths who believe they know the real identity of the mysterious plane hijacker DB Cooper have revealed how they broke a series of codes hidden in six letters to come up with the answer.

Thomas J and Dawna Colbert, from Los Angeles, successfully sued the FBI in 2016 to have the documents released under public information laws, and since then have poured over them to uncover their secrets.

Helped by the code breaking expertise of a Vietnam veteran, they announced in February all the evidence pointed to ex-military pilot Robert Rackstraw. But only now have they revealed the methods used to come to that conclusion.

Once his demand of $200,000 cash - the equivalent of $1.2 million today - was reached and transferred onto the plane, he had the crew take off before he parachuted over the dense Pacific Northwest woods and disappeared.

Thomas Colbert, a TV researcher and writer, took up the hunt to find Cooper's true identity in 2011 by assembling a team headed by ex-FBI agents. Several difficult years chasing leads followed until the six letters came into the team's possession in 2016.

The Colberts, from Los Angeles, (pictured in February this year) successfully sued the FBI in 2016 to have the documents released under public information laws

Monsanto owners call weed killer 'safe' after jury orders big payout

image from

Plaintiff Dewayne Johnson reacts after hearing the verdict to his case against Monsanto in San Francisco (AFP Photo/JOSH EDELSON)

Berlin (AFP) - Monsanto's German owners insisted Saturday that the weed killer Roundup was "safe", rejecting a California jury's decision to order the chemical giant to pay nearly $290 million for failing to warn a dying groundskeeper that the product might cause cancer.

As observers predicted thousands more future claims against the company in the wake of Monsanto's defeat, Bayer -- which recently acquired the US giant -- said the California ruling went against scientific evidence.

"On the basis of scientific conclusions, the views of worldwide regulatory authorities and the decades-long practical experience with glyphosate use Bayer is convinced that glyphosate is safe and does not cause cancer," the company said in a statement.

It said other future court proceedings with other juries could "arrive at different conclusions" than the California jury which on Friday ordered chemical giant Monsanto to pay out in the lawsuit, the first to accuse  glyphosate of causing cancer.  MORE

Exton Study Bible The Four Gospels

Matthew – Mark – Luke – John

By Michael H. Exton    Guest Plain Truth Commentator 

Copyright © 2018 Michael H. Exton All Rights Reserved


Matthew  Chapter Outline

The Genealogy of Jesus Christ (Joseph’s Ancestry)The Virgin Birth of Jesus

Matthew 2

Wise Men from the East Visit Jesus

Were there 3 wise men? The Bible does not specify how many wise men there were, but because they gave Jesus 3 gifts, it is therefore assumed there were 3 wise men.
By the Time the Wise Men Arrive,

Jesus Is No Longer a Baby, But a “Child”

Joseph & Mary take Jesus and Escape to Egypt
Herod Kills All the Boys 2 Years Old & Younger In & Near Bethlehem (Jesus may have been as old as 2 years old)Years Later, Joseph, Mary, & Jesus Leave Egypt
& Move to Nazareth in Galilee

Matthew 3

John the Baptist Prepares the Way & Tells the People: “Repent of Your Sins & Turn to God” [Please note: John baptized onlyADULTS (not babies) since they had to “repent” of their sins]John Baptizes Repentant Sinners IN the Jordan River [they were ALL adults—there were no babies!]

Jesus is Baptized by John [Jesus is about 30 Years Old]


Matthew 4

The Devil Tries to Tempt Christ to Sin

Jesus Begins His Galilean Ministry

Four Fishermen Called as Disciples – Peter & Andrew (brothers), James & John (brothers)
Jesus Preaches the Gospel of the Kingdom & Heals

Matthew 5

The Sermon on the Mount (the Beatitudes)
God’s People Will Inherit the Earth
God’s People Are the Salt & Light of the World
Jesus Says He Didn’t Come to Do Away With (or Set Aside) the Law & That It Would Last Until the Earth Disappears

We Are Not to Set Aside Any of God’s Commandments
Whoever Keeps All of God’s Commands & Teaches Others to do Them — Shall be Great!
When We Hate (or Are Angry with Someone), We Are Committing Murder in Our Heart
Don’t Call Others an Insulting Name
When We Lust After a Married Woman, We Are Committing Adultery in Our Heart
We Must Do Everything We Possibly Can to Make Sure We Don’t Sin [in other words, we are to take sin extremely serious!]Whoever Divorces His Wife for Any Reason (Other Than Sexual Immorality)
Causes Her to Commit Adultery!
And If You Marry a Divorced Woman, Then You Are Committing Adultery!
We Are NOT to Swear — Instead, We Are to Say Either Just “Yes” or “No” (In other words, we are NOT to say: “I swear to...” or “I swear on...”, etc.)
We Are to Go the Second Mile
We Are to Love Our Enemies
We Are to be Perfect (as Our Heavenly Father is)
[This is the 1st time that God is referred to as our Father]


Matthew 6

When You Give to the Poor, Don’t Let Others Know About It (keep it to yourself)
Pray Privately to God (in your room with the door closed)The Model Pray (don’t ramble on & repeat yourself)

Unless We Forgive Others, God Won’t Forgive Us

When Fasting, Wash Your Face & Comb Your Hair

Don’t Store Physical Treasures — Instead Store Up Spiritual Treasures in Heaven (by doing good)
Our Eye is the Lamp of Our Body
We Can NOT Serve 2 Masters: Both God & $$$

Don’t Worry About Food, Clothes, Tomorrow...

First & Foremost We Must Be Concerned About Pleasing God & Entering His Kingdom


Click here to read online

After Being Destroyed, Trump's Walk of Fame Star Multiplies


Donald Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame — destroyed on several occasions by detractors who sometimes wield a pick-ax — mysteriously multiplied over night so that on Thursday morning there were several dozen stars.

The effort comes from a conservative street artist who wishes to remain anonymous, but says he was motivated not only by the destruction of the president's real star, but also a recent unanimous vote by the West Hollywood City Council to recommend the removal of Trump's star due to accusations he has mistreated women.  Read More

Diabetes drug could be used to treat Alzheimer’s

English: Histopathogic image of senile plaques.... (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A drug originally designed to treat diabetes “significantly reversed memory loss” in mice, and has potential for treating Alzheimer’s disease in people, according to British scientists. 

Mice given the drug showed memory improvement and reduced plaque buildup in the brain, a telltale sign of Alzheimer’s. The mice also showed improvement in terms of inflammation and cellular health of the brain.

Findings suggest that the drug “holds clear promise of being developed into a new treatment for chronic neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease,” said senior author Christian Hölscher of Lancaster University in the UK.   MORE

NASCAR CEO Takes Leave of Absence After DUI Arrest

Brian France
The Associated Press

Aug. 7 (UPI) — NASCAR Chairman and CEO Brian France will take an indefinite leave of absence after he was arrested for drunk driving and drug possession in New York.

France was arrested Sunday evening in Sag Harbor Village, N.Y., a wealthy suburb in Long Island, after he allegedly failed to stop at a stop sign. A police officer pulled France over and determined he was intoxicated. The officer also allegedly found France to be in possession of oxycodone pills without a prescription.

For France, 56, this is the second known driving incident for the third-generation NASCAR scion.

In 2006, a witness called 911 after seeing France drive “at a very reckless speed” through downtown Daytona Beach, Fla., before smacking into a tree. By the time police got to France, he was already at home and told them he was drinking a soda when he “bumped into something. Read More

Ford celebrates 10 millionth Mustang while banking on car's draw

© GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA/AFP/File | Molly McQueen, the granddaughter of actor Steve McQueen, introduces the 2018 Ford Mustang Bullitt as it makes its debut at the 2018 North American International Auto Show on January 14, 2018 in Detroit, Michigan


The Ford Mustang -- an iconic American brand and a symbol of cool -- will reach a major milestone Wednesday as the 10 millionth vehicle rolls off an assembly line at a Detroit-area plant.

The car celebrated in American song and film, and recognized the world over as an iconic American cultural export, will get a big party at Ford's Michigan headquarters.    MORE


The total Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Russia last year was $1.5 trillion. The GDP of California was $2.5 trillion almost twice as much. Other than having nuclear arms, Russia is a weak nation, financially and militarily. The war in Syria has tied up most of its modern equipment and its trained special forces. So far, Russia has lost at least four military aircraft in Syria that we know of, and that does not include helicopters.

Russia has no blue-water navy. The only smoke-billowing aircraft carrier Russia has is so outdated, it barely made it to the Mediterranean for a tour of duty and then lost one of its aircraft because of a failure to catch it on landing. America has 11 nuclear-powered aircraft carriers with the most sophisticated aircraft ever built, and nine more small carriers for vertical take-off aircraft.

For every operational armored vehicle and tank Russia has, NATO has four. For every operational war plane Russia has, NATO has three. Most Russian fighters and bombers are decades old and not really war-ready. America’s National Guard has better and more modern equipment than the Russian Army.

Russia has 150 million people and a declining population. The United States is the third-most populous nation in the world with 330 million people, and more arriving daily. The manufacturing base in Russia is decaying, while America turns out the most advanced technology the world has ever seen.

Read more

Dianne Feinstein’s Longtime Driver Was a Chinese Spy

NO TV MEDIA is covering this, too worried about TRUMP and RUSSIA!

Bob Barney from John of Oregon : Feinstein and boxer made millions off of china ocean shipping co.  They themselves planted the spies. Dont think for a second this was by accident. You cannot tell me the ranking member of the intelligence committee didnt know this. Number two ron wyden employed a spy for sadam and one for the taliban and gave them access. The spies go to prison but the deep state protects the senators.  Its all a corrupt lie. Democrats worked with hitler and stalin. Alger hiss was a spy. Its decades of communism.


An alleged Chinese spy reportedly infiltrated Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s (D-CA) office by posing as her driver for 20 years, according to multiple reports.

Reports from Politico and the San Francisco Chronicle revealed the alleged Chinese government mole posed as a staffer in Feinstein’s San Francisco office— serving as the California Democrat’s driver, Asian-American community liaison, and stand-in for the senator at Chinese consulate events.

Politico reported that the staffer allegedly delivered non-top-secret political intelligence to Chinese consulate officials in San Francisco. Five years ago, the FBI told Feinstein—who served as chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee—that her staffer was a spy.   READ MORE

From Florida to Idaho: 9 U.S. Destinations to Visit in 2018

Salida, Colorado

Salida, Colorado

Photo: Alamy

While major U.S. cities may attract top chefs, artists, and hospitality groups, America’s small towns are becoming increasingly cool. With enough cultural attractions to rival any big city and retrofitted motels that will pique even the most refined traveler’s interest, here are the not-to-miss U.S. destinations quickly rising in popularity among today’s jet set. Now is your chance to get to them before everyone else.

Salida, Colorado
Located less than three hours south of Denver, Salida is the quaint mountain town of your dreams. It’s home to Colorado’s highest concentration of 14,000-foot mountains, so there’s no shortage of routes and trailheads to choose from. Within an hour drive, there are four public hot springs and plenty of picture-perfect bike trails for summer; you can ski and dogsled in the winter. Tuft & Needle mattresses and Malin+Goetz amenities await at Amigo Motor Lodge, a newly renovated 1950s boutique motel. When you’re not swinging in a hammock chair or relaxing in the property’s teepee, hot tub, or sun room, visit Salida’s historic downtown. Begin your morning at Howl Mercantile & Coffee. Fuel up with a cold brew while browsing the shop’s selection of handmade goods, many of which are produced by Colorado artists. For lunch, try one of 60 hearty creations at Sweetie’s Sandwich Shop, grab dessert at The Biker & The Baker, and end your evening sipping porters and ales at Soulcraft Brewing.

Click here to see all 9

FOUND: Ernest Hemingway story written in 1956 about wartime Paris

A little-known Ernest Hemingway story written back in 1956 about wartime Paris has just been published for the first time. 

The themes and trappings of 'A Room on the Garden Side' are familiar for a Hemingway narrative: Paris, wartime, talk of books and wine and the scars of battle.

But the story itself has remained virtually unknown beyond the scholarly community for decades.

The brief, World War II-era fiction appears this week in the summer edition of The Strand Magazine, a literary quarterly that has released obscure works by Raymond Chandler, John Steinbeck and others.

'Hemingway's deep love for his favorite city as it is just emerging from Nazi occupation is on full display, as are the hallmarks of his prose,' Strand Managing Editor Andrew F. Gulli wrote in an editorial note.

Ernest Hemingway's story 'A Room on the Garden Side', which he wrote back in 1956 about wartime Paris, has just been published for the first time. He is pictured above in 1950 

Ernest Hemingway's story 'A Room on the Garden Side', which he wrote back in 1956 about wartime Paris, has just been published for the first time. He is pictured above in 1950 

Kirk Curnutt, a board member of The Hemingway Society, contributed an afterword for the Strand, saying that 'the story contains all the trademark elements readers love in Hemingway.'   MORE