Corrie Ten Boom on the Rapture of the Church.
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The RAPTURE? Don't bet your life on it

Sometime ago I listened to a very charismatic and famous personality talking about an extra ordinarily popular doctrine in contemporary Christian circles. He related to the interviewer that at any moment he and many others will be raptured away and the world would then be plunged in a tribulation for seven years.
After the commercial break, he went on to relate that Jesus would come and there would be  a Millennium of peace here on planet earth. I wondered to myself, 'how do you reconcile the two?' I thoroughly searched the Bible, but could not find such a scenario. 
Some further research led me to the source of such a teaching. Amazingly, it was developed some five hundred years ago, long after the Bible was written. There was a specific purpose for its formulation and proclamation. Needless to say, it has achieved its goal with resounding success.

Fortunately, Jesus Christ had warned against such falsehood some two thousand years ago. Learn more.