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Music City Mall installs 8 Foot Tall Ten Commandments

Vista Ridge Mall’s new ownership group, Investment Corporation of America, plans to place a statue detailing the biblical Ten Commandments outside the mall in the near future, among some of their other changes. Earlier today, company spokesperson Matt Rist sent an image of a similar monument outside the Music City Mall Elegante Hotel in Odessa, Texas, as an example of what that might look like.

CEO and mall owner John Bushman said he wanted to put the commandments up on all his properties as a way to spread love around the world.

“I, along with our team members, just think that more love is needed in the world by all, from the time we are born to the time that we leave this earth, and we think the Ten Commandments is the foundation for love and what we should all aspire to live by,” he said.

Rist also announced recent new openings in the mall. The Tool Box, a power tool supply store based out of Valley View Mall in Dallas, opened its new location Oct. 30. True Virtual Reality, which offers mallgoers virtual reality experiences, opened Oct. 27.