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Rare Titanic Photo just hours after tragedy up for auction

Scrapbook with Titanic rescue pictures goes up for auction

A New York socialite's scrapbook is set to be auctioned off on October 26. Louis M. Ogden's scrapbook includes several pages of pictures showing the rescue of survivors of the Titanic sinking. Ogden and his wife were sailing to Europe on the Carpathia when the ship was called to respond to the site of the Titanic's iceberg collision. Among Ogden's pictures is a photo showing Lifeboat No. 6 being rescued (left), which had the famous Margaret Brown (right) on board. Mrs Brown would later be nicknamed the Unsinkable Molly Brown for standing up to the sailor in charge of her boat, who refused to turn back for survivors. Another photo shows the iceberg Mr Ogden believes the Titanic struck. Historical records show that the Ogdens pitched in to help the survivors being brought on board their ship, lending their clothes and serving coffee.The Titanic pictured center inset on its maiden voyage.