The Putin Double Standard


Mike Exton

image from because the Koran refers to Jews & Christians as “people of the book” does NOT mean Muslims worship the God of the Bible. They do NOT. Historically speaking, Allah was just one (the “moon god”) of the hundreds of different gods in the pagan polytheistic religion that most Arabs worshiped. When Muhammad came along in about 600 A.D. he then continued to worship this pagan “moon god” along with all the other pagan gods (“sun god,” “fertility god,” “agriculture god,” etc.).

Eventually Muhammad started his own religion and worshiped only this pagan “moon god,” and not any of the others. Eventually he would go on to TERRORIZE all those who wouldn’t accept his false violent religion. After robbing, kidnapping, enslaving, and killing thousands of innocent people, his demonic religion then spread throughout the Middle East and beyond.

The name of this false god is Allah (or the “moon god”), while the name of our Creator (the true God) is YHWH (the “Eternal One). There is a night and day difference between the two. Allah has the attributes of Satan, while our Creator has the attributes of Jesus Christ. One is extremely evil (Allah/Satan) while the true God (our Creator) is extremely good. Please do not mix up the two.

Unfortunately, many “Christian” religions do NOT worship the true God either. They SAY they do, but of course their actions speak louder than their words (think “crusades,” “inquisition,” etc.). So, when I say the true God (our Creator) is the total opposite of Allah/Satan, I am not referring to the god that most Christians (and Jews) worship. Most Christians & Jews SAY they worship the true God (our Creator), the God of the Bible, but they do NOT. Most (just like the Muslims) instead follow the “god of this world” (Satan the devil), but insist (just like Muslims) that they are following the true God, our Creator.

So, I don't blame others for not believing in either the god of the Muslims or the god that most “Christians” follow, for they are indeed the same god (Satan the devil). But the TRUE God of the Bible is a much different God indeed. If people would only give Him a try by ACTUALLY DOING WHAT HE SAYS & ACTUALLY FOLLOWING THE EXAMPLE OF CHRIST BY LIVING THEIR LIVES THE SAME WAY HE DID, then the world would be a much better place. But unfortunately, this is NEVER going to happen. At least not

now, in Satan's world.

Yes, the Bible says that this world is Satan's world—since almost everyone (including so-called “Christians”) do indeed follow this false evil being. But soon Jesus Christ will return and put an end to Satan's rule (with all of his evil lies and wicked deceptions). Then, and only then, will this world finally enjoy true joy, peace, and prosperity for all. Not to mention TRUE religion. For at that time the false religions of this world (including Hindi, Muslim, Judaism, Buddhists, etc. and yes—even the so-called “Christianity” of this world that today MASQUERADES as the true Christianity of the Bible) will no longer be tolerated. What a magnificent world it will be, as TRUTH will at last triumph!

May God speed that day!! A time of peace, prosperity, and incredible joy throughout the entire world, for once and for all!!!

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