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Men with low levels of testosterone are more likely to get a chronic illness

A 10 ml vial of Depo-Testosterone (), an .A 10 ml vial of Depo-Testosterone (), an . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Testosterone could be good for more than men's sexual health and strong muscles and bones. 

A new study has found those with low levels of the hormone could be more likely to suffer from chronic illness.

Even the under-40s are at higher risk of obesity-related conditions like diabetes and heart disease thanks to modern sedentary lifestyles, and low testosterone means they are more likely to have more than one at once, according to the research.   

One researcher warned that all men should be worried about falling testosterone levels - which could cause 'a silent decline in overall health' - even if their level of the hormone is not low enough to have been diagnosed by a doctor.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-5634325/Low-testosterone-lead-chronic-illnesses-like-diabetes-heart-disease.html#ixzz5D9Wxjb3F