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Are there indications of a Second Coming of a Messiah in the Old Testament?

image from ministry127.comIt has been claimed by both Jews and Bible critics that the Old Testament says nothing about a Messiah who would come twice. In other words, the New Testament teaching of a Second Coming is nowhere indicated in the Old Testament. The purpose of this article, as shouldn't be surprising, is to show that such a teaching is indicated from the text of the Old Testament.

There are not many verses clearly pointing to a Messiah in the Old Testament. Of those that do, it is unquestionable that all are simply prophecies of a Messiah; they don't directly indicate that these prophecies apply to a first or second coming of this Messiah. However, the chapters containing Messianic prophecies in the book of Daniel, when compared to each other, indirectly support the belief of a Second Coming. The first reference to the Messiah in this book is Daniel 7:13. This verse says:
"I saw in the night visions, and behold, with the clouds of heaven there came one like a son of man, and he came to the Ancient of Days and was presented before him." (RSV)
Verse 14 then says:
"And to him was given dominion and glory and kingdom, that all peoples, nations, and languages should serve him; his dominion is an everlasting dominion, which shall not pass away, and his kingdom one that shall not be destroyed."
Certainly if we don't look at the rest of Daniel these verses would be taken as a prophecy of the first and only coming of the Messiah. If anything, one would think that these verses show that there could be no Second Coming, as verse 14 speaks of Him receiving everlasting dominion. The reasoning would be that it wouldn't make much sense that at the first coming the Messiah would not receive everlasting dominion. He should receive everything that the verse says He will receive the first time He comes. If not, why not? It's difficult to believe that a Messiah could come the first time and not receive everything promised. Personally I think that at the time of the first coming Christ did receive such things, though the kingdom that would not be destroyed didn't come then. To refute the above argument, I need to appeal to other texts. Let's look at the next prophecy of the Messiah.

Daniel 9:24-27 contains prophecy regarding the first coming of an anointed one, or Messiah. These verses say:
"Seventy weeks of years are decreed concerning your people and your holy city, to finish the transgression, to put an end to sin, and to atone for iniquity, to bring in everlasting righteousness, to seal both vision and prophet, and to anoint a most holy place. Know therefore and understand that from the going forth of the word to restore and build Jerusalem to the coming of an anointed one, a prince, there shall be seven weeks. Then for sixty-two weeks it shall be built again with squares and moat, but in a troubled time. And after the sixty-two weeks, an anointed one shall be cut off, and shall have nothing; and the people of the prince who is to come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary. Its end shall come with a flood, and to the end there shall be war; desolations are decreed. And he shall make a strong covenant with many for one week; and for half of the week he shall cause sacrifice and offering to cease; and upon the wing of abominations shall come one who makes desolate, until the decreed end is poured out on the desolator."


A new supervolcano is brewing under Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire

Something unexpected has been gradually making itself known to geologists in the United States. A huge mass of molten rock is creeping upwards beneath the nation’s north eastern states.

“The upwelling we detected is like a hot-air balloon, and we infer that something is rising up through the deeper part of our planet under New England,” says Rutgers University geophysicist Professor Vadim Levin.

Traces of the brooding mass only became evident through a large-scale new seismic study.    The idea that there may be a super volcano brewing under Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire is something of a surprise.

“Our study challenges the established notion of how the continents on which we live behave,” Professor Levin says. “It challenges the textbook concepts taught in introductory geology classes.”

The region is geologically stable. There are no active volcanoes.   READ MORE

THIS DAY IN HISTORY – Battle of Little Bighorn – 1876


On this day in 1876, Native American forces led by Chiefs Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull defeat the U.S. Army troops of Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer in a bloody battle near southern Montana’s Little Bighorn River.

  image from

Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull, leaders of the Sioux tribe on the Great Plains, strongly resisted the mid-19th-century efforts of the U.S. government to confine their people to reservations. In 1875, after gold was discovered in South Dakota’s Black Hills, the U.S. Army ignored previous treaty agreements and invaded the region. This betrayal led many Sioux and Cheyenne tribesmen to leave their reservations and join Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse in Montana. By the late spring of 1876, more than 10,000 Native Americans had gathered in a camp along the Little Bighorn River–which they called the Greasy Grass–in defiance of a U.S. War Department order to return to their reservations or risk being attacked.

In mid-June, three columns of U.S. soldiers lined up against the camp and prepared to march. A force of 1,200 Native Americans turned back the first column on June 17. Five days later, General Alfred Terry ordered Custer’s 7th Cavalry to scout ahead for enemy troops. On the morning of June 25, Custer drew near the camp and decided to press on ahead rather than wait for reinforcements.

At mid-day, Custer’s 600 men entered the Little Bighorn Valley. Among the Native Americans, word quickly spread of the impending attack. The older Sitting Bull rallied the warriors and saw to the safety of the women and children, while Crazy Horse set off with a large force to meet the attackers head on. Despite Custer’s desperate attempts to regroup his men, they were quickly overwhelmed. Custer and some 200 men in his battalion were attacked by as many as 3,000 Native Americans; within an hour, Custer and every last one of his soldier were dead.

The Battle of Little Bighorn–also called Custer’s Last Stand–marked the most decisive Native American victory and the worst U.S. Army defeat in the long Plains Indian War. The gruesome fate of Custer and his men outraged many white Americans and confirmed their image of the Indians as wild and bloodthirsty. Meanwhile, the U.S. government increased its efforts to subdue the tribes. Within five years, almost all of the Sioux and Cheyenne would be confined to reservations.

What is the historical evidence that Jesus Christ lived and died?

Today some claim that Jesus is just an idea, rather than a real historical figure, but there is a good deal of written evidence for his existence 2,000 years ago

… Robert Powell as Jesus of Nazareth in the 1977 TV miniseries.
Christ alive … Robert Powell as Jesus of Nazareth in 1977. Photograph: ITV/Rex

How confident can we be that Jesus Christ actually lived?

The historical evidence for Jesus of Nazareth is both long-established and widespread. Within a few decades of his supposed lifetime, he is mentioned by Jewish and Roman historians, as well as by dozens of Christian writings. Compare that with, for example, King Arthur, who supposedly lived around AD500. The major historical source for events of that time does not even mention Arthur, and he is first referred to 300 or 400 years after he is supposed to have lived. The evidence for Jesus is not limited to later folklore, as are accounts of Arthur.

What do Christian writings tell us?

The value of this evidence is that it is both early and detailed. The first Christian writings to talk about Jesus are the epistles of St Paul, and scholars agree that the earliest of these letters were written within 25 years of Jesus’s death at the very latest, while the detailed biographical accounts of Jesus in the New Testament gospels date from around 40 years after he died. These all appeared within the lifetimes of numerous eyewitnesses, and provide descriptions that comport with the culture and geography of first-century Palestine. It is also difficult to imagine why Christian writers would invent such a thoroughly Jewish saviour figure in a time and place – under the aegis of the Roman empire – where there was strong suspicion of Judaism.

What did non-Christian authors say about Jesus?   Read the rest here

Also Read The Jesus you have never known.  


The Real Jesus - You may be Surprised!

Who Is Jesus??

Men have debated, discussed, and even denied who Jesus is. But who is this Jesus, anyway? Was He just a good man? Was He simply a charismatic and influential religious teacher? Was He God as He claimed and His followers believed Him to be? Was He a fraud and cosmic trickster? Or is He truly whom He claimed to be, the Only Savior of the world? 

Then comes someone's idea of the Ecumenical Movement. It is a clarion call in the religious world for all religions to come together for the purpose of fostering world peace. Recognizing the dire and profound conflicts, rifts, and mistrust existing among the several faith factions, the promoters of this coming-together movement feel that greater peace can be achieved if all religions become united. Essentially, their argument is that if each faith group, by casting aside their peculiar points of doctrines, can indeed unite and usher in a season of universal peace. They conclude that, at the very core of spirituality, they all worship the same God and would thus find salvation through whomever each group recognizes as its god.
But, this line of thinking places the sincere Christian in a real predicament; for Jesus Christ, the Founder of their religion, declared quite emphatically, "I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, no one cometh unto the Father but by Me (John 14:6).  Find out here who Jesus truly is.

Trump announces new military 'Space Force'

Trump says he is directing the Pentagon to create a 'Space Force'

President Donald Trump pledged to revive the US space program, pledging to revive the country's flagging efforts, return to the moon and eventually send a manned mission that would reach Mars. The president framed space as a national security issue, saying he does not want 'China and Russia and other countries leading us'. Trump had previously suggested the possibility of creating a space unit that would include portions equivalent to parts of the Air Force, Army and Navy. But his directive will task the Defense Department to begin the process of establishing the Space Force as the sixth branch of the US armed forces.

Isaiah 58 The Mission of The Plain Truth

Theplaintruth900Although we are not a religious site, or a church, but rather a news site, we do have a mission statement. What we do is what no other news organization does- believe in the God, and understand that God control every aspect of the news. Just like all of us today understand the role of viruses and bacteria as the cause of many diseases, it is our mission to show our readers that everything that happens in the news, or has happened in the past has a spiritual aspect dimension. Now that may be a spiritual aspect from God, or for that matter the Devil; But there is an unseen world that controls our universe. To deny that unseen world, would be to deny that jumping of a skyscraper broke the physical law of science and ultimately was the reason that someone who jumped died. Just because modern news has taken God out of the news, does not make the existence of God and God's part in the news any less important. Our job is to show our readers the God side of the news (or in many cases, the Devil's unseen role). Are you aware that according to God's Word the Devil is in charge of this world today, and controls the airwaves? Read for yourself: Ephesians 2:2 and 2 Corinthians 4:4.


The following is our commission that we publish... The words are God's (actually Jesus', The LORD Yahweh of the OT), and NOT MINE. Read the words for yourself. They are God's words IN RED to you! (in the NLT translation- I added the red).


Continue reading "Isaiah 58 The Mission of The Plain Truth" »

What Are ‘Fire Rainbows’? Colorful Sight Seen In Clouds Over New England

BOSTON (CBS) – There was an unusual sight in the blue skies over New England this week – an apparent rainbow in the clouds.

The National Weather Service noted the presence of what some call “fire rainbows,” which are technically circumhorizontal arcs.

“It looks like a rainbow, but it’s actually a halo,” WBZ-TV’s Chief Meteorologist Eric Fisher explains. “Essentially you have ice crystals in these high clouds that create these large halos. This particularly variety only happens when the sun is very high in the sky, so around mid-day and mostly in the warm season here in New England.”

A woman in New Hampshire captured a particularly vivid fire rainbow at Rye Beach on Wednesday.

fire rainbow rye What Are Fire Rainbows? Colorful Sight Seen In Clouds Over New England

“A lot of people were seeing them over the past few days,” WBZ-TV meteorologist Dave Epstein noted.

WBZ viewer Kathy Diamontopolous she was just walking out to her car Wednesday and was “amazed” at what she saw.


The Disturbing Rise of the Islamic State

This is the formation of the King of the South mentioned in the Book of Daniel

United Muslim States map
The Coming United States of Islam will cover much of The Middle East and Africa

The Islamic State is conquering cities in Syria and Iraq with disturbing frequency and tens of thousands of Christians and Yazidis are fleeing. The US has begun air strikes, but the Islamists are benefiting from instability in both countries. By Katrin Kuntz and Christoph Reuter  more... 

'12th Imam,' Key Facet Of Islamic Prophecy, Fuels Middle East Turmoil

The King of the South, talked about in Daniel chapter 11, is a leader of a United States of Islam, and may either claim to be the 12th Iman, or will designate one to his liking.  This is FUTURE HISTORY, and will happen!

image from encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.comAmong the nearly 68 million people in Iran, the vast majority are Muslim who place their hope not in modern-day politics or rulers but in a person who walked the earth centuries ago and is promised to return.

“Both Islam and Christianity have a very well-defined eschatology, or period of the last days; both of them cannot be correct …,” said William Wagner, senior professor at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary and author of the book, “How Islam Plans to Change the World.”

A majority of Shiite Muslims traditionally believe that the “12th Imam” (Islamic religious leader), born in 868 A.D., was placed by God into hiding (known as occultation) until the day of judgment. Southern Baptist author and evangelist Anis Shorrosh explained that many Shiites also refer to the 12th Imam as the Mahdi, an Arabic word that generally references a messiah, or a guide.

“This man will come to show them the way, because the prayer of every Muslim five times a day … ends with ‘Show us the right path, not the path of those who have incurred your anger or those who are lost, but those upon whom grace has come,’” Shorrosh said.

Though most strains of Islam have a belief in the Mahdi, Shiites traditionally believe he is Mohammed ibn Hasan, the 12th in the line of imams who were descendents of the prophet Mohammed. Though they do not know when the Mahdi will return, they believe he will come to end the misery of his people. Some strains of Islam even hold a belief that Jesus will be the Mahdi who will return and proclaim Islam as the true religion.

“Satan always tries to duplicate everything that God does,” Wagner said, “and I believe he has created his own eschatology that is somewhat similar to that of Christianity, but false enough to where it is apparent that it is not the truth.”

Ray Tallman, director of the school of intercultural studies at Golden Gate Seminary, noted that the major eschatological question for Shiite Muslims is when the Mahdi’s return will take place -– and many hold the belief that the time is near. The increasing clash with Israel and that with Christianity are two indications to Shiites that the Mahdi’s return could be near, said Tallman, who spent seven years as the international director for Arab World Ministries.

“All of that is sort of a sign of the times that now it has come to this, and that what is actually being done now out of hate has an eschatological sign of promise to it,” Tallman said of the Shiite view.

Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been cited by various news sources as not only believing in the eventual return of the Mahdi, but that the return is near and that it is the responsibility of the Iranian government to prepare the country for his return.


Read The Article in Full

Father pulls his son from the burning wreck at South Boston Speedway

An out of control driver had to be rescued by his father after getting trapped in his burning car while racing around the track. Mike Jones spiralled out of control and was sent crashing into the walls after he collided into another motorist, before his car went up in flames. 

He managed to drag his son through the window after he had spent around 25 seconds trapped in the blaze.

Despite his son being saved from danger, the heroic father returned to try to help track safety staff put out the inferno!

Mike Jones spiralled out of control and was sent crashing into the walls after he collided into another motorist, before his car went up in flames at South Boston Speedway in Virginia


WASHINGTON – Science has lots of ideas about the ancient catastrophic climate change that almost all agree occurred to create the world’s biggest desert in Arabia.
image from

There are as many theories about what happened as when it happened.

What’s not very well-known even by Bible scholars is what the Bible says – or at least suggests.

The Book of Isaiah chapter 21:13 references “the forest of Arabia shall ye tarry all night, even in the ways of Dedanites.” The Hebrew word behind the English “forest” is ya’ar, which generally means forest. Most every older Bible translation renders it “forest,” while some modern ones translate it to “desert” or “thicket” – probably because they can’t imagine there was once a forest in Arabia.

Yet, many scientists, including secular ones, are not only acknowledging that as a fact, some are suggesting it could have been so only a few thousand years ago.

That raises the question as to whether it was indeed a forest in the renowned Isaiah’s time. Even more interesting is the fact that another biblical prophet, Jeremiah, who lived about 100 years after Isaiah, has this to say in Jeremiah 3:2-3: “Lift up thine eyes unto the high places, and see where thou hast not been lien with. In the ways hast thou sat for them, as the Arabian in the wilderness; and thou hast polluted the land with thy whoredoms and with thy wickedness. Therefore the showers have been withholden, and there hath been no latter rain; and thou hadst a whore’s forehead, thou refusedst to be ashamed.”

In other words, Jeremiah, quoting what God spoke to him, wrote that the Arabian forest of Isaiah’s time became a desert because of a Divine judgment. And it’s not the only well-known, sprawling desert in the world that was previously forested.

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Jeremiah suggests rainfall in Arabia stopped in his time or before. Could the destruction of an Arabian forest have occurred only 2,700 years ago? Is this biblical evidence of just such a possibility?

One recent scientific paper suggests there could have been an Arabian forest instead of desert between 10,000 and 12,000 years ago.

It sparked popular news stories with 2015 headlines like this by the BBC: “Arabia was once a lush paradise of grass and woodlands.”

Other scientists are jumping in to support this conclusion, including the idea that there were lakes and rivers in Arabia thousands of years ago.


North Koreans 'see Trump pictured for the FIRST time' as state-run media lauds Kim Jong-un's meeting with the president

North Koreans see Trump for the FIRST time in state-run media

Rodong Sinmun, the official paper of the Central Committee of the ruling Workers' Party of Korea, featured 33 photos of the country's leader Kim Jong-un and the US President. Curious North Koreans (left) were able to see a picture of the US President for the first time in a newspaper that has previously called America a 'gangster-like imperialist' and 'cancer-like entity'.In one photo on the summit coverage front page, Trump was featured gesturing the way forward for Kim Jong-un, while four of the eight photos on the front page featured them shaking hands.The appearance of the US president in the North Korean media comes after he appeared to pave the way for more meetings with Kim, including a possible visit to the White House.

7 new tick viruses to worry about with 'big epidemic' of bugs in much of the country

English: A researcher collecting ticks in the ...English: A researcher collecting ticks in the field using the tick dragging method. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A recent afternoon walk turned into a tick attack for a Massachusetts man.

As community forester Derek Lirange was hiking around the Tower Hill Botanic Gardens in Worcester on May 16, he spotted a few ticks on his pants. Within a few more minutes, there were five or six more ticks, followed by more and more. By the end of the hike, he counted 26 ticks.

I hadn't taken every precaution, such as spraying with insect repellent, but I was wearing long pants and socks," the 26-year-old told TODAY. "It was a creepy, ongoing discovery."

Luckily, none had embedded. But the spike of the tick population in the gardens led to the cancellation of a spring walk around the reservoir.

Welcome to the new tick season. No one knows exactly how many ticks are out there, but the skyrocketing cases of tick-borne diseases recently reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides indirect evidence that the little bloodsuckers are becoming more numerous, said Alfaro Toledo, an assistant professor in the department of entomology at Rutgers University. 

"It's a big epidemic affecting the entire East Coast," said Toledo. "Witness the spread of the deer tick to the north and west."

And it's not just deer ticks we now have to worry about. The numbers of Lone Star ticks, which can trigger an allergy to red meat, are also on the rise and their habitat continues to expand, Toledo says.

In its recent report, the CDC said there have been seven new tick-borne viruses discovered to infect people since 2004.      READ MORE

No End in Sight for Germany’s New Military Budget

The revival of The Holy Roman Empire in the making.. Germany prepares for a massive military increase.

image from

Germany’s military wants more money. Exactly how much money it will receive is a divisive subject within the new government.

United States President Donald Trump continues to demand that Germany spend 2 percent of its gross domestic product on its military. Doing so would cause German military spending to parallel that of Russia’s at $69 billion.

In 2017, Germany increased its military budget by 3.5 percent to $44.3 billion. It pledged to boost the defense budget by around $6.5 billion over the next four years. But in light of “outstanding requirements and need for modernization,” the Defense Ministry describes the additional $6.5 billion as “inadequate.”

German newspaper Bild reported on April 29 that Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen is trying to hold the federal government to ransom to get more cash. In 2019, she says, the military budget should be increased by $3.5 billion; in 2020, by $4.7 billion; and in 2021, by another $5.9 billion. Those increases would raise Germany’s defense budget by $14 billion, which would bring it up to nearly $70 billion.

“This is about the future capability of our armed forces and Germany’s ability to stand by our allies,” von der Leyen said.

A recent revelation should give von der Leyen’s demand even greater urgency. Der Spiegelreported that only four out of Germany’s 128 Eurofighters are currently ready for combat. But concerns were already on the rise earlier this year. The British Telegraph reported:

A parliamentary watchdog warned in February that equipment shortages are putting Germany’s ability to meet its nato commitements “in question.” Only 95 of the German Army’s 244 Leopard main battle tanks were operational at the time because of maintenance issues. None of the German Navy’s six submarines were operational at the end of last year, and only nine of a planned 15 frigates were in service. None of the Luftwaffe’s 14 A400M transport aircraft were airworthy on several occasions last year, and replacement aircraft had to be chartered to bring serving troops home.

If she doesn’t get her way, von der Leyen is threatening to end joint arms deals with France and Norway. Germany is currently building submarines for Norway, while Norway provides antiship missiles. Germany’s arms industry is also working on six C130 Hercules aircraft for a joint military transport squadron with France. If von der Leyen pulls out, the German arms industry will suffer and Chancellor Angela Merkel will have to deal with the diplomatic fallout.    Read More

Don't be surprised to find that the FBI had spies in Hillary's Campaign too!

image from     Many of my Trump supporting friends are not going to like this opinion piece, but I will wager today, that within a year or two, if not even sooner, we are going to learn that the Deep State was also monitoring Hillary's campaign as well.  One of my beefs with Fox News and the pro-Trumper movement is that they are too easily distracted by fake news, only to look stupid when the main stream media (MSM) proves the opposite of what they were reporting before.  It is not plausible for me to believe that the Deep State and justice department was not spying on the Clinton campaign as well as Trump's, and here is why:

I have never heard a rational explanation why the pro-Hillary FBI director James Comey came out last summer and announced that Hillary broke the law and there was an ongoing investigation.   If he truly wanted Hillary to win, why did he do this?  Remember, at the time it was the liberals in the media and Congress that was demanding Loretta Lynch to fire Comey!   What happened to this story?   Read on...

Did Bill Clinton summon Loretta Lynch or was it the other way around? 

image from     Much has been made of the Bill Clinton/Loretta Lynch meeting on the tarmac in Arizona, with most thinking it was Bill Clinton who arranged the meeting and was pressuring Lynch - But could it have been the other way around?  Did the FBI and Justice department have spies in the the Clinton campaign reporting back that Hillary was going to wipe the Obama-ites out of her cabinet, and that they wanted the Clinton's to know that they were not going to tolerate her running off the plantation?  Was the threat made to Bill, by Loretta, instead of the other way around?  I think so.

     Many readers may not realize that although the Deep state wanted a Clinton presidency, they did not want it at the expense of their power!  Comey's message about the Clinton investigation was a threat to Hillary and company to get back on the reservation, or she would be hurting.  They were never fearful of a Trump win, as they thought at the time that it was an impossibility.  All they wanted was Clinton to get scared!   Everything backfired when they realized by the fall that Trump might win.  That's when Comey and company, along with the justice department ratcheted up their spying on Trump as an insurance policy.

The Deep State is bigger than the Clintons:

       This may come as a surprise to you, but the Deep State, which is comprised of the CIA, NSA, FBI, Justice department, the Fortune 100 companies, billionaires, and the media are bigger than the Clinton cartel and MORE DANGEROUS!  The Deep State has as many Republicans in it as Democrats.  People like John McCain, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell have more in common with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama than they do with you and me - and yes Donald Trump.

     In the fall of 2016, I believe God entered the scene and corrupted the Deep State's ability to do what they do. That is concentrate total control over the world's population into their very small group of members.

Deep State Victims:

image from     Trump advisor, Roger Stone's book The Man Who Killed Kennedy – The Case Against LBJ destroys the official narrative as it lays out how Vice President Lyndon Johnson, with the assistance of the Central Intelligence Agency, the mob and Big Texas Oil, orchestrated the murder of our 37th President.We know that Lyndon Johnson’s “strong right arm” Bobby Baker, the Secretary of the Senate, told a Kennedy associate “John Kennedy will not live out his term and will die a violent death” during a freezing cold Inauguration Day blizzard in 1961. 

Richard Nixon thought Lyndon Johnson killed John F. Kennedy, according to legendary political operative Roger Stone.  “Richard Nixon told me in 1982 that he immediately knew who Jack Ruby was when he saw him shoot Oswald,” Stone told The Daily Caller in an extensive interview.    Stone makes the compelling case that General Alexander Haig orchestrated Nixon’s removal from office in a coup d’état and brokered the deal for his pardon. Finally the public will learn what is on the 18 ½ minute gap in the White House Tapes.

Stone, a Washington Insider for forty years, outlines why FBI Man Mark Felt is not deep throat ( a position that I have taken for over 30 years- there was NEVER a DEEP THROAT) , why there is no deep throat, and why Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein lie about it even today. Stone reveals how Nixon used the dark secrets he knew to avoid prosecution by blackmailing Gerald Ford for a full, free and unconditional pardon. Nixon’s secret would not only destroy his presidency—it would save him from prison and allow him to launch his final comeback—advising President Bill Clinton on Foreign Affairs despite Hillary’s attempts to block him and her being fired from the 1974 House Impeachment Committee for lying and violating Nixon’s rights.

image from     As for the Reagan shooting, why did George H.W. Bush and his cabinet determine that John W. Hinckley Jr. — the man who in 1981 tried to kill the newly inaugurated President Ronald Reagan — was a lone nut, and no conspiracy, foreign or domestic, was involved? How did they arrive at this conclusion just five hours after the shooting, without any thorough examination? Why won’t the Federal Bureau of Investigation release its documents on the shooter?

     I bet you did not know that NBC's John Chancellor, eyebrows raised, informed the viewers of NBC Nightly News that the brother of the man who tried to kill the president was acquainted with the son of the man who would have become president if the attack had been successful!   As a matter of fact, Chancellor said in a bewildered tone, Scott Hinckley and Neil Bush had been scheduled to have dinner together at the home of the vice president's son the very next night. And, of course, the engagement had been canceled. . . 

     In conclusion, I predict that it will come out that the FBI was also spying on Clinton.  It will help the Deep State convince you and me that they were equally watch both campaign's for Russian collusion. A BOLD FACED LIE, but Fox and Trump supporter will have egg on their face, and the majority will be relieved that the FBI was there to protect us from the enemy!  Time will tell.  

Trump BACKS OUT of G7 agreement

President Donald Trump has stunned world leaders by rejecting a joint statement that traditionally follows the G7, and has escalated his feud with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau by calling him 'dishonest and weak'.

Trump said in a Twitter tirade on Saturday night that he has 'instructed our U.S. Reps not to endorse the Communique', just hours after all the members came to a consensus in Quebec and signed the summit's 'joint communique'.

The joint communique is a statement of broad goals and principles endorsed by the G7 leaders, and Trump's refusal means that this will be the first year that the annual summit fails to issue one.   Instead, Canada will likely issue a chair's summary of the meeting listing the major topics of discussion.  Trump also slammed Trudeau for 'making false statements' and accused him of being 'meek and mild' in their one-on-one meeting on Friday before the Canadian leader came out swinging against the US in a press conference on Saturday.

After the White House on Friday said that Trump's meeting with Trudeau was 'great' and the leaders were 'close to a deal' on trade, Trump's latest counter-punch cast doubt on any hopes for a quick resolution of his mounting tariff disputes with Canada and the European Union, and signaled that Trump is far from backing down.   READ MORE

President Donald Trump slammed Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as 'dishonest and weak' on Saturday following what the White House called a 'great meeting' between the two leaders on Friday (seen above)

Past Hurricane Killers: Galveston

Hurricane season is here: A History Reminder of the past storms

1900 Great Galveston hurricane in Texas pictured

As Harvey continues to wreak havoc and the death toll rises, these pictures show the impact of America's deadliest natural disaster more than 100 years ago. Devastating images show houses flattened and rescuers digging for bodies following the Great Galveston Hurricane. The Category 4 hurricane, with winds of up to 145 mph, made landfall on September 8, 1900 killing at least 8,000 of its 37,000 residents and destroying more than 3,600 buildings.

Alzheimer's may NOT be caused by toxic protein clumps killing brain cells: Study debunks the established theory

Alzheimer's disease may not be caused by toxic protein clumps killing brain cells, new research suggests.  Previous findings imply the commonest form of dementia occurs due to amyloid proteins in the brain sticking together to form plaques. These plaques were thought to lead to the disease by killing nerve cells or causing another protein to make toxic tangles in the brain.

A new study found amyloid proteins do cause plaques, however, these do not lead to nerve cell death or such tangles. 

Study author Professor Ernst Wolvetang, from the University of Queensland, said: 'Our data challenges the current dogma in the field that amyloid plaques are sufficient to cause neurodegenerative changes associated with Alzheimer's disease.

'Excitingly, this opens the way for drug screening'.

Alzheimer's disease affects around 5.5 million people in the US and 850,000 in the UK. With no cure, most sufferers live just eight-to-10 years after their diagnosis.

Alzheimer's disease may not be caused by toxic protein clumps killing brain cells (stock)

Austria plans to shut down mosques-expel 40 imams in crackdown against Islamist ideology

The Beast is coming together- WATCH EUROPE!

Austria's right-wing government plans to shut down seven mosques and expel up to 40 imams in what it said was 'just the beginning' of a push against Islamist ideology and foreign funding of religious groups.

Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said the government is shutting a hardline Turkishnationalist mosque in Vienna and dissolving a group called the Arab Religious Community that runs six mosques.

His coalition government, an alliance of conservatives and the far right, came to power soon after Europe's migration crisis on promises to prevent another influx and clamp down on benefits for new immigrants and refugees.

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Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (pictured) said the government is shutting a hardline Turkish nationalist mosque in Vienna and dissolving a group called the Arab Religious Community

In a previous job as minister in charge of integration, Chancellor Kurz oversaw the passing of a tough 'law on Islam' in 2015, which banned foreign funding of religious groups and created a duty for Muslim societies to have 'a positive fundamental view towards (Austria's) state and society'.   MORE

Shocking satellite photos show entire towns obliterated after Guatemala's 'Volcano of Fire'

Giant clouds of superheated smoke and ash burned people alive and buried entire towns in a deadly volcanic eruption in Guatemala that killed almost 100 people.

Shocking satellite photos of before and after Sunday's eruption show whole suburbs wiped off the map as hundreds of houses collapsed when tons of falling ash crushed them.

What was once a collection of green canyons, hillsides and farms was reduced to grey devastation by fast-moving avalanches of super-heated muck that roared into the tightly knit villages on the mountain's flanks. 

Volcan de Fuego, meaning 'Volcano of Fire' spewed a 'curtain' of ash 20,000ft into the air and sent rapid pyroclastic flows through at least seven nearby towns in the biggest eruption for four decades.

Shocking satellite photos of before and after Sunday's eruption show he town of San Miguel Los Lotes wiped off the map as hundreds of houses collapsed when tons of falling ash crushed them
Shocking satellite photos of before and after Sunday's eruption show the town of San Miguel Los Lotes wiped off the map as hundreds of houses collapsed when tons of falling ash crushed them
Shocking satellite photos of before and after Sunday's eruption show the town of San Miguel Los Lotes wiped off the map as hundreds of houses collapsed when tons of falling ash crushed them

Guatemalan authorities were warned to evacuate citizens from the danger zone surrounding a volcano more than seven hours before it erupted.

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