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The 7 words in Bible most Christians ignore

Get Ready to Be Shocked by the Bible Again - "Shocked 2" Hits the stands!

Did you ever wonder if you were getting the whole story when it comes to the Bible? Might there be some crucial information withheld from you? Could the powers that be in major religions actually be broadcasting a false message when it comes to God's glorious truth

As stunning as it may seem, what's written in Scripture is often the polar opposite of what's taught in many churches. The Bible says the devil deceives the whole world. He has cleverly tricked billions of people, and that includes countless Christians who profess their faith in Jesus.
Now, for those who seek the truth and are not afraid to discover the absolute veracity of Holy Scripture, Joe Kovacs breaks impressive new ground in "Shocked by the Bible 2," the highly anticipated, compelling sequel to his previous eye-opener, "Shocked by the Bible."
The heart of the gospel has been secretly hidden in a small book that many people think should not even be in the Bible
The three words of Jesus that most Christians don't believe
The destiny of Satan and the rest of the wicked is not what most people think
The intriguing meaning of shaking the dust off your feet
There is a resurrection that virtually no one talks about
Judgment Day does not mean that everyone is thrown into a fire
There's an important reason why God allows evil, and many pastors don't even know what it is
Some prayers are actually detestable to God

"Joe Kovacs has always made the Bible understandable for today’s readers."

"Indeed, nobody in 100 years has done a better job informing people about what the Bible really says. His books are not theology, just facts!”

Bob Barney, Editor

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