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There is Still a Heart in America!

If 50% of America have this kind of heart - GOD WILL LET US HAVE MORE TIME!

Well-wisher raises more than $100,000 for 89-year-old street vendor

Well-wisher Joel Cervantes Macias has raised more than $115,000 to aid Fidencio Sanchez (inset) after seeing the 89-year-old street vendor struggling to push his cart of frozen treats in Chicago (pictured). Macias, a restaurant owner who grew up in Chicago but now lives in Wisconsin, said the sight of Sanchez broke his heart, noting he thought the vendor should be enjoying retirement at his age. He took a photo of Sanchez and posted it to Facebook before buying 20 paletas for $50. After his photo of Sanchez captured the hearts of hundreds, he decided to start a Gofundme page, with the help of a friend, to make life a little easier for Sanchez and his wife, Eladia, who had recently lost their only daughter. They launched the campaign on Friday with the goal of raising just $3,000. But by Sunday evening, they had raised more than $115,000 by donations from more than 5,600 people.