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Great Pyramid's secret rooms revealed

Great Pyramid's secret rooms: Two mysterious 'cavities' are uncovered in Egypt's

The long-running row over whether the Great Pyramid of Giza is hiding a network of previously undiscovered tunnels behind its stone walls has now been answered. Experts confirmed the existence of the mysterious cavities on Saturday after scanning the millennia-old monument with radiography equipment. It follows an announcement by the antiquities ministry on Thursday that 'two anomalies' were found in the pyramid built 4,500 years ago under King Khufu. It has three known chambers, and like other pyramids in Egypt was intended as a pharaoh's tomb. The main image shows a 3D cutaway view of the Great Pyramid of Giza revealing its interior chambers. We are now able to confirm the existence of a 'void' hidden behind the north face, that could have the form of at least one corridor going inside the Great Pyramid,' scientists from Operation ScanPyramids said in a statement. Another 'cavity' was discovered on the pyramid's northeast flank, said the researchers Inset top left) who are using radiography and 3D reconstruction for their study. The project applies a mix of infrared thermography, muon radiography imaging and 3D reconstruction to create maps that show the internal structures (top and bottom right)  MORE