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Natalee Holloway mystery solved?

Natalee Holloway remains may have been found in Aruba

A new tip in the Natalee Holloway investigation had led to the discovery of human remains in Aruba, 12 years after the teenager disappeared while vacationing on the tropical island to celebrate her high school graduation. A former roommate of Joran Van Der Sloot's best friend told Natalee's father Dave Holloway that the young woman was buried in a park near her hotel on the island. That man, Gabriel, said Van Der Sloot disposed of the body with help from his father Paulus after Natalee choked to death on her own vomit soon after she was given a drink that had been spiked with GHB. Van Der Sloot revealed this to his best friend John according to Gabriel, who then repeated that information to him while the two were living together over a decade ago.