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Man set to be first to have farm seized in South Africa calls it theft

‘I have the right to defend my property by force. And I will’: EXCLUSIVE – White farmer who is set to become the first to have his £10m game reserve seized says South Africa’s land grab policy is THEFT

Johan Steenkamp, 67, says his £10million game reserve in South African is being seized by the government
He claims he bought uninhabited and unused land 20 years ago, but a tribe claims land is theirs
He has been fighting to stop government buying it for 'below value' and has now been told to give it up
President Cyril Ramaphosa is trying to accelerate land expropriation in South Africa
New policy will see farmland owned by white farmers seized by the government without payment
Steenkamp calls it 'theft' and says government just wants to mine for coal and won't give it to poor blacks