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Forward: Readers of The Plain Truth, understand the significance of Europe and their place in the end times, as revealed in the Bible.   God tells us very plainly that the BEAST government that tries to fight against Christ's return (The Antichrist) will arise from the King of the North, a revised Holy Roman Empire.  The EU today is destined to fail miserably.  If you understand who they players are today (found in the Bible) then you know that Europe will degenerate into an economic mess and fall apart, until a Hitler type leader will emerge, and with the help of the Church in Rome will conquer Europe and become the United States of Europe.   The King of the South, is the leader of all Muslim nations, which will also become one empire (The United Muslim States). The two will war against each other until Europe defeats the Muslim nations, after nuclear war destroys upward to 2 billion people!  By this time, The USA and Britain (identified as the lost tribes of Israel) will be in captivity by the Beast of Europe.  In the Bible when you read about the troubles that will face Israel in the end times, IT NEVER MEABNS THE JEWS or the modern JEWISH STATE called Israel..  The Bible is clear that prophecies against JUDAH = Jews, and Prophecies concerning Israel means THE USA and the Western English speaking world..  READ MORE HERE.....

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Italy leaving the European Union and the Eurozone would be a “disaster” for the bloc from both a political and economic perspective, as it could lead to a turmoil in the financial markets and the departure of more countries, experts have claimed.

The shocking outcome of the election that took place in Italy last Sunday has paved the way for populist parties Lega and Five Star Movement, which together gathered more than 50 per cent of the votes.

Both the forces are eurosceptic and have in the past promoted the idea of pushing Italy outside of the EU and the eurozone.

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