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Hundreds of Bible shockers unearthed in stunning, new scriptural probe

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Is God really going to torture disobedient people for all eternity?

Did you know the Bible is possibly the origin for the fear of the number 13 and perhaps even Friday the 13th?

Or that the heart of the gospel has been secretly hidden in a small book that many people think should not even be in the Bible?

Are you aware that some prayers are actually detestable to God?

Did you know important Bible themes are secretly embedded inside famous Hollywood productions such as “The Matrix,” “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory,” “Star Wars,” “The Big Short,” “Blade Runner,” “Groundhog Day,” “The Truman Show,” “The Walking Dead” and many others?

Are you aware of the intriguing, end-time meaning of shaking the dust off your feet?

These are just some of the surprising and fascinating issues addressed in the brand-new, highly anticipated “Shocked by the Bible 2: Connecting the Dots in Scripture to Reveal the Truth They Don’t Want You to Know” by best-selling author Joe Kovacs.

“Thank God there are people who still have an interest in truth, because the Bible is completely true, and it holds more mind-blowing information than we can possibly imagine,” says Kovacs, a Bible-believing Christian whose original “Shocked by the Bible” became a No. 1 smash on three different best-seller lists in 2008.

Within just hours of its official launch, “Shocked by the Bible 2” rocketed to the No. 1 and No. 2 positions on numerous Amazon’s best-seller lists, especially in Christian Historical Theology. The top two positions reflect purchases for Kindle and hardcover editions.