Great Pyramid's secret rooms revealed


By Bob Barney

Last chanceI am an American, one who believes in the principals that were established by our founding fathers. Now I know that it says in I Corinthians 6 that queers,  vile effeminate types, and abusers of themselves and others will never enter into the kingdom of God.  Yes, you can get into the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps in today’s America, but let’s be clear, you cannot get into God’s kingdom. Yes, God, the living Godhead is not very modern when it comes to their Laws and punishment for those refusing to follow their Laws.  Yes, I too, like God, am part of a shrinking minority of Americans who refuse to allow political correctness to m old my being. I am a red-blooded male that believes in God, being heterosexual, anti-gays in the military, schools and Boy Scouts, and yes against EOE’s being voted into the the White House solely because of the color of their skin!  I may live 70 or so years here on earth, but that is nothing in the scheme of God’s plans for me, you and everyone else who wants to obey God. We have all eternity to plan for, and according to God, there are many living amongst us that will not make it. 

I want to see a military that is not only physically strong, but morally strong as well. A military who defends this nation against the evils of the world, and a police force who respects their law abiding citizens and does not brutalize them.  

I realize that Jesus Christ allowed Obama to be elected president. God allows us to choose our own way of life. Jesus warns us what happens if we choose the way of evil, but He does allow us to choose that way.  We survived Carter, Clinton and maybe even Obama, but there will come a day when we will not survive generation after generation of evil leaders elected by equally evil voters.  God Almighty has warned us that someday if we continue to live against Him, He will destroy us in front of the entire world. He will punish us with our own power, allow the alien living here to rule over us, and we will become enslaved in our own homeland.

This has happened before. Read the book of Kings in the Bible.  The prophecies of the Bible predict a nation will arise, that will become the leader of the western world. Which nation will that be?   The United States has had this role for the past 75 years, but we are not going to continue in this role as world leader, and we will suffer because of it.  Europe will be the “nation” to lead the world. A Europe masquerading as good, but in all honesty being actually the Beast of Revelation, that will bring utter destruction to the world.  Europe will make war against Christians, Jews and yes, even Muslims. World War will be the result with upward of 4 BILLION people dying.  You and your family may be among the casualties. 

Why will this happen? Because we have become weak for failure to follow God’s Laws. Weakness of queers in the army, weakness of communists and greedy leaders, weak because of diseases brought on by our sinful lives - diseases like AIDES, cancers and other blood borne ailments, which will sap the strength of America, landing us into poverty and weakness and finally death.  Our military is a paper tiger, filled with queers, evil leaders and the unfit.  Our Congress is much of the same. Our presidents starting with Bill Clinton have been totally unfit to sit in the WH. 

So we are going to see another people that marches into the hot spots of the world, replacing America as the “policeman” of the world. We will not like the result. We will not be happy when we see that we have chosen the way of Satan, over the way of the living God.

We live in a dangerous world, and we only care about personal matters. We only care for ourselves, and what we can “get” from government, while at the same time demons are running things all around you.  Our actions lead to death— ETERNAL DEATH! 

Stop being selfish and weak….Stand up for morality, sanity and God! We may be living during the last chance of our lives!