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Was Huey Long Killed by His Own Bodyguards?

Senator Huey P. Long of Louisiana, half-length...Senator Huey P. Long of Louisiana, half-length portrait, standing, facing left, gesturing with both arms, as he speaks. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Bob Barney

   Many people today love to compare Donald Trump to Hitler. It is unfortunate that we have today many ignorant people making stupid statements because they simply do not know HISTORY!  Donald Trump is a populist, not a fascist.  There is a "huuge"  difference between the two.  A fascism a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.  A populist is a believer in the rights, wisdom, or virtues of the common people.  Some populist are more liberal, others more conservative. 

In my experience, many evil people come out of populism.  These are those who grow up very poor, are downtrodden and been treated very poorly by government officials and other businessmen. Huey Long is the best example of this type of populist.

Populist who grow up in a rich family are usually never evil...  They do not have the trappings of "money" as God, or have been abused by the wealthy class.  Such populist in this manner would be Teddy Roosevelt, who gave us safe food, national parks and broke up the monopolies that put 8 year olds in coal mines!

With that background, I am posting a story about Huey Long, the most famous evil populist of modern times!  If you have not seen the movie (!949!!!)  "All the Kings Men"  you must rent it!   It may turn out that he was killed by his own body guards (some even think FDR was behind it-but that's a follow up story).


Some still insist the legendary ‘Kingfish’—assassinated 80 years ago this month— was accidentally shot by his own guards. And the theory has more merit than you might think.

This month marks the 80th anniversary of the death of Gov. Huey Long, the flamboyant populist, dictator of Louisiana and—after President Franklin D. Roosevelt—most significant American political leader of the 1930s.

If he hadn’t been killed, Long was expected to run strongly against FDR for the Democratic nomination for president in 1936. And Long’s “Share Our Wealth” challenge from the left helped pressure Roosevelt to introduce Social Security and several other liberal programs of the New Deal.

But at 9:22 p.m. on September 8, 1935 “The Kingfish,” later depicted in Robert Penn Warren’s novel All the King’s Men and dozens of other books, was shot in a corridor of the Louisiana State Capitol Building in Baton Rouge. 

Long, whose clownish humor and acerbic tongue make Donald Trump look like Michael Dukakis, entered the hospital conscious but died 30 hours later after botched medical care.

On September 16, 1935, a sham inquest was held, in which only fervent Long loyalists (including a puppet judge who later admitted he hadn’t seen the shooting) were allowed to testify and no autopsy or ballistics tests were conducted. 

Like all high-profile homicides—especially ones that are hinges of history—Long’s death has spawned a cottage industry of claims, counter-claims and conspiracy theories. 


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