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Commentary On The United States of Europe

By Garner Ted Armstrong: (From 2002)

I have been predicting the eventual creation of a "United States of Europe" for more than 45 years on radio and television, in many articles and in major booklets. Continually, I have emphasized that the eventual "Beast" power which is prophesied to emerge will not grow gradually out of the present 15-nation configuration, which includes nations I believe are part of the so-called "lost ten tribes of Israel." Those nations include Britain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Holland, Belgium, and northern France. For decades, I have predicted that Britain would NOT be a part of the final ten nations which will form. Now, with the German Chancellor wanting to hurry the process of developing a European Superstate, with Germany playing the pivotal role, Britain is appalled.

If you have not yet read my book Europe and America in Prophecy, please call or write for your free copy immediately. We had run completely out of stocks due to high demand, and I have ordered it reprinted.

You should be watching developments in Germany and Europe. It is in the heartland of Europe where the so-called "Holy Roman Empire" held sway, and it was in Rome where the fundamental structure of a future united Europe was decided upon.

The eventual "Beast" power will not come about as a gradual development during a world at peace, but most likely in the aftermath of a global economic collapse. When that happens, the "conspiracy" theorists will have a heyday. The Germans will once again seek a scapegoat — not only the United States, but likely the British, and the "Jewish Bankers." Watch.

Garner Ted Armstrong

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