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Don't be surprised to find that the FBI had spies in Hillary's Campaign too!

image from     Many of my Trump supporting friends are not going to like this opinion piece, but I will wager today, that within a year or two, if not even sooner, we are going to learn that the Deep State was also monitoring Hillary's campaign as well.  One of my beefs with Fox News and the pro-Trumper movement is that they are too easily distracted by fake news, only to look stupid when the main stream media (MSM) proves the opposite of what they were reporting before.  It is not plausible for me to believe that the Deep State and justice department was not spying on the Clinton campaign as well as Trump's, and here is why:

I have never heard a rational explanation why the pro-Hillary FBI director James Comey came out last summer and announced that Hillary broke the law and there was an ongoing investigation.   If he truly wanted Hillary to win, why did he do this?  Remember, at the time it was the liberals in the media and Congress that was demanding Loretta Lynch to fire Comey!   What happened to this story?   Read on...

Did Bill Clinton summon Loretta Lynch or was it the other way around? 

image from     Much has been made of the Bill Clinton/Loretta Lynch meeting on the tarmac in Arizona, with most thinking it was Bill Clinton who arranged the meeting and was pressuring Lynch - But could it have been the other way around?  Did the FBI and Justice department have spies in the the Clinton campaign reporting back that Hillary was going to wipe the Obama-ites out of her cabinet, and that they wanted the Clinton's to know that they were not going to tolerate her running off the plantation?  Was the threat made to Bill, by Loretta, instead of the other way around?  I think so.

     Many readers may not realize that although the Deep state wanted a Clinton presidency, they did not want it at the expense of their power!  Comey's message about the Clinton investigation was a threat to Hillary and company to get back on the reservation, or she would be hurting.  They were never fearful of a Trump win, as they thought at the time that it was an impossibility.  All they wanted was Clinton to get scared!   Everything backfired when they realized by the fall that Trump might win.  That's when Comey and company, along with the justice department ratcheted up their spying on Trump as an insurance policy.

The Deep State is bigger than the Clintons:

       This may come as a surprise to you, but the Deep State, which is comprised of the CIA, NSA, FBI, Justice department, the Fortune 100 companies, billionaires, and the media are bigger than the Clinton cartel and MORE DANGEROUS!  The Deep State has as many Republicans in it as Democrats.  People like John McCain, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell have more in common with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama than they do with you and me - and yes Donald Trump.

     In the fall of 2016, I believe God entered the scene and corrupted the Deep State's ability to do what they do. That is concentrate total control over the world's population into their very small group of members.

Deep State Victims:

image from     Trump advisor, Roger Stone's book The Man Who Killed Kennedy – The Case Against LBJ destroys the official narrative as it lays out how Vice President Lyndon Johnson, with the assistance of the Central Intelligence Agency, the mob and Big Texas Oil, orchestrated the murder of our 37th President.We know that Lyndon Johnson’s “strong right arm” Bobby Baker, the Secretary of the Senate, told a Kennedy associate “John Kennedy will not live out his term and will die a violent death” during a freezing cold Inauguration Day blizzard in 1961. 

Richard Nixon thought Lyndon Johnson killed John F. Kennedy, according to legendary political operative Roger Stone.  “Richard Nixon told me in 1982 that he immediately knew who Jack Ruby was when he saw him shoot Oswald,” Stone told The Daily Caller in an extensive interview.    Stone makes the compelling case that General Alexander Haig orchestrated Nixon’s removal from office in a coup d’état and brokered the deal for his pardon. Finally the public will learn what is on the 18 ½ minute gap in the White House Tapes.

Stone, a Washington Insider for forty years, outlines why FBI Man Mark Felt is not deep throat ( a position that I have taken for over 30 years- there was NEVER a DEEP THROAT) , why there is no deep throat, and why Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein lie about it even today. Stone reveals how Nixon used the dark secrets he knew to avoid prosecution by blackmailing Gerald Ford for a full, free and unconditional pardon. Nixon’s secret would not only destroy his presidency—it would save him from prison and allow him to launch his final comeback—advising President Bill Clinton on Foreign Affairs despite Hillary’s attempts to block him and her being fired from the 1974 House Impeachment Committee for lying and violating Nixon’s rights.

image from     As for the Reagan shooting, why did George H.W. Bush and his cabinet determine that John W. Hinckley Jr. — the man who in 1981 tried to kill the newly inaugurated President Ronald Reagan — was a lone nut, and no conspiracy, foreign or domestic, was involved? How did they arrive at this conclusion just five hours after the shooting, without any thorough examination? Why won’t the Federal Bureau of Investigation release its documents on the shooter?

     I bet you did not know that NBC's John Chancellor, eyebrows raised, informed the viewers of NBC Nightly News that the brother of the man who tried to kill the president was acquainted with the son of the man who would have become president if the attack had been successful!   As a matter of fact, Chancellor said in a bewildered tone, Scott Hinckley and Neil Bush had been scheduled to have dinner together at the home of the vice president's son the very next night. And, of course, the engagement had been canceled. . . 

     In conclusion, I predict that it will come out that the FBI was also spying on Clinton.  It will help the Deep State convince you and me that they were equally watch both campaign's for Russian collusion. A BOLD FACED LIE, but Fox and Trump supporter will have egg on their face, and the majority will be relieved that the FBI was there to protect us from the enemy!  Time will tell.