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Lawyer For Las Vegas Music Festival And Jason Aldean, Found Dead!

Forward:  I find it amazing that this story on the shooting has died! Even Liberal Democrats are not talking about this, for their gun control mantra. If there ever is a cover-up- THIS IS IT! Now the lawyer is dead! This is NOT FAKE NEWS (just not being reported) here is his obit!

image from cdns.yournewswire.comOrville Almon, the lawyer representing the Route 91 music festival and Jason Aldean, the singer onstage when the Las Vegas shooting began, has been found dead. He was 67.

Almon, a prominent Nashville attorney, opened his private practice Almon Law in 2010 where he represented musicians and entertainment industry organizations during battles with the law. 

While his practice included re-negotiating existing agreements and new technology issues, and was renowned for negotiating with law enforcement, recent social media posts suggested the experienced attorney was feeling the strain of his latest high-profile case.

Describing meetings with MGM, Las Vegas police, and the FBI as “incredibly strange and complex” to one of his friends on recently made private Facebook threads, the attorney was privy to inside information that the FBI, by announcing they are no longer holding press conferences and the investigation is closed, have chosen to withhold from the public.   MORE


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I am going to break the rules of the Internet Hot Take Industry and write about an old story that nobody cares about anymore. We have gone on to other topics, and then other topics, and then other topics, and other topics, etc. The news cycle moves at the speed of sound. Events from last week are a distant memory and news from October may as well have occurred during the Cretaceous Period.  MORE