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Mel Gibson Movie and The Sabbath Day

First he came out with the Passion of the Christ: a mega box office hit that vividly brought the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ to the collective conscience of America, and perhaps the world. Now he comes back with Hacksaw Ridge. This blockbuster masterpiece portrays the bravery and faith of a humble Seventh-day Adventist Christian who chose to go into battle without a gun.
Director/Evangelist Mel Gibson  
The attention now being focused on God's Sabbath, as a result of Mel Gibson's Hacksaw Ridge, could not have come at a more prophetic time. As the call for universal Sunday sacredness is pushed upon the world by Pope Francis and his papacy, the God of all creation, through His servant Mel, has brought His mark of authority, His Seventh-day Sabbath, before the world. Perhaps unknown to Mel Gibson, Creator God is using him to accomplish His purposes in His Divine plan for the salvation of His human family. 
Hacksaw Ridge presents both conflict and opportunity. It brings to view a conflict of apocalyptic proportions in which each viewer of Hacksaw Ridge will have opportunity to choose: either the Creator's Sabbath or Pope Francis' Sunday. What will your choice be?