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Trump confirms CIA director Mike Pompeo traveled to North Korea

President Trump (pictured at Mar A Lago having dinner with Melania and the Japanese Prime Minister and his wife) says the United States has engaged in 'extremely high level' talks with North Korea and a summit with the country's reclusive dictator Kim Jong-un (bottom right) is still on track to take place in the next few weeks. Unless negotiations go offer the rails, Trump said the meeting will take place in late May or early June in one of five locations he revealed to be under consideration. 'We have had direct talks at very high levels, extremely high levels, with North Korea. I really believe there’s a lot of good will,' the U.S. president said. 'We’ll see what happens, as I always say. Because ultimately it’s the end result that counts.' Trump commented on the scheduled talks with North Korea today as he hosted the Japanese prime minister at Mar-a-Lago for a two-day summit. Trump said Japan and the U.S. are 'locked and we are very unified' when it comes to North Korea. Meanwhile it has emerged Mike Pompeo (bottom left), secretly traveled to North Korea for secret talks with Kim over Easter, according to The Washington Post.